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Anglo-Saxon Girls Names

Here is a list of Anglo-Saxon girls names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Acca From Acca
Aedre Stream
Aefentid Evening
Aefre Forever
Aerlene Elfin
Aeryn Elfin
Aethelflaed Sister of King Edward
Aethelthryth Wife of King Ecgfrith
Aisley Dwells at the ash tree meadow
Aisly Dwells at the ash tree meadow
Alodia Rich – Wealthy
Alodie Rich – Wealthy
Andsware Answer
Andswaru Answer
Anlicnes Image
Anlienisse Image
Annis Unity
Ar Mercy
Ardith Good war
Arianrod Silver wheel
Ashley Dwells at the ash tree meadow
Audrey Noble strength
Ave Ruler of the elves
Averi Ruler of the elves
Avery Ruler of the elves
Aves Ruler of the elves
Bearrocscir From Berkshire
Bemia Battle maid
Beomia Battle maid
Bisgu Cares
Blerung Blessing
Bliss Happy
Blythe Happy
Boadicea Victory
Bodiccea Victory
Bodicea Victory
Bodicia Victory
Boudicea Victory
Brigantia Yorkshire Goddess
Brimlad Seaway
Bysen Unique
Capri The goat
Cartimandua Name of a queen of Brigantes
Cate Innocent
Catherine Pure – Innocent
Catheryn Innocent
Cathryn Innocent
Cearo Sorrow
Chelsea River landing place – Port
Claennis Purity
Clover Clover
Coventina Name of a nymph
Cwen Queen
Cwene Queen
Cyst Best
Daedbot Penance
Daisy The day's eye
Dare Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darel Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darelene Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darelle Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darla Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darleen Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darlen Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darlene Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darlin Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darline Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Darlynn Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Daryl Tenderly beloved – Little darling
Dawn Awakening
Devona Protector
Diera From Diera
Dohtor Daughter
Don Mother goddess
Eacnung Bears children
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the Confessor
Eadignes Bliss
Eadlin Princess
Easter Goddess of the dawn
Ebba Strength – Return of the tide
Eda Wealthy
Edina Wealthy
Edit Joyous
Edita Joyous
Edith Joyous
Editha Joyous
Edla Princess
Edlin Princess
Edlyn Princess
Edlynn Princess
Edlynne Princess
Edmee Wealthy defender
Edmonda Wealthy defender
Edmunda Wealthy defender
Edris Wealthy ruler
Edrys Wealthy ruler
Edyt Joyous
Edyth Joyous
Elda Wise adviser
Eldrida Wise adviser
Eldride Wise adviser
Elene Name of a poem
Elga Elfs spear
Ellenweorc Famous courage
Ellette Little elf
Elswyth Elf from the willow trees
Elva Elf
Elvia Elf
Elvina Friend of the elves
Elwine Friend of the elves
Elwyna Friend of the elves
Engel Angel
Eostre Goddess of the dawn
Erlene Elfin
Erlina Elfin
Erline Elfin
Esma Kind defender
Esme Kind defender
Etheswitha Name of a princess
Faina Joyous
Freya Queen of the gods
Garmangahis A goddess worshipped in Lanchester
Githa Gift
Hamia A Syrian goddess
Harimilla A Tungrian goddess
Hil Mild – Power
Hild War
Hilda War
Hildred Mild – Power
Juliana Name of a poem
Kendra Understanding – Knowledge
Kirby From the church town
Linette Bird
Linn A cascade
Lora Small sage one
Loretta Small sage one
Lyn A cascade
Lynet Bird
Lynette Bird
Lynn A cascade
Lynna A cascade
Lynne A cascade
Mae Kinswomen
Maida Maiden
May Kinswomen
Mayda Maiden
Megan Strong – Capable
Meghan Strong – Capable
Mercia From Mercia
Mil Mild – Power
Mildraed Mild – Power
Mildred Mild – Power
Mildrid Mild – Power
Mildryd Mild – Power
Milley Mild – Power
Milli Mild – Power
Millie Mild – Power
Milly Mild – Power
Moira Bitter
Moire Bitter
Nelda From the Alder trees
Nerthus Name of a goddess
Odelia Little wealthy one
Odelina Little wealthy one
Odelinda Little wealthy one
Odella Little wealthy one
Odelyn Little wealthy one
Odelyna Little wealthy one
Odette Little wealthy one
Odilia Little wealthy one
Ora Money
Orva Brave friend
Osberga Name of a queen
Osburga Name of a queen
Otha Little wealthy one
Othili Little wealthy one
Ottilie Little wealthy one
Rheda A goddess
Rowena White haired
Shelley From the ledge meadow
Shelly From the ledge meadow
Sibley Fiendly
Silver White
Sunn Gift of the sun
Sunniva Gift of the sun
Synne Gift of the sun
Synnove Gift of the sun
Tait Pleasant – Bright
Taite Pleasant – Bright
Tate Pleasant – Bright
Tayte Pleasant – Bright
Udela Wealthy
Udele Wealthy
Viradecthis A Tungrian goddess
Walburg A might defender – A fortress
Walburga A might defender – A fortress
Whitney From the white island
Wilda Wild
Willa Desired
Wilona Hoped for
Wilone Hoped for



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