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5 Sleep Tips for Newborns

Babies are special blessings for all parents. They can give anyone so much joy. However, lack of sleep especially for new parents can take a toll, not only on the parents’ health, but their moods as well.

While it is important to accept that your sleep, schedule and life in general will change after the arrival of the baby, you do not need to suffer all throughout. Luckily, there are so many simple ways to ensure that new parents will be able to enjoy the baby and have enough sleep at the same time.

Talk to your partner and take turns

This is one of the simplest ways to ensure that both of you will have enough sleep. Your sleeping time may be cut off, but at least, you will be able to sleep enough to be functional the whole day. Who wants a zombie mother or father, right? Make a plan with your partner and compromise on your schedule. Learn to give and take. After all, you are sacrificing for your baby.

Nap with your newborn

As we all know, newborns do not have a specific sleeping pattern. They can nap during the day and be awake at night. This is one of the reasons why new parents do not get enough sleep. Napping with your baby will help you to re-energize. You will surely appreciate these small naps especially if you are really tired.

Let your baby sleep in the nursery

As a new parent, we tend to be overly excited to sleep with our baby. While this is a good bonding moment, it is still recommended to let the baby sleep in the nursery room.

Do not say no when someone wants to help

Let’s face it! Every baby is a great addition to the family. It is not only the parents who will get too excited, but the whole extended family as well. For sure, your parents, siblings and even other family members will happily take care of your baby while you are taking a nap and resting. Do not be afraid to accept help from your loved ones.

Know when to feed the baby

Just like sleep, babies do not have specific feeding schedules. Despite of this, there are still some feeding tricks which you may try. For example, if you are going to sleep, then you should feed your baby if he/she is hungry. By doing so, the baby will not wake up hungry in the middle of your sleep. Usually, you can expect your baby to sleep around 6-7 hour intervals. By making sure that your baby is full, you will also be able to sleep continuously without distractions.

These are just some simple tips to help you get enough sleep and rest even as a new parent. Just enjoy the moment and stop whining, after all, the important thing is that you have your baby and that he or she is always healthy and comfortable.