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The 5 Best Boy Baby Shower Themes

Now everyone knows the new member of your family will be a boy. So, when someone throws you a baby shower, the theme should reflect the gender of the newcomer. It is also a great way to let others in on the secret of the gender of your firstborn. Blue is the colour of choice for a baby boy so, the theme should have abundant blue coloured items. There are several themes that you can plan from for the baby shower. Here we have listed 5 baby shower themes for a mother who is expecting a boy.

  1. Little Sailor Nautical Theme: Nautical themes are a favourite among the expecting mothers. It provides a lot of opportunities to splash blue on everything from cakes to decorations. Give every guest a Yacht Cap and blue scarves to bring out the sailor look. Put the favors in nautical tote bags that are tied with twine. Decorate the walls with rubber anchors and flag semaphore codes. Put a wooden replica of a pirate ship as part of table décor. Also you can use wooden lighthouses, and hang wooden ship wheels behind the table. Arrange for some nautical themed games like origami boats and sailor hats. For the food also you can add some nautical twist by making sailboat sandwiches, or fish shaped cakes and ocean punches.
  1. Superhero Theme: Celebrate the super mom with a superhero themed baby Shower. Send out the invites in the form of a comic strip. When the guests walk in, give them each a custom cape and mask to wear. Decorate your rooms with bright colours. You need not stick to the traditional blue for this party. Hangs Spiderman webs around the rooms and have a Thor hammer hang from the walls. Use Xeroxed comic book pages as paper cones or plates. Decorate cupcakes and the Cake with symbols of several superheroes. Better still, make the guests decorate their own cupcake with the superhero of their choice. Arrange games that involve shooting spider webs or uses the Captain America shield to some use. Brew up some cocktails that are themed after the Avengers.
  1. Little Cowboy Theme: Bring out the Wild West in your theme for the baby shower. Send out invitations printed out in Wanted poster. The poster can have the picture of the invitee’s picture to add to the fun quotient. Decorate your rooms like the saloons with wooden batwing doors, toy horses and a bar. Give each guest a cowboy hat and a toy pistol. Decorate the table with Sheriff’s badge, old fashioned lanterns, handcuffs and a toy train. The family members can all dress up as cowboys and the mother can be the Sheriff. Organize some Cowboy themed games like Lasso Toss or throwing bean bags into Cowboy boots or pin he badge on the Sheriff. You can also arrange for a target practice game with squirt guns.
  1. Game themes: This theme is based on the game preference of the Father. If he is a baseball fan, then carpet the room with green to mimic the field. This goes with other games too except basketball. For baseball, provide each guest with the cap of your favourite baseball team. Shape out the invites like a baseball. Decorate the table and the walls with baseball banners and wooden bats. Arrange games that involve hitting the ball or catch. For basketball fans, the games could be planned surrounding dunking the ball. The floor and room could be decorated to mimic a basketball court with the expecting mother as the referee. For those fans of football, send out invites shaped like footballs, and decorate your house like it is the Super Bowl.
  1. Jungle Safari: Plan the baby shower with a theme based on a jungle safari. Each guest gets the choice of being a tourist or an animal of their choice. Provide sunhats and a toy binocular to each guest. Decorate the room to be like a jungle with fake trees and lights. Hang plastic monkeys from the trees and use sot toys to showcase animals in the wild. Let the guest design their own moulds for cupcakes according to their animal preference. The mother can be the tour guide. Play movies like the Lion King or Madagascar. You can also organize games like hide and seek, shoot the deer with squirt gun, or simply plan an outdoor marshmallow barbeque.

There are several other themes that you can think of. You can customize all the themes mentioned above to add your own twist. The main purpose of a Baby Shower is you show support to the expecting mother, so organize the party accordingly.