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Tips on Naming Your Twins

Twin babies sleeping.

Choosing a baby name can be difficult, because it is something that will follow your baby all through life. However, naming twins can prove to be even more difficult. There are many things that you have to consider, as you do not want to choose names that are too similar. Let’s face it, your twin babies will have a lot in common, so giving them similar names could be damaging later in life.

You want them to be individuals, therefore it’s best to try to come up with names that will make them feel that way. Many parents get the urge to rhyme their twins names, such as Teddy and Freddy. Others play off the meaning of their names, such as Charity and Hope. You may even see some use the same name in a similar way, such as Nicholas and Nicole.

Using the same initials is a highly popular way to name twins, as well as other siblings. Often times a whole family will bear the same first initial. This works well because there similarities, but also enough differences. You could go with Garrett and Grace, or Sussie and Seth.

Here are some tips to help you name your bundles of joy.

  • Matching – although it is very tempting to give twins matching names, you need to let them be independent in some ways. These types of names will have the same initials, or number of syllables. Examples: Ann and Andy, Jason and Mason, Ella and Emma, Jayda and Jayden.
  • Theme – If you are going to name one baby a traditional name such as Margaret, you will want to give the other a traditional name as well. You never want to give different style of names to them. Faith and Hope tend to be a popular choice in this category.
  • Necessity – you want to name your babies something that is going to be easy to use on a daily basis. When trying to call on two babies at once it could get pretty tricky if they have long names. Either select short names or go with names that have great nicknames that you can utilize.
  • Similarity – you want your twins names to have a same level of similarity. So if one of your babies has a unique way of spelling their names, then you should do the same with the other or vise versa.
  • Flow – they are twins, so you want to ensure that their names flow well together. Since you will be saying the names together, you want them to be easy to pronounce.
  • Boy-Girl Names – If you decide to go with unisex names it could get very confusing for people when trying to keep them straight. Names in this category include Taylor and Tyler, or Landon and London.
  • Assigning Names – Of course, if you are having a boy and a girl it will be easy to assign them names. However, if you are having same sex twins you will need to decide which twin will get what name. Some parents choose to wait to see their babies before naming them. Others will decide that the first born will get a name, and the second born will get the other.

Here are some popular Twin Names to Consider:

Girl Twins:

  • Isabella and Sophi
  • Faith and Hope
  • Olivia and Sophia
  • Ella and Emma
  • Hailey and Hannah
  • Ava and Emma
  • Heaven and Nevaeh
  • Madison and Morgan
  • Mackenzie and Madison
  • Ava and Olivia

Boy Twin Names:

  • Jacob and Joshua
  • Matthew and Michael
  • Daniel and David
  • Jayden and Jordan
  • Jayden and Jalen
  • Elijah and Isaiah
  • Isaac and Isaiah
  • Ethan and Evan
  • Logan and Lucas
  • Logan and Luke

GIRL-BOY Twin Names:

  • Madison and Mason
  • Taylor and Tyler
  • Addison and Aiden
  • Emily and Ethan
  • Emma and Evan
  • Jayda and Jayden
  • Jada and Jaden
  • Aidan and Nadia
  • Ava and Aiden
  • Natalie and Nathan

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