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Move, Baby, Move: Activity is Important for Babies

Active play is an important part of growth and development for babies. They need to play and be active to help their brain and muscles grow so they can power their little bodies. You can encourage active play by playing with them and promote their curious nature by giving them a safe place to explore.

Once your baby is on the move, you need to make sure the space is completely baby-proof. Then, simply give them plenty of chance to move and explore by making sure they are free to move around easily and have fun. Aim for at least three hours of activity broke up throughout the day.

Be Wary of Screen Time

You really shouldn’t let your baby watch much television because their brains are still growing and developing. Additionally, babies that watch a lot of TV are losing the chance to be active and learn that they can be entertained by sitting still.

Baby Gear Isn’t Always Good for Baby

Sure bouncy chairs, rockers, and walkers are convenient when you are trying to get things done around the house, but they can also hinder baby’s movements too. It’s ok to use them for part of the day, but don’t keep them strapped into stuff all day. Instead, spread a blanket on the floor or just use a clean space and let them crawl, roll, and wiggle around. Do stay with your baby and make sure they are safe.

Promote Growth and Development with Active Play

Cuddle Time

Even young infants need some encouragement to be active. Instead of letting them lay around all day, pick them up and enjoy some cuddle time. Talk to them and interact to encourage them to move around and interact with you. Sing a fun song or just have a silly conversation. They will usually kick their legs and move their arms at least, which is great exercise.

Tummy Time

When your baby is strong enough to support its own head, she will enjoy tummy time. She can lift her head up and look around to see her world with a different view. Tummy time will help strengthen her neck and core, which will come in handy later when she starts learning to sit up.

Crawling Around

Crawling is an exciting time for a baby. Once they learn that they can move themselves freely around the room, they don’t want to stop. You can promote crawling time by offering them a safe and clean space to crawl around. Try putting them on the floor and moving away to get them to crawl to you.


You can help your baby learn to walk by holding their hands and walking with them. This will build their confidence and encourage them to do it alone, but only walk with them if they can support their weight on their legs and have a strong enough torso to hold themselves steady. Again, make sure your home is safe and they are supervised. Baby gates can let them be free, but safe.

Parent and Baby Classes

Classes that you and your baby attend together is a great way for you both to socialize and to help your baby learn some important skills. Whether it’s swimming lessons and water play or gymnastics and sing-a-longs, you and your baby are sure to have fun.

Just remember that there is no wrong way to have fun with your baby as long as you both are having a good time and your baby is safe. So get creative and enjoy this time together!