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Common Issues in Babies

Here are some common issues you may experience with your baby.


Croup is the name of a viral infection affecting children under the age of six. This viral infection can cause your vocal cords to swell which results in a very barky sounding cough. Croup is a condition that lasts for between five to six days, and tends to be worse at night.

Croup is scary and may start without much warning. As a parent, the most important thing is to know when croup is serious and when it isn’t.

Treatment – This condition is even more terrifying for a small child than it is for you. For this reason, you need to calm your child. Cuddle your child and keep him or her relaxed as much as possible. Steam up your bathroom, and spend some time in there with your child. If needed, bundle your child up, and take him or her outside to take in some cold air. Use pain relief as needed to treat fevers.

When to See a Doctor  – Going to the doctor is only necessary if treatment methods are not soothing the child or making it easier for him or her to breath and sleep. Rush your child to the ER if you notice labored breathing or the development of a pale skin complexion.



Your baby will start teething from the moment his or her first tooth begins breaking through the gums. Teething can start as early as six months and can continue until they are about three years old.

Treatment – You can use a clean fingertip (or a teething ring) to massage your child’s gums for two minute intervals. If needed, you can give your baby over-the-counter pain medication to soothe the pain. Supply your child with safe items to chew on to soothe the pain your child is suffering from.


Diaper Rash

A diaper rash is extremely common in a baby that is between the ages of nine months to a year. However, any child in diapers can experience a diaper rash. The unfortunate truth is that every parent is going to experience a time during parenthood where they unwrap the diaper and see a tender and sensitive bottom.

First, it helps to know what a diaper rash looks like. Red and inflamed skin are signs of a diaper rash. It just means the diaper has irritated the skin. The affected area can either appear really dry or really moist.

Treatment – When a diaper rash does not get treated, it can turn into a yeast or bacterial infection. Once this happens, your baby will need an antibiotic in order to get rid of it. The biggest reason why your child has gotten a diaper rash is because of the moisture settling into the diaper. The more you chance a diaper, the less likely diaper rashes will occur.

Treatment includes changing your baby frequently, cleaning the area, and keeping it dry. Use petroleum jelly or baby rash ointment when needed to soothe a sore bottom. If the rash is persistent, it may be an allergic reaction which would require you to switch to a new brand of diapers.