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Milestones for One Year Olds

Celebrating your child’s first birthday is always a delight. For a new parent, it’s an important moment you can never forget for a long time in which you look forward to inviting your friends and loved ones to come and rejoice with you.

As each day passes by, you see your baby grow up and becoming wiser. Whenever they move to the next phase of development, it’s a great joy to you and your partner. One of the happiest moment for you would be the time they take a step by themselves. Words cannot fully describe how excited you will be just like any other parents.

Nevertheless, as a parent, you may not have gone through such experience before because your one year old baby is yet to walk. It is okay as there is nothing to worry about. Every child has its own distinct development process.

In general, there are certain things a baby can do as he or she become a year old. They include:

Taking the first steps to walk alone

As soon as you observe them making moves to walk, it will amaze you the length they can go without your assistance. They may move stealthily, which may look very hilarious and a wonderful moment you mustn’t miss. Make sure you capture this moment on camera.

 Say things like ‘mama’, ‘dada’, or ‘papa’

The way to encourage your baby to talk is simply by talking as well. A lot of babies can pronounce the three words stated above once they become a year old, despite the fact they don’t know what it means.

Responding to basic command

It is a thing of joy for you to see your baby is sensitive to what you are trying to tell him or her to do. When you tell them ‘bye-bye’,  they will in turn demonstrate with their hands the bye-bye sign. Same thing happens, say for example when you ask them to look at you or your wife. They simply move their head in your direction or that of your spouse. It is your duty to encourage them to recognize each individual as they are.

They stretch their hand at things that interest them

You will find your baby pointing at something that catches his or her attention. They will let you know what it is exactly by making the ‘ooh’ sound while pointing at the object.

Dancing with their hands and body when the music is on

Some babies start to move their body right from when they are 7 – 10 months old. Whenever they hear the sound of music, particularly if it is their favorite one, you will be amazed as you watch them dance in harmony to the tune.

In case your baby is not demonstrating any of the things listed above, don’t worry. They will get to that stage in a couple of weeks or months. Just ensure you are developing the bond that ties both of you together.

Have fun with your kids. Wishing your baby, happy one year celebration!