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Polynesian Boy Names

Here is a list of Polynesian boy names along with their meanings.

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Alika , Defender of mankind
Arana , Handsome
Ariki , Chief
Atiu , Eldest
Hori , Farmer
Ihorangi , Rain
Irawaru , A figure from legend
Kanen , Free
Kannen , Free
Kannon , Free
Kanon , Free
Kauri , A New Zealand tree
Keoni , The righteous one
Kereteki , A mythological figure
Kupe , The name of a heroic explorer
Lani , The sky
Manu , The man of the birds
Marama , The moon man
Matareka , The one with a smiling face
Maui , A legendary hero
Ora , Life
Oroiti , The slow-footed one
Rangi , Heaven – The sky
Rata , The name of a great chief
Rongo , God of rain and fertility
Tahnee , The name of a god
Tama , Boy – Son
Tane , The name of a god
Tangaroa , Of the sea
Tawhiri , Tempest
Tiki , One who is fetched – as in a spirit after death
Turi , The name of a great chief
Ulani , Cheerful
Whetu , Star