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Week By Week Progress of Pregnancy

From the first kick to the first cry, every part of your growing baby will be filled with excitement. You will physically feel your baby progressing week after week, but you may not always be aware of it. Your body will change as your baby progresses. Here is a week by week pregnancy guide.

First Trimester

  • Weeks 1 and 2 – Ovulation will begin, and be ready for fertilization.
  • Week 3 – This is the time when your egg will be introduced to sperm. Fertilization will begin, and a group of cells will form. Those cells are the beginning of your baby being developed.
  • Week 4 – Spliting of the blastocyst will take place. This will form the placenta and the embryo. Your baby’s body will begin developing.
  • Week 5 – The baby’s heart and circulatory system will form. Your HCG hormone levels will show that you are pregnant. Before 5 weeks these levels are not high enough to register that you are pregnant.
  • Week 6 – Your bundle of joy will be well on its way to transforming into a tiny human. Their face will form, and hopefully you will get a glimpse at it when you have an ultrasound.
  • Week 7 – Your baby’s brain will begin developing, and you will notice that your breasts are achy. They too are preparing for the birth of your baby.
  • Week 8 – You start feeling your little one move around in your womb, and this can cause morning sickness.
  • Week 9 – Your baby’s muscles will begin to develop, and you will feel very fatigued.
  • Week 10 – Bones and cartilage will begin forming. You will want to start increasing your fiber, as this will help with constipation that pregnancy could cause.
  • Week 11 – Your baby will actually look human at this stage. They have developed enough to be recognizable with features. You will begin feeling a bit better as well.
  • Week 12 – It may feel like you have doubled in weight, but realize that your baby has as well.
  • Week 13 – The last week of the first trimester, and your baby is about the size of a peach.

Second Trimester

  • Week 14 – Your baby will begin growing hair on their head, eyebrows and body. You may notice that morning sickness is getting a bit better by this point.
  • Week 15 – You are sure to feel your little one moving around. From this point forward, you better believe your baby will stretch and kick throughout the day.
  • Week 16 – The baby’s eyesight and eyelashes will begin forming.
  • Week 17 – Your baby is learning how to suck and swallow, so he can eat outside of your womb.
  • Week 18 – You will notice that your baby is becoming more active. As they grow, they do a bit of discovery in your womb. Your back may be a bit achy at this stage of pregnancy.
  • Week 19 – There is now a protective coating over your baby’s skin. You may be experiencing leg cramps at this phase.
  • Week 20 – You will be able to find out the sex of your baby with the use of an ultrasound. Hopefully they will cooperate with you.
  • Week 21 – Your baby is feeding on all the yummy treats that you are eating. You may notice stretch marks developing, it is always a good time to start using stretch mark creams and lotions to help deter them from developing or worsening.
  • Week 22 and 23 – Your baby is developing their senses. You may be noticing that your feet are swelling.
  • Week 24 and 25– Their facial features will continue to develop, and you may notice your belly button popping out. Your belly should be pretty round at this point, as your baby is growing each and every day.
  • Week 26 – Your baby’s eyes will begin opening, and you may notice them moving about even more.
  • Week 27 – Your baby will be developing, as you may be experiencing aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy.

Third Trimester

  • Week 28 – Your baby can now blink and dream.
  • Week 29 – Your baby will begin gaining weight quickly. You could experience varicose veins at this stage.
  • Week 30 – Your baby’s brain is fully developed and he is picking up on things. He can understand your voice, and may give you a few kicks every time you talk.
  • Week 31 – You may notice that it is getting difficult to breath, as the baby is getting crowded in your womb.
  • Week 32 – Your bundle of joy is preparing to breathe and eat on their own. They will practice while in the womb. You could experience Braxton Hicks contractions.
  • Week 33 – The baby’s immune system will strengthen, and you could be experiencing fatigue. Your body is worn out from all the changes occurring.
  • Week 34 – If you are having a boy, their testicles will descend. You could notice a change in your vision.
  • Week 35 – As your baby is packing on weight, you will notice that your bladder is becoming weaker. You will have to run to the toilet often.
  • Week 36 – Their bones should be fully developed, as well as their lungs.
  • Week 37 – The baby will be practicing sucking, turning and breathing. Your doctor will watch you for any signs of labor.
  • Week 38 – Your breast will begin to fill with colostrum, which comes before your milk.
  • Week 39 – Your baby will continue to get smarter, and you could begin experiencing labor pains.
  • Week 40 – This marks the end of your pregnancy, but your little one might still be sticking around. They will come soon enough, try to be patient.
  • Week 41 – Don’t worry… it is typical for baby’s to be a bit overdue. Your doctor may talk to you about being induced at this stage.