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Cough in Infants


Many people think of coughing as a bad thing because it is so unpleasant. It is thought of a sickness itself, but it’s actually a beneficial reflex action made to help you clear your airway. Coughing is a result of an underlying sickness such as colds, bacterial infections, or even asthma. A normal cough is dry, doesn’t produce mucus, and comes from deep in the chest.


Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend some medicine to help lessen the severity of your child’s cough. There are only a few medicines that are safe for young babies and children, so don’t treat all medicine equal. Babies older than 1 and younger than 6 could get some relief with some warm honey and lemon.

Make sure that you are giving your child enough fluids so they don’t get dehydrated. A humidifier may help your child during the night.

When to See the Doctor

If your child has trouble breathing, is coughing up phlegm, has pain when coughing or breathing, or is having trouble sleeping because of the coughing.