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Latin Boy Names

Here is a list of Latin boy names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Abbondanzio Plentiful
Abbondazio Plentiful
Abbondio Plentiful
Abundiantus Plentiful
Acario Ungrateful
Accorso To hasten
Accursio To hasten
Accursius To hasten
Ace One – Unity
Acey One – Unity
Acharius Ungrateful
Acuzio Sharp
Adalrich Noble – Powerful and rich
Adalrico Noble – Powerful and rich
Adalricus Noble – Powerful and rich
Adelais Noble
Adelasia Noble
Adeodato Given by God
Adeodatus Given by God
Adiodato Given by God
Adiran Of the adriatic
Adrian Dark one
Adriano Dark one
Adrianus Dark one
Adrie Dark one
Adrien Dark one
Africano From Africa
Afro From Africa
Agostino Exalted
Agustin Exalted
Alban White – Fair
Albano White – Fair
Alben White – Fair
Albin White – Fair
Albion Blond
Albione Blond
Amadeus Love of God
Amadis Love of God
Amado Love of God
Amory Loving
Antal Prince
Anth Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Anthoney Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Anthony Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Antoine Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Anton Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Antone Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Antonio Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Antonius Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Antony Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Arden Passionate
Ardis Passionate
Ardon Passionate
Arley The bowman
Aubin Fair
Auburn Fair
Augie Exalted
August Exalted
Augusta Exalted
Augustin Exalted
Augustina Exalted
Augustine Exalted
Augusto Exalted
Augustus Exalted
Aurelio Gold
Aurelius Gold
Aurilio Gold
Aurilius Gold
Austin Exalted
Balbo Inarticulate
Balint Strong – Healthy
Barber Beard
Barbour Beard
Bastian Revered one
Bastien Revered one
Ben Blessed
Bene Blessed
Benedekt Blessed
Benedetto Blessed
Benedict Blessed
Benen Blessed
Benet Blessed
Bengt Blessed
Benito Blessed
Benn Blessed
Benner Blessed
Bennett Blessed
Benoit Blessed
Bent Blessed
Benton Blessed
Biagio Stammerer
Blaise Stammerer
Blasé Stammerer
Blaze Stammerer
Blis Stammerer
Bono Good
Boone Sweet – Good
Branch Extension
Braz Stammerer
Brencis Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Brutus Bruto
Caesar Hairy child – Long haired
Calixto A chalice
Callis Cup
Callys Cup
Calvin Bald
Calvinnia Bald
Calvino Bald
Calvyn Bald
Carey Dear – Pleasant stream
Carrie Dear – Pleasant stream
Carry Dear – Pleasant stream
Cary Dear – Pleasant stream
Cassius Vain
Cato Wise
Ceasar Hairy child – Long haired
Cecero Chickpea
Cesar Hairy child – Long haired
Cezar Hairy child – Long haired
Chauncey Chancellor
Ches Soldiers Camp
Chess Soldiers Camp
Chester Soldiers Camp
Chet Soldiers Camp
Cicero Chickpea
Ciceron Chickpea
Ciro Chickpea
Clarence Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarendon Bright – Shining – Clear
Claron Bright – Shining – Clear
Clem Merciful
Clemens Merciful
Clement Merciful
Clements Merciful
Clemmons Merciful
Clemon Merciful
Comfort Strengthen
Constantine Faithful – Firmness
Coop Barrel maker
Cooper Barrel maker
Cord Small rope
Cordas Small rope
Cordell Small rope
Cordie Small rope
Cordy Small rope
Cornel Horn
Cornelius Horn
Cornell Horn
Corvin Crow
Crisp Curly haired
Crispen Curly haired
Crispin Curly haired
Crispo Curly haired
Crispus Curly haired
Curt Courteous
Curtis Courteous
Curtys Courteous
Daxter Dexterous – Right side
Dean Presiding official – Valley
Del Sea
Delmar Sea
Delmer Sea
Delmore Sea
Des Man of the world
Desi Man of the world
Desiderio So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desmond Man of the world
Dex Dexterous – Right side
Dexter Dexterous – Right side
Dom Of the Lord
Domenico Of the Lord
Domingo Of the Lord
Dominic Of the Lord
Dominica Of the Lord
Dominick Of the Lord
Dominik Of the Lord
Dominique Of the Lord
Dominy Of the Lord
Donatien Gift
Donato Gift
Drake Dragon
Duke Leader
Duran Enduring
Durand Enduring
Durandt Enduring
Durant Enduring
Durante Enduring
Elary Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Elery Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Ellary Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Ellery Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Ellory Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Elory Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Emery Loving
Emory Loving
Estes Estuary
Eston Estuary
Etan Strong – Firm – Constant
Ethan Strong – Firm – Constant
Ethen Strong – Firm – Constant
Fab Bean grower
Fabian Bean grower
Fabio Bean grower
Fabius Bean grower
Fabyan Bean grower
Farar Blacksmith
Faron Blacksmith
Farrar Blacksmith
Farrier Blacksmith
Farron Blacksmith
Feb Pagan God
Febby Pagan God
Februus Pagan God
Felice Happy
Felix Happy
Ferenc From France – Free
Ferrel Rock – Iron
Ferrell Rock – Iron
Ferris Rock – Iron
Ferrys Rock – Iron
Fitz Son
Fitzgerald Son
Fitzhugh Son
Fitzpatrick Son
Fitzroy Son
Franci From France – Free
Francis From France – Free
Franco From France – Free
Frank From France – Free
Frankie From France – Free
Franz From France – Free
Galloway From Gaul
Galway From Gaul
Garner Granary
Garnet Red seed
Garnett Red seed
Garrick Spear bearer
Garrie Spear bearer
Garry Spear bearer
Garvey Spear bearer
Garvie Spear bearer
Garvin Spear bearer
Gary Spear bearer
Gergely Vigilant watch
Gervais Spear bearer
Gervase Spear bearer
Gervis Spear bearer
Gram Grain
Grant Great
Gregory Vigilant watch
Grzegorz Vigilant watch
Gus Exalted
Gussie Exalted
Gussy Exalted
Gusta Exalted
Hadrian Dark one
Hadrianus Dark one
Hector Anchor – Steadfast
Ignacio Lively
Ignatios Lively
Ignatius Lively
Ignazio Lively
Ignazios Lively
Ilias Jehovah is God
Ince Innocent
Javan Angel of Greece
Jerolin Holy name
Jul Youthful
Jules Youthful
Julian Youthful
Julio Youthful
Julius Youthful
Jussey Justice
Just Justice
Justice Justice
Justus Justice
Kasen Protected with a helmet
Kerrie Dear – Pleasant stream
Kerry Dear – Pleasant stream
Kester From the camp of the Roman army
Klemens Merciful
Konstantin Faithful – Firmness
Korvin Crow
Krispen Curly haired
Labhras Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lambert Wealthy in land – Brilliant
Lamberto Wealthy in land – Brilliant
Lando Bright sun
Larkin Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Larry Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lars Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Larson Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Laughton Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Laurence Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Laurens Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Laurent Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lauritz Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Laverne From the alder grove – Spring-like
Lavinia From the alder grove – Spring-like
Lawford Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawler Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawley Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawrance Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawrence Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawry Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawson Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lawton Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Les Legion camp
Lester Legion camp
Lon Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lonnie Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorcan Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Loren Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorenz Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorenzo Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorin Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Loring Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorne Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Luc Bringer of light
Luca Bringer of light
Lucais Bringer of light
Lucan Bringer of light
Lucas Bringer of light
Luchas Bringer of light
Lucian Bringer of light
Luciano Bringer of light
Lucien Bringer of light
Lucius Bringer of light
Luckas Bringer of light
Luka Bringer of light
Lukács Bringer of light
Lukas Bringer of light
Luke Bringer of light
Lukian Bringer of light
Lukyan Bringer of light
Mac The greatest
Mace Aromatic spice
Mack The greatest
Magnum Large
Magnus Large
Magnuson Large
Majeur Greater
Major Greater
Majorie Greater
Majors Greater
Maks The greatest
Maksim The greatest
Manus Large
Marc Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marceau Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marcel Warlike – Hammer – Defender
March Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marco Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marcus Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marek Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marilo Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marius Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Mark Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Márk Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Markie Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marko Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Markó Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Markos Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marks Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Markus Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Márkus Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marky Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marque Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marquette Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marquis Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Mart Of Mars
Martel Of Mars
Marten Of Mars
Martie Of Mars
Martin Of Mars
Martinet Of Mars
Martinique Of Mars
Martino Of Mars
Martins Of Mars
Martinson Of Mars
Marton Of Mars
Márton Of Mars
Marty Of Mars
Martyn Of Mars
Marus Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marx Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Maryse Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Massimiliano The greatest
Maurice Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Mauricio Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Maurizio Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Maury Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Max The greatest
Maxa The greatest
Maxey The greatest
Maxfield The greatest
Maxie The greatest
Maxim The greatest
Maximilian The greatest
Maximiliano The greatest
Maximilien The greatest
Maximino The greatest
Maximo The greatest
Maximus The greatest
Mayer Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Mayor Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Mayr Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Meier Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Meir Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Mertil Of Mars
Mertin Of Mars
Meuriz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Meyer Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Mila Soldier
Milah Soldier
Milan Soldier
Miles Soldier
Milo Soldier
Milos Soldier
Miner Youth
Monte Mountain
Monty Mountain
Morets Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morey Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Moritz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Moriz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrell Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrie Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morris Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrison Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morry Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morse Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Moss Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Murray Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Myer Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Myerson Farmer – Greater – Bringer of light
Myles Soldier
Narciso A lily – Daffodil
Nee Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Nemo No name – Nobody
Nick Of the Lord
Nigel Dark one
Nimbus Rain cloud – Halo
Nobel Honorable one – Well born
Nobile Honorable one – Well born
Noble Honorable one – Well born
Noll Olive tree
Nolly Olive tree
Nona Ninth
Octavian Eighth child
Octavio Eighth child
Octavius Eighth child
Octavus Eighth child
Oktávián Eighth child
Oliver Olive tree
Olivero Olive tree
Olivier Olive tree
Olley Olive tree
Ollie Olive tree
Olly Olive tree
Orien Dawn – East
Orion Dawn – East
Oris Dawn – East
Orlando Bright sun
Orly Bright sun
Orsen Bear
Orsin Bear
Orsini Bear
Orson Bear
Ossian Fawn
Ovid Lamb
Pablo Little one
Pachem Peace
Paddy Noble one
Padraic Noble one
Padraig Noble one
Padruig Noble one
Paix Peace
Pál Little one
Paolo Little one
Parkin Rock – Stone
Parkinson Rock – Stone
Parle Rock – Stone
Parnell Rock – Stone
Pat Noble one
Paterson Noble one
Patrice Noble one
Patrick Noble one
Patterson Noble one
Pattison Noble one
Paul Little one
Pauley Little one
Paulin Little one
Paulo Little one
Paulus Little one
Pauly Little one
Pavel Little one
Pavlo Little one
Pawl Little one
Pawley Little one
Pax Peace
Paxton Peace
Peace Peace
Peadair Rock – Stone
Peder Rock – Stone
Pedro Rock – Stone
Peer Rock – Stone
Pelle Rock – Stone
Per Rock – Stone
Peril A trial or test
Perkin Rock – Stone
Perkins Rock – Stone
Pero Rock – Stone
Perrin Rock – Stone
Pete Rock – Stone
Peter Rock – Stone
Péter Rock – Stone
Peterson Rock – Stone
Petey Rock – Stone
Petõ Rock – Stone
Petr Rock – Stone
Petri Rock – Stone
Petrie Rock – Stone
Petrus Rock – Stone
Petúr Rock – Stone
Pierce Rock – Stone
Piero Rock – Stone
Pierre Rock – Stone
Piers Rock – Stone
Pierson Rock – Stone
Pieter Rock – Stone
Pietor Rock – Stone
Pietro Rock – Stone
Piotr Rock – Stone
Placido Tranquility
Pol Little one
Powell Little one
Prior Head of the priory
Pryor Head of the priory
Pyotr Rock – Stone
Pytor Rock – Stone
Quent Fifth-born child
Quenten Fifth-born child
Quentin Fifth-born child
Quenton Fifth-born child
Quint Fifth-born child
Quintilian Fifth-born child
Quintin Fifth-born child
Quinto Fifth-born child
Quinton Fifth-born child
Quintus Fifth-born child
Rainer Ruler
Rainier Ruler
Raner Ruler
Regis Kingly – Regal
Rei King
Remus Swift oarsman
Renato Reborn
Rene Reborn
René Reborn
Renee Reborn
Rennie Reborn
Renny Reborn
Rex King
Rexer King
Rexford King
Rick Noble one
Ricky Noble one
Rio River
River River
Rivers River
Roi King
Rufe Red haired
Ruff Red haired
Rufford Red haired
Rufus Red haired
Ruphus Red haired
Sebastian Revered one
Sebastien Revered one
Sebestyén Revered one
Septimus Seventh born
Serge Attendant
Sergei Attendant
Sergio Attendant
Sergius Attendant
Sil Woodman
Silas Woodman
Silvanus Woodman
Silvester Woodman
Silvestre Woodman
Silvio Belonging to the forest – Silver
Sly Woodman
Sol The sun
Solly The sun
Sonny Bear
Stacey Stable
Staci Stable
Stacy Stable
Stasia Stable
Stasya Stable
Syl Woodman
Sylvester Woodman
Sylvestro Woodman
Szilveszter Woodman
Tad Courageous – One who praises
Tadda Courageous – One who praises
Taddeo Courageous – One who praises
Taddy Courageous – One who praises
Tadeo Courageous – One who praises
Tadeusz Courageous – One who praises
Tadgh Courageous – One who praises
Tasia Stable
Taurin Born under the sign of Taurus
Taurinus Born under the sign of Taurus
Tavie Eighth child
Tavy Eighth child
Ted Courageous – One who praises
Tee Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Terance Polished – Tender
Terence Polished – Tender
Terencio Polished – Tender
Terentius Polished – Tender
Teri Polished – Tender
Terrence Polished – Tender
Terris Polished – Tender
Terry Polished – Tender
Thad Courageous – One who praises
Thada Courageous – One who praises
Thaddaus Courageous – One who praises
Thaddea Courageous – One who praises
Thaddeaus Courageous – One who praises
Thaddeus Courageous – One who praises
Thadea Courageous – One who praises
Tone Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Toney Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Toni Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Tonie Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Tonio Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Tony Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Trent Torrent
Trenton Torrent
Trenus Torrent
Tristan Laborer
Tristram Laborer
Ty Person from Tyre
Tyrus Person from Tyre
Uilioc The hateful one – Wounded in the tigh
Ulises The hateful one – Wounded in the tigh
Ulysses The hateful one – Wounded in the tigh
Urbaine From the city
Urban From the city
Urbane From the city
Urbano From the city
Urbanus From the city
Valente Good health
Valentin Good health
Valentino Good health
Valeray Strong
Verda From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vern From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verna From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernal From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verne From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verneta From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verney From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernia From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernis From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernon From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vic Victor
Vick Victor
Victor Victor
Viktor Victor
Vince Victor
Vincent Conqueror
Vinko Conqueror
Virgil Unknown
Virna From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vito Conqueror
Vitorio Victor
Vittorio Victor
Zaniel Angel of Mondays
Zanobi Scarsly alive



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