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Common Pregnancy Issues

One of the best milestones a woman can experience is pregnancy.  While exciting and wonderful, pregnancy is also hard on a woman’s body.

Aside from the food cravings, there are also complications that pregnant women need to watch out for.


Cramps, which can be mild to severe, are very common. It will also depend on your over-all health condition. For example, some women may experience cramps early in the pregnancy while it is more common to experience cramps in the latter part of the pregnancy due to the stretching of the uterus.

While these may seem to be pretty normal, cramps may sometimes be accompanied by spotting or bleeding, which can be alarming.


Common during pregnancy.  Talk to your doctor about what you can take for this.

Back Pain

Also common during pregnancy.  A nice lower back massage can be helpful.  Some women also find a sleep pillow to be helpful during this time.

Nausea and Vomiting

Another issue during pregnancy is the problem of nausea and vomiting. This happens because of the changes that the pregnant woman undergoes not just in the physical level, but with hormones as well.

Most of the time, this begins sixth weeks into the pregnancy. Although for some, nausea and vomiting starts during the 12th week and often continues through the whole duration of pregnancy.

It is VERY important to avoid skipping meals to prevent the feeling of uneasiness and sickness. This is also vital to ensure that the unborn baby receives proper nutrition.

When it comes to controlling nausea and vomiting, it is important to keep track of your diet. A great trick is to eat a few crackers upon waking up. It will also help to rest for at least fifteen minutes before you finally get out of bed.

To relieve nausea, you can try eating pretzel, cake, watermelon or mushroom soup. What food works to help with the nausea is different for each woman.  For example, when my mom was pregnant she ate lemons whenever she felt sick and it stopped her sickness.  When my sister was nauseous during her pregnancy she tried a lemon and promptly threw up.  What helps with your nausea may be strange and bizarre but if it works for you and helps that is all that counts.

If you experience any of these issues talk to your doctor about them particularly if they get worse or unbearable.