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Facts and Fiction of Nutrients During Pregnancy


It is so important to fuel your body with healthy nutrients when you are pregnant. You are giving your baby a healthy foundation to build on. If you are used to eating healthy, then this will not be an issue. However, if you do not have healthy eating habits, this is something you can do for you and your baby.


There is never a wrong time to start eating healthy. Any time in your pregnancy is the right time to start eating food that has nutritional benefits. Healthy food can help increase fertility, as well as give you more energy, and help you have an easier delivery. Your child will receive the essential nutrients that they require to grow up healthy and strong.


Food affects how our body works each and every day, as well as the way we heal, grow, and how strong we are. Giving your baby a healthy start is possibly one of the best things you can do for them. It will also help them form healthy eating habits as they grow and develop. Children who are not introduced to sugar will never miss it.


Pregnancy is perhaps the only time when what you eat will affect another person. Choosing to eat veggies, whole grain and lean protein will help your body function properly, and give your baby a strong start in life.


Weight Changes During Pregnancy

You will most definitely gain weight during your pregnancy, but the way you gain weight will affect you and your baby. Your weight will slowly increase, and you will see that you are feeding your developing baby as they grow and stretch your belly out. The blood in your body will increase by 60% by the time you have your baby.


Your body will go through many changes, such as your breast filling up with milk, your uterus growing and filling with amniotic fluid. On an average, a baby will weigh between 6 to 10 pounds, and to adjust to all the changes your body is going through, you will need an extra 300 calories each day from the 2nd trimester on. You and your baby’s health is so important during this time, so ensure you ask your health care physician how you can accomplish healthy eating to help your baby grow.


Fact and Fiction

Here are some common facts and fiction of eating during pregnancy.

  1. Fiction: Being pregnant means I am eating for two.

          Fact: Your nutrients need to increase, but your calorie intake should only increase by 300 calories each day             from the 2nd trimester on.

  1. Fiction: You should gain weight to help make delivery easier.

          Fact: If you do not gain weight when you are pregnant you could cause issues for your baby, such as                         premature birth, heart and lung issues.

  1. Fiction: Gaining the correct weight during pregnancy will not turn into fat.

         Fact: There is fat storage in a healthy pregnancy, because that extra energy will be used during labor and                breastfeeding.

  1. Fiction: Women who are pregnant want only food the body needs.

         Fact: pregnant women will crave a variety of foods during their pregnancy. You cannot go on cravings to                ensure you give your body what it needs.

  1. Fiction: Women who eat healthy while pregnant will not have sickness.

         Fact: All pregnant women can experience nausea, heartburn and constipation. You can lessen these effects              by eating good, drinking lots of water, exercising, and avoiding sugar.