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The Top 5 Best Girl Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are organized to shower the mom-to-be with love and lots of baby gear and the moms sure do love all the attention. Some moms share with everyone the secret of the gender of her yet-to-be born child through the theme of the shower. Some moms share that early and the organizer of the party chooses the theme according to the gender of the baby. We have here a list of 5 baby shower themes that will suit if you are expecting a girl child. Pink is the colour usually associated with baby girls and so your baby shower must contain a lot of pink.

  1. Barbie Themed: Barbie is a girl’s best friend in the young years. Send out invites in the shape of a Barbie and the invites can be printed on papers with pink gingham border. Decorate the house according to Barbie’s dream house. Make sure to use Barbie’s favourite colours-lavender and pink. Tie pink ribbons across objects and hang pink Barbie posters on the wall. But Barbie centrepieces on the table and pink scented candles. Bake a Barbie shaped cake with lots of strawberry flavourings. You can also cook several dishes with strawberries. Engage the guests into making edible jewellery from liquorice strings, round candies, and cereal. Thank the guests for coming by giving them party favors in pink lunch boxes or pink keepsake boxes.
  1. Frozen Themed: Who says you should only use pink at a girl themed baby shower? Disney’s Frozen made blue cool for girls too. Send out the invites in the shape of Olaf and use white sprinkles for snow. Decorate the rooms like Elsa’s Ice Palace. You can have Christmas trees or other conifers to bring in the wintry look. One of the best food for a Frozen themed party is blue jello ice cubes. You can look up the recipe in the internet. The mother can dress up as Elsa, with a tiara and gloves. You can bake a Elsa’s Ice Castle cake and provide cupcakes to the guests shaped like meted Olaf.
  1. Alice in Wonderland Theme: Let you inner child take over as you organize the baby shower and theme it like Alice’s adventure in wonderland. Shape out the invitations like playing cards or teapots. Address the invitation to `For the Duchess. An invitation from the Queen to play croquet. ‘Set up a long table filled with an assortment of teacups of all sizes and shapes. Put some mismatched chairs around the table so the guests have to seat at different heights and an armchair at the head of the table for the Mother. Hang large playing cards on the wall and decorate the floor like a chessboard. Hang colourful paper lanterns on the ceiling and scatter golden keys across the table. Let your guests paint their own tea set which they can take back as a party favour.
  1. Teddy Bear Theme: Teddy bears are a constant companion to a baby girl. So having a teddy bear baby shower party is a good idea. Print out the invitations on cards that are small enough for a miniature teddy to hold. Send the teddy as the invite. Gather all the teddies you can find and scatter them across the room. Set up a large honeycomb made from paper in the room. Paint large posters of Winnie the Pooh and hang them on the walls. Tell your guests to bring their own teddies so that they can be used for various fun activities. Use honey in most of your foods. You can organize games like Musical bears and bring the honey to the bear.
  1. Cinderella Theme: Cinderella is one of the most common themes at the baby showers. Buy glass slippers and add a sticky note to it about the time and place of the event. Send these out as invites after gift wrapping them. Your guests will be thrilled to keep those as keepsakes. Decorate the walls with blue and white paper to give a royal look. Decorate the chairs with red and gold papers or fabric to make them look like thrones. Make a castle gate entrance or buy one from the store and use it for entry gate decoration. Bake a Cinderella cake and decorate it pumpkins. For games you can organize a jewellery making contest where the mother will choose the best and can also organize a small ball dance for your guests.

You can personalize all themes according to your wish to add a little twist. The main thing to keep in mind while organizing a baby shower is that it is different from a regular party as the guests are there to show support and love to the mother-to-be.