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How to Bathe your Newborn Baby – The First Bath

Taking home a newly born baby can be unnerving and overwhelming for the new parents, and bathing a baby for the very first time can be frightening. Many new parents are more than prepared for the first bath of their bundle of joy, however, a clean sink or bath will do.

Regulating the temperature of the bath water correctly is almost certainly the cause of anxiety for new parents. Once you’re certain that you have all the necessary things ready like a clean towel, fresh diapers, clean baby clothes, and a changing mat, keep your baby in a safe spot.

Allow cold water flow in tub, add hot water to the cold water and twirl the mixture to make sure that the water temperature is even all round. Examine the degree of warmness of the water with your elbow because the skin of the elbow is quite delicate and so, it is a dependable method of assessing the water. A small quantity of a moisturizing baby bubble bath can be added to the bath if you desire, you should also mix it in the water as your baby is too little to play with the bubbles.

Strip off your child and cover in a towel, carry him above the tub, take some water from the bath and softly run the water over your baby’s head. You should note that the use of a shampoo is not recommended as it can be an irritant for a newly born baby.

Carefully wipe the head of your baby till it’s dry because babies give off heat from their heads and when the head is wet, more heat is given off. Slowly and gently put your child into the bath water with him positioned in the crook of your elbow and his leg being softly held by your hand. It’s easier to carry your child with your left hand and wash him with your right if you are right handed and vice versa, if you are more comfortable with your left hand.

Many babies don’t like bathing and some enjoy it. If your baby loves being bathed, he may relax and go to sleep while you are bathing him. Gently dribble water over your baby. Do not scrub because babies are not dirty and they only have to be refreshed. Keep a firm hold on your baby and be aware that your baby will become slick and slippery when wet.

At no time should you ever leave your child in the water, not even for a second and remember not to keep him long in the water since he will quickly become cold.Take him out of the water and immediately cover in a warm towel. Dry, put on a diaper and put clothes on him.

That’s all you need to do for your child’s first bath!