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Take The Stress Out Of Packing For a Trip That Includes Your Baby

Your baby requires a lot of things, and it can become overwhelming when preparing for a trip. You don’t want to forget anything, because you want to make sure that your baby is comfortable, otherwise you may not enjoy your trip.

Here are some tips to help you make traveling with your baby a bit easier and less stressful.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Pack

You never want to start packing at the last minute  when you are preparing for a trip that includes your baby. There are too many things that you can forget, so you want to begin preparing way in advance. Also, as you pack, you will want to write down what is in your bags. Just keep a running list of all the things you are taking. This will help you quickly run through what you have, and decide what else you may need to take.


Diaper Bag

You want to take along a diaper bag that has a waterproof lining, and a shoulder strap. You have to prepare for leaks, and you don’t want any leaky items to get all over everything else. Having a waterproof diaper bag will contain any potential leaks to just the diaper bag. Plus, the surface of a waterproof liner is easy to wipe clean.


Extra Clothing

You have to account for spit ups, and leaky diapers. Always take more clothing than is needed, and you want to keep an extra set with you at all times. SO, if you are traveling by plane, make sure your carry on bag includes a set of extra clothing for your baby.


Zip Lock Bags

When traveling, zip lock bags become your best friend. You should place any medicines, or toiletries that could leak into a zip lock bag. This will help contain the mess to just that item, and save all the other items in your bag from being damaged by the leak.


Tiny Items

Pack each of your baby’s outfits into individual ziplock bags. This will help you keep track of all their tiny items, such as socks. Also, it will cut down on time trying to piece outfits together for them if you have them prepacked. Plus, this will help separate your baby’s clothing from other family members clothing that may be in the same suitcase.


Sanitary items

Take plenty of backups when it comes to pacifiers and bottles. You never know when you will be out, and accidentally drop them on the ground. Keep hand sanitizer with you so that you can sanitize your hands before preparing your baby’s bottle.


Other items

Don’t forget to grab your camera, battery charger and extra memory card. You should also consider taking a reading light so that you don’t disrupt your baby’s sleep when trying to read. Always keep your baby’s pediatrician’s number with you, in case you need to contact them when on the road.


Take your time when it comes to packing, and don’t sweat it if you forget something. More than likely, there is a convenient store along the way that you can pick up what you forgot. Above all, enjoy your time with your family.