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Burmese Girl Names

Here is a list of Burmese girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Aung Success
Aye Cool
Chit Love
Cho Sweet
Hla Beautiful
Hlaing Plenty
Htay Rich
Htet Sharp
Htin Appear
Htun Success
Htut Apex
Htway Youngest
Htwe Youngest
Khin Friendly
Khine Firm
Kyaw Famous – Fry
Kyi Clear
Kyine Smell sweet
Kywe Rich
Lwin Outstanding
Moe Rain
Mya Emerald – A bright green gem
Myaing Forest
Myat Better
Myine Forest
Myint High
Myo Relative
Naing Win
Nanda River
Nyein Quiet
Nyunt Blossom
Ohnmar Mad
Phyu White
Sanda Moon
Sandi Moon
Sein Diamond
Shein Reflection
Shway Gold
Shwe Gold
Soe Dominate
Than Million
Thant Clean
Thaung 10 thousand
Thein 100 thousand
Theingi Gold
Thet Calm
Thida Water
Thiri Gold
Thura Sun
Thurein Sun
Thuya Sun
Thuza Angel
Tun Success
Win Bright
Ye Brave
Zaw Outstanding
Zeya Success
Zeyar Success