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Kangaroo Care for Your Newborn – What is it and Why Should You Do It?

The bonding time you have with your baby will not only benefit him or her, but you as well. Your baby will get used to the sound of your heart the minute you carry your baby in your arms. Even healthcare experts believe that this bonding time is important especially for the growth and development of your child. The term for this is kangaroo care.

So what does kangaroo care mean?

Basically, it is doing a skin-to-skin bonding with your baby. Just remove the clothing of your baby, except for the diaper then put him/her close to your bare chest. Even hospitals believe in this practice of mother-child bonding. According to most experts, doing this for at least three hours everyday can help stabilize your baby’s heart rate, temp, and even breathing. It can also help infants put on weight and strengthen their immune system. Specialists also believe that it can help in the infants’ motor development.

This kangaroo hug can help your child adapt to the new environment that is foreign for him or her. From your dark and tranquil tummy, he or she has been thrusts into a large and noisy outside world. Your voice and your skin will be your child’s refuge.  Moreover, this practice can help you to relax to make you feel that you also have time for yourself, which is important.

In order to fully get the benefits of this process wear a comfortable shirt with an opening in the front. Also, make sure that your baby will not feel cold by adjusting the air conditioner to the preferred temperature. Dim the lights also for better effect. It will also help if you will use some pillows to support your arms and back as well as for added safety precautions as well. Try 30-minute sessions and adjust the time whenever necessary.

If you want, you can involve your husband as well. This will help them as well because many feel unsure of how to improve their parenting skills. Involving them will give them a chance to bond with your child too. Kangaroo care is very easy, simple, and helpful. Additionally, you can also take this time to catch up with your other responsibilities.

The time you spend with your baby is very important especially because time flies so fast and before you know it, your baby is all grown up. Make use of the first couple of months to truly bond together. While your baby may not remember your bonding sessions, they will surely feel your love for him or her.