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French Boy Names

Here is a list of French boy names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Aleron Knight armor
Algernon Mustachioed
Algie Mustachioed
Ancel Knight's attendant – Land
Anders Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andie Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andre Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrea Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andreas Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrei Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andres Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrew Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrews Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrey Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andries Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andros Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andrys Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Andy Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Arman Of the army
Armand Of the army
Armande Of the army
Armando Of the army
Armond Of the army
Audric Old and wise rule
Ba Spear thrower – Marksman
Bailee Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Bailey Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Baily Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Baird Bay horse
Ballard A dancing song
Bar Spear thrower – Marksman
Bari Spear thrower – Marksman
Barie Spear thrower – Marksman
Baron A title of nobility used as a given name
Barrie Spear thrower – Marksman
Barris Spear thrower – Marksman
Barry Spear thrower – Marksman
Barrymore Spear thrower – Marksman
Bartlett Farmer
Bay Auburn-haired
Bayard Bay horse
Baylen Auburn-haired
Bayless Bay horse
Bayley Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Baylor Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Beal Handsome
Beale Handsome
Beall Handsome
Beau Handsome – Beautiful
Beaufort From the beautiful fortress
Beaumont From the beautiful mountain
Beauregard Handsome – Beautiful
Beauvais From Beauvais
Bebe Baby
Bell Handsome
Bellamy Handsome friend
Berenger Courage of a bear
Bernard Brave as a bear
Bertrand Intelligent – Glorious raven
Bevis From Beauvais
Blais Lisp – Stutter
Blaisdell Lisp – Stutter
Blaise Lisp – Stutter
Blaize Lisp – Stutter
Blase Lisp – Stutter
Blayze Lisp – Stutter
Blaze Lisp – Stutter
Bo Handsome – Beautiful
Boden Herald
Bogart Strong as a bow
Bono Good
Boone Sweet – Good
Bordan Cottage
Borden Cottage
Bos Forested town
Boswell Forested town
Bosworth Forested town
Boyce Lives near the wood
Bret A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Brett A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Briand Castle
Brice From Brieuxtown
Brigham Soldier
Bruce From Brys
Brunelle Dark haired
Bryant He ascends
Brys From Brys
Buiron From the cottage
Burcet From the little stronghold
Burdett Surname
Burdette Surname
Burel Reddish brown haired
Burkett From the little stronghold
Burnell Reddish brown haired
Burrell Reddish
Byram From the cottage
Byran From the cottage
Byron From the cottage
Cab Rope
Cabel Rope
Cable Rope
Caine Place name
Camp From the beautiful field
Campbell From the beautiful field
Carel Strong
Carl Strong – Manly
Carlo Strong
Carlos Strong
Carolos Strong
Carolus Strong
Carvell Marshy estate
Case Chest
Caspar Treasurer
Cearbhall Strong – Manly
Chan Candle maker
Chance Secretary
Chancellor Secretary
Chandler Candle maker
Chane Oak-hearted
Chaney Candle maker
Chanler Candle maker
Channing Member of the bishop's council
Chapin Clergyman
Chappel From the chapel
Chappell From the chapel
Charles Strong – Manly
Charlot Son of Charlemagne
Chase Hunter
Chaunce Fortune – A gamble
Chauncey Secretary
Chauncy Fortune – A gamble
Chayne Oak-hearted
Cheney From the oak wood
Cheval Horseman – Knight
Chevalier Horseman – Knight
Chevell Horseman – Knight
Chevie Horseman – Knight
Chevy Horseman – Knight
Cheyne Oak-hearted
Choncey Fortune – A gamble
Christien Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christofor With Christ inside
Christophe With Christ inside
Ciel From heaven
Clark Cleric – Scholar
Clarke Cleric – Scholar
Clarkson Cleric – Scholar
Clovis Name of a king
Colan People's victory
Colbert Dark haired
Colbey Dark haired
Colin People's victory
Collin People's victory
Collins People's victory
Colyn People's victory
Corben Raven-haired
Corbet Raven – Black hair
Corbett Raven – Black hair
Corbin Raven – Black hair
Corby Raven – Black hair
Corbyn Raven-haired
Cort Court attendant
Cortland Court attendant
Corvin Raven-haired
Corwan Raven – Black hair
Corwin Raven – Black hair
Corwyn Raven – Black hair
Court Court attendant
Courtenay Court attendant
Courtland Court attendant
Courtnay From the court
Coyan Modest
Coyne Modest
Cretien Annointed – Follower of Christ
Curcio Courteous
Curt Courteous
Curtice Courteous
Curtis Courteous
Curtiss Courteous
Curtys Courteous
Dace Of the nobility
Dacey Of the nobility
Dacian Of the nobility
Daine From Denmark
Damien One who tames
Danton Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
D'anton Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Darcel From Arcy – Dark
Darcell From Arcy – Dark
Darcio From Arcy – Dark
Darcy From Arcy
D'Arcy From Arcy
Dareau Dearly loved – Open
Dariel Dearly loved – Open
Dariell Dearly loved – Open
Darrell Open
Darroll Dearly loved – Open
Dartagnan Leader
D'Artagnan Leader
Darvell Town of eagles
Davet Beloved
Davin Beloved
Dax Place name – French town Dax
Dayne From Denmark
Del Surname
Delaine From the elder tree grove
Delancy From the elder tree grove
Delane From the elder tree grove
Delaney From the elder tree grove
Delano Of the night
Delmar Mariner
Delmer Mariner
Delmon Of the mountain
Delmont Of the mountain
Delmore Of the sea
Delray Of the King
Delrick Of the King
Delrico Of the King
Delron Of the King
Delroy Of the King
Denis Of dionysus
Dennet Named for Saint Denys
Dennis Named for Saint Denys
Denver From Anvers
Denys Named for Saint Denys
Deon Of dionysus
Derell Dearly loved – Open
Derrall Dearly loved – Open
Derrell Dearly loved – Open
Derrill Dearly loved – Open
Desi So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desiderio So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desire Desired
Destan By the still waters
Destin Destiny
Deston Destiny
Destrey Surname
Destrie Surname
Destry Surname
Deveral Place name
Devere Place name
Devereau Place name
Devereaux Place name
Deverel Place name
Deverell Place name
Deverick Place name
Devery Place name
Devin Divine – Perfect
Devry Place name
Diandre Of dionysus
Dick Powerful ruler
Dickie Powerful ruler
Dicky Powerful ruler
Didier Desired
Dilan Like a lion
Dillen Like a lion
Dillon Like a lion
Dion Of dionysus
Diondre Of dionysus
Dionte Of dionysus
Dix Ten
Dominique Of the Lord
Donatien Gift
Donato Gift
Dondre Of dionysus
Drago Dragon
Drew Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Dru Manly – Valiant – Courageous
Dumont Of the mountain
Duran Firm – Enduring
Durand Firm – Enduring
Durango Strong
Durant Firm – Enduring
Durante Firm – Enduring
Dureau Strong
Duron Strong
Durrant Firm – Enduring
Duval Of the valley
Ed Prosperous warrior
Edgar Prosperous warrior
Edgard Fortunate – Powerful
Edgardo Prosperous warrior
Edgarton Prosperous warrior
Edger Prosperous warrior
Edgerton Prosperous warrior
Edmon Prosperous guardian
Edmond Prosperous guardian
Edmund Prosperous guardian
Edmundo Prosperous guardian
Eduard Prosperous guardian
Egil A sting
Eliot Believes in God
Eliott Believes in God
Elliot Believes in God
Eloy Chosen
Emile Industrious
Eriq Ever-powerful
Etienne Crown – Wreath
Eugene Born lucky – Wellborn
Fabien Bean grower
Ferenc Free
Fernand Adventurer
Fitz Son
Fitzgerald Son of Gerald
Fitzhugh Son of Hugh
Fitzpatrick Son of Patrick
Flan Sheet of metal – Flat land
Flann Sheet of metal – Flat land
Flannery Sheet of metal – Flat land
Fletcher Arrow maker
Florus Flower
Fontaine Fountain
Fontane Fountain
Fontayne Fountain
Fonteyne Fountain
Forest Out of the woods
Forestt Out of the woods
Forrest From the woods
Forrestt Out of the woods
Forster Out of the woods
Fortun Lucky
Fortune Lucky
Foster Forest keeper
Fraiser Strawberry
Franci Free
Francis Free
Franco Free
Francois Free – A free man
Frank Free
Frankie Free
Franklin Free man
Franklyn Free man
Franky Free
Franz Free
Fraser Strawberry
Frasier Strawberry
Frazer Strawberry
Frazier Strawberry
Frederic Peaceful ruler
Freman Free man
Fremont Free man
Gace Pledge – Vow
Gae Merry
Gaea Merry
Gaetan Fom Gaete
Gage A pledge – Oath
Gai Merry
Gar Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garan Guards – Guardian
Gard Keeper of the garden
Gardiner Keeper of the garden
Gardner Keeper of the garden
Garen Guards – Guardian
Gareth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garin Guards – Guardian
Garion Guards – Guardian
Garit Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garlan Wreath – Prize
Garland Crowned in victory
Garlen Wreath – Prize
Garlon Wreath
Garlyn Wreath – Prize
Garnell Keeper of grain
Garner Keeper of grain
Garnet Keeper of grain
Garon Guards – Guardian
Garren Guards – Guardian
Garret Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garreth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garrett Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garrin Guards – Guardian
Garron Guards – Guardian
Garry Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Gary Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Gascon From Gascony
Gaspar Treasurer
Gaspard Treasurer
Gaston From Gascony
Gauthier Powerful ruler
Gautier Powerful ruler
Gay Merry
Gaye Merry
Gayelord Brave strength
Gaylard Brave strength
Gaylord Brave strength
Geffrey Peaceful
Geoff Peaceful
Geoffrey Divine peace
Gerard Spear strong
Germain From Germany – Bud
German From Germany – Bud
Germano German
Geron Guards – Guardian
Gerrard Spear strong
Gifford Chubby cheeks
Gil Youthful
Gilbert Bright lad
Gill Youthful
Granville From the large town
Grenville From the large town
Grosvenor Great hunter
Gui Guide – Wood – Wide
Guifford Chubby cheeks
Guillaume Resolute protector
Gustav Royal staff
Gustave Royal staff
Guy Guide
Hamilton From the mountain town
Hamlin Little home-lover
Harbin Famous warrior
Harcourt From the fortified farm
Hardouin Name of a count
Harman Soldier
Harmen Soldier
Harmon Soldier
Henri Rules her household
Henry Rules the home
Herbert Famous warrior
Herman Of the army
Hermann Of the army
Hugh Intelligent
Ignace Fiery
Iven Little archer
Jacqueleen Supplanter
Jacquelin Supplanter
Jacques Supplanter
Janvier January – enlightened
Jarman From Germany – Bud
Jasmin Flower name
Jasper Jasperstone
Javier Born in January
Jay Bluejay
Jaye Bluejay
Jean God is gracious
Jean Baptiste God is merciful
Jeanina Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeanne God is merciful
Jeannette Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeffrey Divine peace
Jeoffroi Divine peace
Jerard Rules by the spear
Jermain From Germany – Bud
Jermaine From Germany – Bud
Jermana From Germany – Bud
Jermayne From Germany – Bud
Jermyn From Germany – Bud
Jesper Jasperstone
Jocelina Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Jocelyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Johnn God is merciful
Johnnie God is merciful
Johnny God is merciful
John-paul God is merciful
Johnson God is merciful
Jolie Cheerful – Pretty
Jon God is merciful
Jonn God is merciful
Jonnie God is merciful
Jorden To descend – To flow
Jordon To descend – To flow
Jourdan To descend – To flow
Joy Rejoicing
Joyanna Rejoicing
Jules Youthful
Julian Youthful
Julien Jove's child
Julius Jove's child
Jullien Youthful
Justin Just – True – Upright
Kaarle Strong – Manly
Kaarlo Strong – Manly
Kalle Strong – Manly
Kalman Strong – Manly
Karcsi Strong – Manly
Karel Strong – Manly
Kari Strong – Manly
Karl Strong – Manly
Karlens Strong – Manly
Karlis Strong – Manly
Karlitis Strong – Manly
Karoly Strong – Manly
Kerman German
Lafayette Surname
Lamar Of the sea
Lamarr Of the sea
Lance Lancer
Lancelin Servant
Lancelot Knight's attendant – Land
Landers From the grassy plain
Landis From the grassy plain
Langley Englishman
L'Angley Englishman
Laramie Surname
Larue The red-haired one
Lasalle The hall
Latimer Interprets Latin
Launcelot Knight's attendant – Land
Laurent From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Laverne From the alder grove – Spring-like
Lavinia From the alder grove – Spring-like
Leal Faithful
Leandre Like a lion
Lee The king
Leeroy The king
Legget Delegate
Lenard Brave as a Lion
Lennard Brave as a Lion
Leocadie Lion
Leodegrance Lion
Leon Lion
Leonard Brave as a Lion
Leonce Lion
Leone Lion
Leonore Shining light
Leroi The king
Leron The circle
Leroux The red-haired one
Leroy The king
Leveret Young rabbit
Leverett Young rabbit
Linus Flaxen-haired
Lion Young lion
Lionel Young lion
Lionell Young lion
Lionello Young lion
Lisle From the island
Lonell Young lion
Lonnell Young lion
Loring Warrior
Lothair Fighter
Louis From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Louvel Little wolf
Lovell Young wolf
Lowe Little wolf
Lowell Young wolf
Loyal True
Luc Light – Illumination
Lucian Light – Illumination
Lucien Light – Illumination
Lyell Island
Lyle Islander
Lyon Young lion
Lyonel Young lion
Mace From Matthew's land – Club
Maceo From Matthew's land – Club
Macey From Matthew's land – Club
Macy From Matthew's land – Club
Madelon Woman from Magdala
Mahieu Gift of God
Mailhairer Ill fated
Malleville From Malleville
Mallory Ill fated
Mandel Makes garments
Manneville From the great estate
Mantel Makes garments
Manville From the great estate
Marc Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Marceau God of war
Marcel God of war
Marcellino God of war
Marcello God of war
Marcellus God of war
Margerie Pearl
Mark Warlike – Hammer – Defender
Markey Of Mars – The god of war
Marlin Little hawk
Marlis Little hawk
Marlo Little hawk
Marlon Falcon
Marly Little hawk
Marlyn Little hawk
Marlys Little hawk
Marmion Small one
Marq Of Mars – The god of war
Marque Of Mars – The god of war
Marquis A title name ranking below duke and above earl
Marschall Keeper of the horses – Steward
Marsh Keeper of the horses – Steward
Marshal Keeper of the horses – Steward
Marshall Keeper of the horses – Steward
Marshe Keeper of the horses – Steward
Martin Warring
Maryse Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Mase Stone worker
Masen Stone worker
Maslen Little twin
Maslin Little twin
Mason Stone worker
Masselin Little Thomas
Masson Stone worker
Mathieu Gift of God
Matthieu Gift of God
Maurice Dark skinned – A Moor
Mauricio Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Maurizio Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Maury Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Maxime The greatest
Mayhew Gift of God
Maynard Powerful
Mayne Powerful
Maynor Powerful
Melville From Malleville
Mercer Merchant
Merla Blackbird
Merle Blackbird
Merlin Falcon
Merlion Falcon
Meuriz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Michel Like God
Michele Like God
Mikel Like God
Millard Strong
Miquel Like God
Montague Steep mountain
Montaigu From the pointed hill
Montaine Mountain
Montgomery Mountain hunter
Moor Dark skinned
Moore Dark skinned
More Dark skinned
Morell Dark skinned – A Moor
Morets Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morey Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Moritz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Moriz Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrell Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrie Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morris Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morrison Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morry Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Morse Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Mort Still water
Mortimer Still water
Morty Still water
Moss Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Murray Moorish – Dark-skinned – Moor land
Nann Grace
Napoleon From Naples
Natal Christmas
Natale Christmas
Nathalia Born at Christmas
Nathanael Gift from God
Navarre Plains
Neuveville From the new town
Nev New village
Nevelson New village
Nevil New village
Nevile New village
Neville New village
Newall Kernel
Newbold Kernel
Newell Kernel
Newgate Kernel
Newland New village
Newlin Kernel
Newton Kernel
Nichol People's victory
Nicolas People's victory
Noel Christmas
Noël Christmas
Noll Olive tree
Nolly Olive tree
Noreis Caretaker
Norice Caretaker
Norm From the north
Normal From the north
Norman From the north
Normand From the north
Normie From the north
Norris From the north
Norville From the north
Nouel Kernel
Nowell Christmas
Octave Eighth child
Odil Rich
Odo Name of a bishop
Oliver Olive tree
Olivero Olive tree
Olivier Olive tree
Olley Olive tree
Ollie Olive tree
Olly Olive tree
Onfroi PeacefuI Hun
ONille From the golden village
Orson Little bear
Orval From the golden village
Orvalle From the golden village
Orvelle From the golden village
Orvil From the golden village
Orville From the golden village
Ourson Little bear
Pace Born on Easter
Padgett Young attendant
Page Young attendant
Paget Attendant
Paien Name of a nobleman
Paige Young attendant
Parfait Perfect
Paris The French capital
Parsefal Pierce the veil
Parsifal Pierce the veil
Pascal Born on Easter
Pascali Born on Easter
Pascha Born on Easter
Paschal Born on Easter
Pascual Born on Easter
Pasqual Born on Easter
Pasquale Born on Easter
Patric Noble one
Paul Little one
Payge Young attendant
Pearce Rock
Pears Rock
Pepperell Piper
Peppin Name of a king
Perce Pierce the veil
Perceval Pierce the veil
Percheval Pierce the veil
Perci Pierce the veil
Percival Pierce the veil
Percy Pierce the veil
Perren Rock – Stone
Perrin Rock – Stone
Perry Rock – Stone
Perryn Rock – Stone
Peverell Piper
Philip Loves horses
Philippe Loves horses
Phillipe Loves horses
Pierce Rock
Piercy Rock
Pierpont Lives by the stone bridge
Pierre Rock
Pierrepont Lives by the stone bridge
Piers Rock
Piperel Piper
Pippin Name of a king
Plat From the flat land
Platt From the flat land
Pomeroy Lives near the apple orchard
Pommelraie Lives near the apple orchard
Porter Gatekeeper – Carrier
Porteur Gatekeeper – Carrier
Portier Gatekeeper
Preruet Brave
Prewitt Valiant one
Priour Head of the priory
Prue Valiant one
Pruet Brave
Pruie Brave
Pruit Valiant one
Pruitt Valiant one
Pryor Head of the priory
Quennel Dweller by the oak tree
Quent Fifth-born child
Quentin Fifth-born child
Quenton Fifth-born child
Quentrell Fifth-born child
Quesnel From the little oak tree
Quin Fifth-born child
Quince Fifth-born child
Quincey Fifth-born child
Quincy Fifth-born child
Quint Fifth-born child
Quinton Fifth-born child
Quintrell Fifth-born child
Raimond Guards wisely
Raimundo Guards wisely
Rainger Ward of the forest
Rainier Strong counselor
Ramond Wise protector
Rance A kind of Belgian marble
Ranger Ward of the forest
Ranier Strong counselor
Raoul Wolf counsel
Ray Kingly
Rayce Counselor
Rayder Counselor
Raydon Counselor
Rayford Counselor
Raylen Counselor
Raymond Worthy protector
Raymund Worthy protector
Raymundo Worthy protector
Raynard Brave one
Raynell Worthy protector
Remi Rower
Remy Rower
Renard Strong counselor
Rene Reborn
Renne To rise again
Rennie To rise again
Renny To rise again
Reule Famous wolf
Reve Dream
Rey Regal
Reymond Guards wisely
Reymundo Guards wisely
Reynard Strong counselor
Ricard Powerful ruler
Ricardo Powerful ruler
Rich Powerful ruler
Richard Powerful ruler
Richardo Powerful ruler
Richardson Powerful ruler
Richart Powerful ruler
Richerd Powerful ruler
Richman Powerful ruler
Richmond Powerful ruler
Rick Powerful ruler
Rickard Powerful ruler
Ricker Powerful ruler
Rickert Powerful ruler
Rickie Powerful ruler
Rickward Powerful ruler
Ricky Powerful ruler
Rikkert Powerful ruler
Rio River
Riocard Powerful ruler
Rique Powerful ruler
Ritchie Powerful ruler
River River
Rivers River
Rob Bright – Famous
Robb Bright – Famous
Robbie Bright – Famous
Robby Bright – Famous
Robert Bright – Famous
Rocco Powerful ruler
Roch Rock
Roche Rock
Rocke Rock
Rodel Famous ruler
Rodell Famous ruler
Roel Rock – Stone
Roi King
Roland Famous soldier
Rolando Famous soldier
Rollan Famous soldier
Rolland Famous soldier
Rollie Famous soldier
Rollo Famous soldier
Romain From Rome
Roselin Red haired
Roselyn Red haired
RosIyn Red haired
Roslin Red haired
Rosselin Red haired
Rosselyn Red haired
Rousse Red haired
Roussel Reddish
Rousset Red haired
Rousskin Red haired
Rowland Famous soldier
Roy The king
Royal Noble one
Royale Noble one
Royall Noble one
Royce Son of Roy
Royden From the king's hill
Ruelle Famous wolf
Ruff Red haired
Ruffe Red haired
Rui Regal
Rule Famous wolf
Rush Red haired
Rushe Red haired
Rushkin Red haired
Rusk Red haired
Ruskin Red haired
Russ Red haired
Russel Red haired
Russell Reddish
Rust Red haired
Rusti Red haired
Rusty Red haired
Saber Sword
Sage Wise one
Sarge Officer – To serve
Sargeant Officer – To serve
Sargent Officer – To serve
Satordi Saturn
Sauville From the willow farm
Saville From the willow farm
Searlas Manly
Searle Manly
Searlus Manly
Seaton from Baron's estate
Sebastien Revered one
Seetin from Baron's estate
Seeton from Baron's estate
Seignour Lord of the manor
Senet Wise
Senior Lord of the manor
Sennet Wise
Sergeant Officer – To serve
Sergent Officer – To serve
Seton from Baron's estate
Severin Strict – Restrained
Sevrin Strict – Restrained
Seymour Marshy land near the sea
Sid From St. Denis
Sidney From St. Denys
Silvestre Trees – Sylvan
Sinclair Saint Clair
Sinclaire St. Clair
Sinjin St. John
Sinjon Saint John
Somer Bom in summer
Somerville From the summer estate
Sorel Reddish brown hair
Soren Reddish brown hair
Sorrell Reddish brown hair
Stephan Crown – Wreath
Sumarville From the summer estate
Sumenor Summoner
Sumner Summoner
Sumnor Summoner
Syd From the city of St. Denis
Sydney From the city of St. Denis
Taillefer Works in iron
Talbot Bloodhound
Talehot Bloodhound
Tallie Reward
Tally Reward
Talon Sharp
Tavin A nickname for Gustav royal staff
Taylor Tailor
Tearlach Manly
Telfer Works in iron
Telfor Works in iron
Telford Works in iron
Telfour Works in iron
Theon Untamed
Theron Untamed
Therron Untamed
Thibaud Rule of the peop]e
Thieny Rule of the peop]e
Thierry Powerful – People's ruler
Tibault Rule of the peop]e
Toussnint All saints
Trace From Thracia
Tracy From Thracia
Travers From the crossroads
Travis Crossing – Crossroads
Trever Crossing
Treves Place name
Tristan Outcry
Tristen Outcry
Tristian Outcry
Tristin Outcry
Troilus Place name
Troy Curly haired
Troyes Curly haired
Turner Champion in a tournament
Tyce Fiery
Tyeis Son of a German
Tyeson Fiery
Tyson Son of a German
Vachel Little cow
Vail From the vale
Valeray Brave
Valiant Brave
Vallis A Welshman
Vallois A Welshman
Vardan From the green hill
Varden From the green hill
Vardon From the green hill
Vartan From the green hill
Vayle From the vale
Verda From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verddun From the green hill
Verdell Green – Flourishing
Verel True
Vern From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verna From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernal From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernay From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verne From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernell Green – Flourishing
Verneta From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verney From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernia From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernis From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vernon From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verrall True
Verrell True
Verrill True
Veryl True
Vial Lively
Viau Lively
Vic From the village
Vick From the village
Vicq From the village
Vidal Life
Videl Life
Virna From the alder grove – Spring-like
Vital Lively
Warrane Game warden
Warren From La Varenne
Wiatt Guide
William Resolute protector
Wyatt Water
Wyeth Water
Xarles Manly
Xavier January – enlightened
Yves Archer
Yvet Archer
Yvon Archer
Zdenek Follower of Saint Denys



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