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The Many Advantages of Massaging your Baby

In preparation for a new baby, mothers begin to read all kinds of books, articles and magazines that contain information on everything they need to know. It is important to learn how to keep your child comfortable because they are incapable of communicating their discomfort and your only pointer is when they cry out or make a fuss.

A baby is very sensitive to touch, they can feel every tender caress and rocking movements. They require frequent reassurance in order for them to successfully get accustomed to their new surroundings. Holding your baby close when they are hurt lessens their pain.There are several cultural beliefs regarding the potential of a massage. Most times, we are unaware that babies need massage even more than we do. Research has shown that it increases the quality of development in a child.

Massages help to build relationships, they are a means of communication between the parents and the child, it strengthens the bond between the child and his parents and helps the infant to appreciate the presence of his parents. Premature babies require more attention and care as they were born unprepared. A good massage assists in the emotional, psychological and physical growth of preterm babies. A close examination of them has disclosed that they sleep soundly, get ill less and eat well when they are rubbed.

If you regularly massage your baby, you will notice a clear improvement in how their meals are taken in and digested, there will be less chances of a stomachache, you’ll be astonished at how easily a baby will sleep after being soothed, how unlikely they will have outbursts, how relaxed they will be and how less they will need drugs or medication. Every parent should integrate daily massages for the baby as part of the daily habits, not only does it soothe them on the inside, it also makes them radiant.