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Stretch Mark Causes And Using Topical Agents

Scarring of the skin can be referred to as stretch marks. There are a variety of treatment methods that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and bring elasticity back into your skin.

Stretch Mark Causes

Stretch marks occur in both men and women. They can be present on the hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen, or lower back.

Top reasons for stretch marks include:

  • Genetics – women are more prevalent to experiencing stretch marks on their abdomen if their mother had stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Weight – if you experience a sudden change in weight, stretch marks could appear.
  • Puberty – stretch marks can occur due to a change in hormones, if the body cannot keep up with the body’s growth rate.
  • Bodybuilding – When muscles are developed quickly, stretch marks may appear. As the skin will be stretched to a point that it cannot accommodate.
  • Corticosteroids – prolonged use of oral or topical corticosteroids could result in stretch marks.
  • Ethnicity –individuals that are darker skinned have less of a chance of developing stretch marks.
  • Pregnancy – the body cannot keep up with the rate of growth. As a result, stretch marks are formed.

Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

Stretch marks during or after pregnancy are very common. It is perhaps the most common reason for the formation of stretch marks.

It has been proven that 3 out of 4 women will experience stretch marks on their legs, abdomen, hips, as well as other parts of their body during and after pregnancy.

This occurs because the skin is stretched to a point that it causes small tears in dermis layer, which is the layer that promotes elasticity. These small tears are known as stretch marks.

Areas affected

Stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body. Any area that is prone to rapid growth is a prime location. The abdomen is the number one target area for stretch marks, but other areas include thighs, hips, butt, lower back, arms, and chest.

These areas all have the common factor of being prone to stress during growth. These are the typical areas, but any area could form stretch marks if it experiences stretching.

Traditional Cream Methods

Many individuals have found that application of stretch mark creams, such as Bella Joi’s Stretch Mark Cream, can be very beneficial. Creams that contain cocoa or Shea butter help replenish elasticity. During pregnancy, you should begin applying stretch mark cream early on as a preventative measure. This will help your skin expand in a natural way, and prevent tears from occurring. Apply the cream two to three times a day.

It may not work in all cases, but it is always better to keep the skin moisturized while going through rapid growth. This allows the skin to expand in a natural way, and tearing is less likely. If skin is dry, tears are more likely to occur during rapid growth.

The whole idea of a topical agent is to replenish the skin with nutrients that are being depleted due to growth. If the skin is kept in a natural state of suppleness, then stretch mark formation will be hindered. You may still experience a few stretch marks, but their appearance could be faint. Stretch marks can be very extreme, so using a topical agent as a preventative measure is highly recommended.