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Amazing Abilities of Your Newborn

The arrival of a new baby is a happy, momentous and exciting event in the life of every parent. While newborns may look very fragile and delicate, did you know that they have so many abilities that may surprise you?

Yes, you read that right, aside from their awesomeness, they also have a lot of “super powers” that you will be amazed of.

Just minutes after they are born, they can already distinguish native and foreign languages. This is according to a study conducted by the University of Washington.

Still on hearing, they have amazing hearing powers because they hear extremely and clearly well. In fact, even in the womb, the fetus already can react to sounds as early as week 24. This is the very reason why it is recommended for mothers to regularly talk to their unborn child to help improve the baby’s growth and development. After delivery, the baby can easily distinguish the voice of his or her mother without any hassle.

Babies can understand what the mothers want to tell even just through actions. They do this through observation. Because of this, it is important for mothers to be careful on what they will say around the baby.

While it is believed that as a person gets older, he or she becomes smarter, this is actually not the case. Did you know that as we grow old, we lose some learning abilities? Babies are said to be most effective in learning during 6 months of age.

Babies have great intuition. For example, even children who do not know how to add may be able to answer an addition problem.

According to studies, babies can easily distinguish between two resembling figures. Although, they will lose this ability when they grow older.

They can easily distinguish the smell of their mothers, and they love it so much. Newborns have a special bond with their mother and they really love being with them.

Newborns have a diving reflex. When their heads are submerged in water, they can naturally hold their breath for some time. This ability will be lost at around six months. Of course do not try this at home since this is dangerous.

There you have it! These are just some of the most amazing abilities of newborns. While we have provided you 8 amazing newborn ability, did you know that there is another one that is truly remarkable?

We are talking about their ability to be too cute and adorable! Oh c’mon who doesn’t love babies, right?