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The 5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is a beautiful event. Even after the many months of pregnancy pains, morning and night sickness, uncontrollable mood swings, and hard labor, the cute little baby you get at the end of it makes it all worth going through. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of bringing the best baby in the world into existence is stretch marks.

With stretch marks the earlier you get rid of them the easier they are to remove.  If they are still red you are in luck. That means they have been around for less than 6 months.  Red stretch marks can be permanently removed with a good stretch mark cream.

stretch mark removal cream


If your stretch marks are white then I have good news for you and bad news.  The bad news is they will never completely disappear without a medical procedure.  The good news is you can fade them so that they are practically invisible.

Here are the 5 Best Ways to Get Rid of White Stretch Marks

Got these? They CAN look better!

1. Egg Whites. Home remedies are kind of hit and miss and sometimes they can be downright messy but some people swear by these. The home remedy that gets the most praise is egg whites. Rub the egg whites on your white stretch marks several times a day.

2. Sugar and Lemon Juice. Mix a tablespoon of sugar and 4-6 drops of lemon juice and rub the mix on your stretch marks twice a day.

3. Stretch Mark Creams. If the idea of creating your own messy concoction every day doesn’t appeal to you then a stretch mark cream is for you. A cream that includes shea butter and cocoa butter like Bella Joi’s Stretch Mark Cream will help nourish your skin. Bella Joi’s cream was created by a naturopathic doctor specifically to help prevent and remove stretch marks. It was previously just available to the doctor’s patients but is now available on Amazon. Rub on your stretch marks 2 or 3 times a day.

4. Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is obviously a lot more expensive than creams and eggs but it will get rid of your stretch marks and not just fade them so they aren’t noticeable like the options mentioned above BUT laser therapy only works this well if the stretch marks are less than 1 year old. If this option is picked you will still most likely be proscribed a cream to use as well.

5. Surgery. To completely eliminate stretch marks surgery is the best option. Of course it is expensive and there is pain involved but it works the best of all the options. For stretch marks on your stomach they will do a tummy tuck.

If you don’t want your skin marred by ugly stretch marks it is possible to do something about it.  Let’s face it.  When we look better, we feel better and there are options so your skin can look better.