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3 Simple Steps in Choosing a Middle Name for Your Baby

Many parents don’t put into consideration the need to choose a middle name for their infant. It is a vital part in the process of naming a child. Having a middle name adds to a person’s identity as well as provides an alternative name in which a person can be called. This is needful in the event that a person shares the same first name with another person. It’s certain that these two individuals will have a different middle name. In this article, parents will be able to learn how best to pick the right middle name for their newly born baby.

Firstly, a child can be given the same middle name that his or her parent bears. Nevertheless, naming a child after his or her parents may not necessarily be the best option, but this is not applicable when it comes to given a middle name. In diverse religions and cultures, parent names are being adopted as the middle name for the child. On the long run, this middle name may not be the perfect choice and should only be considered in the case of tradition or lack of better alternatives.

One good method of choosing a middle name for your child can also be to use the first name of a close friend or relative. In many occasions, parents have made use of the name of the godparent as the middle name of their baby. It can also be a good idea as a mark of honor to name a child after someone who has played a vital role in helping the parents in one way or the other. Likewise, a parent can use the first name of a close family member that just died as a baby’s middle name.

As a parent, it is not a good idea to name your child with strange or excessive names such as Jelly or Strawberry. It is not wise to do so and could be dangerous if it has to do with the child’s first name. However, you can make use of such unconventional names as a middle name. For those just starting out, it is not important to disclose or call your child using his or her middle name frequently. Any mistake on your part at this stage can be overlooked. Moreover, in case you are bent on given your child a bizarre name, just make sure it is used as his or her middle name and not a first name which carries more significance.

The process of giving a name to a child such as the first or middle name do always lead to a lengthy deliberation between both parents. The two parties involve need to take their time in choosing the right name for their child because whatever choice they make will definitely have an impact on the child for life except he or she changes the name. The middle name is also very important just like the first name and should not be relegated to the background. Attention must also be given to the middle name in the same vein with the first name. Lastly, the process of naming your child doesn’t have to be a difficult one. You can have fun especially when it comes to given your baby a middle name.