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Italian Boy Names

Here is a list of Italian boy names along with their meanings.

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Dante , Lasting
Nap , From the city of Naples
Napoleon , From the city of Naples
Nappie , From the city of Naples
Nappy , From the city of Naples
Nino , God is gracious
Ninoshka , God is gracious
Pancrazio , Supreme ruler – All powerful
Prime , First one
Primo , First one
Rocco , Rest
Romain , Pilgrim to Rome
Roman , Pilgrim to Rome
Rome , Pilgrim to Rome
Romeo , Pilgrim to Rome
Santo , A saint
Santos , A saint
Taddeo , Courageous – One who praises
Tancrede , Of thoughtful counsel
Tancredo , Of thoughtful counsel
Ugo , Intelligent
Zanebono , The good one
Zanipolo , Little gift of God