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Anglo-Saxon Boy Names

Here is a list of Anglo-Saxon boy names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Aiken Sturdy – Oaken
Alston From the old manor
Alton From the old manor
Amon Wealthy guardian
Ansen Son of a nobleman – Son of Ann or Hans
Anson Son of a nobleman – Son of Ann or Hans
Ansonia Son of a nobleman – Son of Ann or Hans
Arch Bold prince
Archibald Bold prince
Archie Bold prince
Archy Bold prince
Arkady Bold prince
Arky Bold prince
Ave Ruler of the elves
Averi Ruler of the elves
Avery Ruler of the elves
Aves Ruler of the elves
Baecere Baker
Baldlice Brave
Bana Slayer
Banan Slayer
Banning One who reads the banns
Bar Boar
Barclay From the birch meadow
Bardon Barley valley
Bawdewyn Brave friend
Bawdewyne Brave friend
Bayen From Ban
Beadurinc Warrior
Beadwof Brave in war
Bealohydig Enemy
Bearn Son
Bebeodan Commands
Bede Name of a historian
Bellinus Name of a king
Benoic From Ban
Benwick From Ban
Beorn Warrior
Beornwulf Name of a king
Beowulf Intelligent wolf
Berkeley From the birch meadow
Berkley From the birch meadow
Bestandan Stands beside
Besyrwan Ensnares
Betlic Splendid
Birdoswald From Birdoswald
Bliss Happy
Boden Messenger
Boniface Name of a saint
Bordan From the boar valley
Borden Near the boar's den
Bowden Messenger
Bowdyn Messenger
Boyden Messenger
Braxton Brock's town
Brecc Name of a king
Brice Son of a nobleman
Broga Terror
Brogan Terror
Bron Brown – Dark
Bronson Son of the dark man
Brun Brown – Dark
Bryce Son of a nobleman
Byram Bear
Byran Bear
Byron Bear
Cadman Warrior
Cadwallon Name of a king
Caedmon Poet
Caedwalla Name of a king
Caflice Brave
Camden From the winding valley
Camdene From the winding valley
Ceawlin Name of a king
Cedd Name of a bishop
Cenwalh Name of a king
Ceolfrith Name of an abbot
Ceolwulf Name of a king
Cerdic Name of a king
Chad Name of a saint
Chapman Merchant
Cnut Name of a king
Colby Coal town
Corey Chosen
Courtland Lives in the King's court
Courtnay Dweller by the dark stream
Courtney From the court
Daegal Dweller by the dark stream
Dailey Assembly – From the valley
Daily Assembly – From the valley
Daley Assembly – From the valley
Dalston From Dougal's place
Deman Judge
Denby From the Danish settlement
Denisc Danish
Deogol Secret
Derian Harm
Desmond Happy defender
Devon From Devon
Devyn From Devon
Dolf Wolf – Protector
Dolph Wolf – Protector
Dougal Dweller by the dark stream
Douglas Dweller by the dark stream
Drefan Trouble
Dreng Warrior
Dreogan Suffers
Drew Wise
Druce Son of Drew
Durwin Dear friend
Durwyn Dear friend
Eadbert Name of a king
Eadgard Lucky spearman
Eadig Blessed
Eadlyn Wealthy friend
Eadward Guardian
Eadwyn Valued
Ealdian Long lived
Eamon Wealthy defender
Earh Coward
Earl Chief
Earle Chief
Earm Wretched
Ecgfrith Name of a king
Eddison Ed's son
Edgar Lucky spearman
Edgard Lucky spearman
Edlin Wealthy friend
Edlyn Wealthy friend
Edmond Wealthy defender
Edmund Wealthy defender
Edred Name of a king
Edric Wealthy ruler
Edsel From Ed's hall
Edson Ed's son
Edward Guardian
Edwin Valued
Edwy Name of a king
Edwyn Valued
Egbert Name of a king
Egesa Terror
Egeslic Terror
Eldred Wise advisor
Eldrid Wise advisor
Eldwin Wise advisor
Eldwyn Wise advisor
Ellen Courage
Elmer Noble
Elne Courage
Elvis Wise friend
Eorl Chief
Ereonberht Name of a king
Erian Ploughs
Ethelbald Name of a king
Ethelbert Name of a king
Ethelred Name of a king
Ethelwulf Name of a king
Fairfax Blond
Faran Advances
Farmon Traveler
Felix Name of a saint
Feran Advances
Finan Name of a bishop
Firman Traveler
Fleming From Flanders
Fraomar Name of a king
Freeman Free man
Fugol Bird
Fyren Wicked
Gaderian Gathers
Galan Sings
Gar Spear
Garberend Spear bearer
Gareth Strong spear
Garett Powerful with the spear
Garr Spear
Garrett Strong spear
Geoff Peaceful gift
Geoffrey Peaceful gift
Geraint Name of a king
Gifre Greedy
Gildas Name of a historian
Gimm Gem
Godric Rules with God
Godwine Friend of God
Gordie From the cornered hill
Gordon From the cornered hill
Gordy From the cornered hill
Govannon God of the forge
Graeme Warring
Graham Warring
Grahem Warring
Gram Warring
Gremian Enrages
Grendel Legend name
Grimbold Fierce bold
Grimm Fierce
Grimme Fierce
Grindan Sharp
Halig Holy
Halwende Lonely
Ham Home
Hansen Son of a nobleman – Son of Ann or Hans
Hanson Son of a nobleman – Son of Ann or Hans
Hengist Son of Wodan
Heolstor Darkness
Heorot Deer
Hererinc Hero
Heretoga Commander
Hilderinc Warrior
Hlaford Master
Hlisa Fame
Holt Wood
Hrothgar Legend name
Hrypa The shouter
Ida Name of a king
Iden Wealthy
Ine Name of a king
Irenbend Iron bend
Irv Lover of the sea
Irvin Lover of the sea
Irvine Lover of the sea
Irwin Sea lover
Irwyn Sea lover
Isen Iron
Iuwine Friend
Jeffrey Peaceful gift
Kendrick Fearless leader
Kendryek Fearless leader
Kenric Fearless leader
Kent White
Kenway Brave in war
Kim Noble – Brave
Kimball Noble – Brave
Landry Ruler
Lang Long
Lange Long
Lar Teaches
Larcwide Counsel
Leanian Reward
Leax Salmon
Leng Long
Leof Beloved
Lidmann Sailor
Lin Dwells by the torrent
Linn Dwells by the torrent
List Cunning
Lucan Joins
Lufian Love
Lunden From London
Lyn Dwells by the torrent
Lynn Dwells by the torrent
Magan Competent
Mann Vassal
Manton From Mann's castle
Maponus God of youth and music
Marlen Falcon
Marlin Falcon
Mars Leucetius God worshipped at Bath
Marv Good friend
Marvin Good friend
Marwin Falcon
Maxwell From Maccus's pool
Maynard Remarkable strength
Meccus Son of Gus
Mel Hillside – Town by the mill
Melville Hillside – Town by the mill
Merle Falcon
Merlin Falcon
Merlyn Falcon
Merton From the farm by the sea
Merv Falcon
Mervin Good friend
Mervyn Good friend
Merwin Good friend
Merwyn Good friend
Modig Brave
Mort City on the moor
Morten City on the moor
Morton City on the moor
Morty City on the moor
Mortyn City on the moor
Murvyn Good friend
Myrvyn Good friend
Myrwyn Good friend
Nechten Name of a king
Nerian Protects
Newton From the new estate
Nodens A British god
Nodons A British god
Norton From the north farm
Norvel From the north state
Norville From the north state
Nyle Desire
Octe A son of Hengist
Octha A son of Hengist
Odel Wealthy
Odell Wealthy
Odi Wealthy defender
Odin Wealthy defender
Odon Wealthy defender
Ody Wealthy defender
Offa Name of a king
Ord Spear
Ordway Warrior armed with a spear
Orlege Battle strife
Ormod Sad
Orvin Brave friend
Orvyn Brave friend
Osric Divine ruler
Oswald Name of a king
Oswine Name of a king
Oswiu Name of a king
Oswy Name of a king
Oxa Ox
Page Page
Paige Page
Peada Name of a prince
Pearce Rock
Penda Name of a king
Pendragon From the dragon's enclosed land
Penrith From Penrith
Perry Pear tree
Pierce Rock
Piers Rock
Pleoh Danger
Prasutagus Name of a king
Putnam Dwells by the pond
Raedan Advises
Raedbora Advises
Raedwald Name of a king
Ramm Ram
Ran Wolf – Protector
Rand Wolf – Protector
Randal Wolf – Protector
Randall Wolf – Protector
Randell Wolf – Protector
Randie Wolf – Protector
Randl Wolf – Protector
Randle Wolf – Protector
Randolf Wolf – Protector
Randolph Wolf – Protector
Randy Wolf – Protector
Rankin Wolf – Protector
Ranulf Wolf – Protector
Recene Quick
Renweard Guardian of the house
Rheged From Rheged
Rice Powerful
Rinan Rain
Rinc Warrior
Ripley From Hrypa's meadow
Ro Red haired
Rodor Sky
Roe Red haired
Ross From the peninsula
Rossano From the peninsula
Roswald From the peninsula
Row Red haired
Rowe Red haired
Roweson Rowe's son
Rowson Rowe's son
Ruadson Rowe's son
Russell Fox
Ryce Powerful
Rypan Plunders
Sar Pain
Sarlic Pain
Scand Disgrace
Scead Shade
Sceadu Shade
Sceotend Archer
Scowyrhta Shoemaker
Scrydan Clothes
Scur Storm
Seamere Tailor
Seaton From Sai's estate
Seaver Fierce stronghold
Selwin Friend at court
Selwyn Friend at court
Sener Fierce stronghold
Sever Fierce stronghold
Seward Guards the coast
Sheldon From the hill on the ledge
Shelley From the ledge meadow
Shelny From the ledge farm
Shepard Shepherd
Shephard Shepherd
Sheply From the sheep meadow
Sherard Of glorious valor
Sherwin Quick as the wind
Sherwyn Quick as the wind
Sigenert Name of a king
Sihtric Name of a king
Sinley Friendly
Slean Strikes
Slecg Hammer
Snell Nold
Steadman Dwells at the farm
Stearc Severe
Stedman Dwells at the farm
Stefn Stem
Stepan Exalts
Stewart Steward
Stewert Steward
Stillman Gentle
Stilwell From the tranquil stream
Storm Storm
Strang Strong
Stuart Steward
Swift Swift
Swithun Name of a saint
Synn Sin
Tamar From Tamar
Tedman Wealthy defender
Tedmund Wealthy defender
Tellan Considers
Temman Tame
Teon Harms
Thane Anglo-Saxon and Scottish feudal lords' title
Theomund Wealthy defender
Tilian Strives
Tobrecan Destroys
Tobrytan Crushes
Tolan From the taxed land
Toland From the taxed land
Tolucan Destroys
Torht Bright
Torhte Bright
Torr Tower
Trace Brave
Tracey Brave
Tracy Brave
Tredan Tramples
Treddian Leaves
Trymian Encourages
Trymman Strengthen
Upton From the high town
Verge Owns four acres of land
Wacian Watchful
Wade Moving
Wallace Stranger
Wallis Stranger
Wann Dark
Ware Wise
Warian Attendant
Wellington From the wealthy estate
Werian Defender – Guard
Whitney From the white island
Wilbur Dearly loved stronghold
Wilfrid Name of a saint
Willsn Wishes
Winchell Drawer of water
Wine Friend
Winston Battle stone
Winter Born in the winter
Wirt Worthy
Wissian Guide
Woden King of gods
Worthington From the river's side
Wregan Accuses
Wright Tradesman
Wselfwulf Wolf of slaughter
Wulf Wolf
Wulfgar Wolf spear
Wulfhere Name of a king
Wurt Worthy
Wylie Enchanting
Wyman Fighter
Wynchell Drawer of water
Wyne Friend
Wystan Battle stone
Yrre Anger