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The Top 7 Essential Baby Clothes

One of the greatest phases of getting ready for a new baby is the buying of baby clothes. It can be a really exhilarating experience, just looking at the tiny clothes and choosing those you love for your baby. One important fact to note when purchasing baby clothes is that you will require lots of clothes for your baby. The following are the top 7 essentials that must be bought when preparing for a baby:


The amount of diapers needed cannot even be estimated, the key thing is to buy diapers in large quantities and for convenience and ease of use, go for the disposable diapers.

For these you will want to wait until your baby actually arrives to get them in large quantities as each baby is different when it comes to which diapers work best.


These are one-piece attires and clothing that are quite similar to coveralls. A newly born baby needs a lot of them and when buying, go for those that can be effortlessly fastened and unfastened, so as to allow you change the diapers easily.

Cotton tees

Cotton tees when combined with cotton skirts or shorts are terrific for indoor days, you should buy a lot of them because they will need to be frequently changed.


Sleepwears such as pajamas and sleepers will ensure the warmth of your baby and provide comfort while they sleep.

Warm clothes

Babies are very delicate and need to be shielded from cold temperatures. Warm clothes such as fleecewear, sweaters and cardigans would do just that.

Caps and hats

A lot of caps and hats are not needed, but get a handful as they will protect your child’s head from the wind.


Mittens are extremely important during winter and even in summer, cotton mittens can keep your baby from scratching itself as babies tend to do that a lot.