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Best Co-ed Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is still usually a girls-only event. Men are seldom welcome and even then they don’t show much interest in all the ‘girly’ games you had planned. Here we have compiled some games that you can organize at your baby shower that will keep your male guests entertained:

Diaper Training

This game is funny as well as educational.

What you need: Diapers, and a pair of life sized baby dolls that make crying noises.

How to play: Hide the baby in a place and blindfold the guest. The guest must follow the noise of the baby and change the diaper of the baby all the while being blindfolded. This is a great game to educate the parents-to-be how to change diapers at the dead of night. This game is hilarious too.

Baby Bottle Bowling

This game is suitable for both men and women.

What you need: Baby bottles filled with sand, tennis ball.

How to play: Place the bottles filled with sand in a triangle. The guests must roll the tennis ball from a distance and hit the bottles like in a Bowling game. The person who can drop the most number of balls in the minimum number of rolls is the winner.

Drink Up, Baby

This is another co-ed game.

What you need: Feeding bottle, beverages.

How to play: Fill the feeding bottle with the beverage of your choice. You can include alcoholic beverages for those who can drink alcohol. Then at the mark, everyone should suck on their bottle to finish the beverage. Drinking from a feeding bottle is time consuming for an adult and hence the result is hilarious. The person to finish first is the winner.

Hot Potato

This game is like musical chairs only with a potato.

What you need: A large potato and loud music.

How to play: Let the guests sit in a circle surrounding the mother. The mother has a mobile that will play loud music. The aim of the game is to keep passing the potato to the person to your left as long as the music is playing. As soon as the music stops, the person holding the potato is out of the game. When only two persons are left, they must stand on either side of the mother and continue the game. The winner is the person who is not holding the potato in the end.

If you are planning a co-ed Baby Shower, these few games ought to keep everyone active and happy – including the men!