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Fun Baby Shower Games

While the baby shower party is really centered on the baby, we know that baby shower games are for the adult guests. The games will give them a chance to have fun by feeling like a child again through fun games and activities.

If you do not know what games you can include at your party, we have put together the most popular games in the list below:

Diaper Training

This game is funny as well as educational.

What you need: Diapers, and a pair of life sized baby dolls that make crying noises.

How to play: Hide the baby in a place and blindfold the guest. The guest must follow the noise of the baby and change the diaper of the baby all the while being blindfolded. This is a great game to educate the parents-to-be how to change diapers at the dead of night. This game is hilarious too.

Baby bottle Bowling

This game is suitable for both men and women.

What you need: Baby bottles filled with sand, tennis ball.

How to play: Place the bottles filled with sand in a triangle. The guests must roll the tennis ball from a distance and hit the bottles like in a Bowling game. The person who can drop the most number of balls in the minimum number of rolls is the winner.

Predict the Baby Face

This game can be hilarious with the creativity of the guests.

What you need: Headshots of both the Mom and Dad, scissors, glue and a blown up outline of a baby face.

How to play: Make the guests cut out portions of the mother and father’s headshots and paste them in the outline of baby face. If someone thinks that the eyes will look like the mother while the nose and ears will look like father you can make it so. Tell the guests to let their creativity and sense of humour out of the cage to make the end result a hilarious one. You can also include sketch pens add to the humour quotient.

Hot Potato

This game is like musical chairs only with a potato.

What you need: A large potato and loud music.

How to play: Let the guests sit in a circle surrounding the mother. The mother has a mobile that will play loud music. The aim of the game is to keep passing the potato to the person to your left as long as the music is playing. As soon as the music stops, the person holding the potato is out of the game. When only two persons are left, they must stand on either side of the mother and continue the game. The winner is the person who is not holding the potato in the end.

Onesie Décor

This game is both for fun as well memories.

What you need: Onesies, colour and sketch pens.

How to play: Give the guests each an onesie and tell them to let their imaginations fly as they decorate the onesies for the future child. These will serve as a memory of the great event as well as will save you money to buy an onesie for your child for the next six months.

Cotton Ball Challenge

This game can be played by both men and women.

What you need: Fine quality cotton balls, spoons, and two bowls.

How to play: Get two big bowls and fill one up to the top with Cotton Balls. Then blindfold the guest playing this game and hand them a big spoon and tell them to scoop all the cottonballs from the bowl that’s filled up over to the empty bowl. All the guest will feel is the weight of the spoon and not know if there’s any cotton balls even on the spoon!

This is a funny and challenging game. Whoever gets the most cotton balls into the empty bowl WINS.

Stressed Out Mama

This is a fun game to play at your baby shower.

What you need: A life sized baby doll, a cordless telephone, a clothes line and a basket full of clothes.

How to play: Strap the baby to the hip of the guest and tell them to hand the clothes on a clothes line all the while balancing a cordless telephone between their head and shoulders. This game is a practice for the girls who are gearing up for motherhood.

Water Balloon Game

This game is suitable for all ages and can be played by both men and women. Tip: If you do this one make sure all your guests will be up for it so no one gets upset if their clothes get wet!

What you need: Water Balloons and an open place like park or backyard.

How to play: Have all contestants line up for this game side by side. They are about to waddle just like pregnant mommy-to-be! Pass out one water balloon to each player. They all must race for the finish line with the water balloon held between their knees. The first to finish WINS.

Variation: Do it relay style and have teams of two players. Team members carry a balloon, between their knees, across the yard and drop it into a bucket. Each person gets only one chance. One person goes at a time. The team to get the most unbroken balloons in the bucket wins. When you fill the balloons up full – they are easier to break, so make it challenging by doing that to each one. If they are less filled they are harder to break.

Soap Carving the Baby

This is a creative and fun game. Have the guests carve out a figure of the baby on piece of soap and the Mother will be the judge. The best one wins a prize.

Baby Items in a Bag

Put 10 baby items in a paper bag and give each guest 30 seconds to rummage through the bag while being blindfolded. Then they must write down as many as they can. The person who can get most right wins.

Sing It, Baby!

For this game, the guests will need to form a circle, either sitting or standing. When everyone is in the circle already, each participant should sing a line from a song which includes the word baby. Once the first guest has finished, it is now time for the next player tossing a song too. Songs cannot be repeated twice. Those who cannot think of a new song will be booted out of the game. The last man standing wins the prize.

Measuring up Mommy

This game is one of the most popular baby shower games. All you need is a couple of toilet paper rolls. The participants need to estimate the size of the mother’s girth by cutting the toilet paper based on their estimation. The participant with the nearest estimate wins the prize.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

For this game, you will need to request for baby picture of the guests beforehand. Once you have the pictures, you can assign a number for each. Lay all the pictures and give each participant a pen and paper. Let them identify the baby pictures. The one with the most number of correct guesses wins.

Don’t Say Baby

Each guest will be given a diaper pin upon arrival. When the games starts, the person should not say the word baby until the game is finished. Those who will say the word will need to give away their pin. The person with the most pins wins the game.

Baby Truth or Dare

What you need to do is to write some baby trivia (correct and purposely incorrect). During the game, you will ask participants if the trivia is true or false. The winners will be the guest with most number of correct answers. For the person with the least number of correct answers, she/he will need to perform impromptu in front of the other guests.

The Seventh Gift 

This is actually not a game in itself, but more of a fable. According to legends, the giver of the seventh gift will be the next one to conceive a child.

Dig Out the Pins

The participants need to fish out diaper pins from a large bowl filled with uncooked rice. This is done in two minutes. The person with most pins at the end of the time limit wins the prize.

These are some of the most fun games that you may try in your baby shower. You and your guest will surely have a great time when you include these games in your party.