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Baby Names

We have over 28,000 of the best and most interesting baby names from the US and around the world with their meanings so if you are looking for a great name for your baby you are in the right place.

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Anglo-Saxon Girls Names

Here is a list of Anglo-Saxon girls names along with their meanings. [table  width=”500″ colwidth=”250|250″ colalign=”left|left”] [more ...]

Anglo-Saxon Boy Names

Here is a list of Anglo-Saxon boy names along with their meanings. Name Meaning Aiken Sturdy – Oaken Alston From the old manor Alton From the old manor Amon Wealthy guardian [more ...]

African Girl Names

Here is a list of African girl names along with their meanings.  For a list of African boy names click here. Name Meaning Aba Born on Thursday Abba Born on Thursday Abeba Flower [more ...]

African Boy Names

Name Meaning Adeben Twelfth-born son Aitan Fights of possession Ajayi Born face-down Akello I have bought Amadi General rejoicing Ammon The hidden Amon The hidden Aren Eagle Ashon [more ...]
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