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The Four Basic Styles of Parenting

With every grandparents there is usually one funny story or the other they have about their children while giving birth to them. In the same vein, there are other stories to tell about the challenges they face as well. Each parent is unique when it comes to the issue of parenting. Below are the four types of parenting styles adopted by parents.

Command style of parenting

Parents who are bent on rules are fond of using their authority and they fall in this category. They issue a command to their kids to follow irrespective of the situation. When there is no compliance on the part of their children, what follows next is harsh punishment. This class of parent is less concern about the opinion of their children. Instead, they introduce more punishment. The children are subjected to total silence and will be unhappy. The love they should have for their parents would have been replaced by fear. The male children will have difficulty in anger management while the female children will have challenges dealing with problems as a result of the environment they grow up in where everything remain the same.

Considerate style of parenting

These kind of parents isn’t very strict. They accommodate naïve and childlike attitude. They encourage their kids to learn from their own shortcomings and be able to take care of themselves when they are in need. They are free in their disposition and are open to their children’s opinion. They take into consideration the other person’s view before taking a decision. Parents in this class will do everything possible to prevent having a confrontation with their kids. They tend to show more concern and are emotionally connected to their children.

Authentic style of parenting

This includes the two kinds of parenting that have been previously discussed. It is the most exciting medium of all. They expect their children to behave accordingly to their dictate and as well allow their kids to express themselves on specific issues.  They are able to maintain a balance from base on their demands placed on their kids and the feedback they are getting. The children are likely to be the most happiest, showing lots of confidence and more secured than any other parenting styles. However , it is not possible to get a 100% type of parents in this order.

Indifferent style of parenting

Parents in this order don’t get themselves involve in anything regarding parenting. These kind of parents don’t usually stay at home as a result of their work or because they are not fully responsible. Their children are either nurtured by a babysitter, grandparents, older siblings or by themselves. It lacks any parental involvement.

We hope you will have lots of happy stories to tell!