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French Girl Names

Here is a list of  French girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Abella Breath
Aceline Noble
Adalene Good humor
Adalicia Of the nobility – Noble
Adalie Of the nobility – Noble
Adaliz Of the nobility – Noble
Adalyn Good humor
Addie Good humor
Adela Good humor
Adelaide Of the nobility – Noble
Adele Good humor
Adelia Of the nobility – Noble
Adelina Of nobility – Noble
Adeline Good humor
Adelisa Of the nobility – Noble
Adelise Forerunner of Alice – Of the nobility – Noble
Adelle Of the nobility – Noble
Adelynn Good humor
Adilene Good humor
Adora Beloved one
Adorlee Adored
Adreanna From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Adriane From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Adrianna From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Adrianne From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Adriene From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Adrienne From Adria the Adriatic sea region – Dark
Afrodille Daffodil
Agathe Kind
Aida Help
Aiglentina Sweetbrier rose
Aiglentine Sweetbrier rose
Aimee Beloved
Alaine Dear child
Alair Cheerful
Alana Light
Alavda Fun
Albertina Noble – Bright
Alexandrine Protector of mankind
Alexis Protector of mankind
Alhertine Noble – Bright
Alice Of nobility – Noble
Alisanne Of nobility – Noble
Alita Winged
Alix Protector of mankind
Alixandra Protector of mankind
Allaire Cheerful
Alleffra Cheerful
Allete Winged
Allison Of nobility – Noble
Allyson Of nobility – Noble
Alsatia From Alsace
Alyson Of nobility – Noble
Alyssandra Protector of mankind
Amabel My fair maid – Lovely
Amabella Lovable
Amabelle Lovable
Amalie Industrious – Striving
Amarante Flower name
Amata Dearly loved
Ambra Jewel
Ambre Jewel
Amedee Loves God
Amelie Hardworking – Industrious – Eager
Ami Dearly loved
Amia Beloved
Amie Beloved
Amite Friend
Amitee Friend
Amity Friend
Amy Dearly loved
Ancelin Handmaiden
Ancelina Handmaiden
Andrea Valiant – Courageous
Andree Valiant – Courageous
Ange Angel
Angel Angel of wine
Angela Angel
Angeletta Little angel
Angelette Little angel
Angelika Angel
Angelina Angel
Angeline Angel
Angelique Like an angel
Angelus Angel of wine
Angevin Angel of wine
Angie Angel of wine
Angilia Angel
Anne God's grace
Annette Favor – Grace
Antoinette Priceless – Flourishing – Flower
Apollina Gift from Apollo
Apolline Gift from Apollo
Arcene Silvery
Ariane Melody
Ariele Lion of God
Arielle Lion of God
Arjean Silvery
Arleta A medieval given name
Arletta A medieval given name
Arlette A medieval given name
Auberta Noble – Bright
Aubina Blond
Aubine Blond
Aubree Rules with elf-wisdom
Aubrey Rules with elf-wisdom
Aubriana Rules with elf-wisdom
Aubrianne Rules with elf-wisdom
Aubrie Rules with elf-wisdom
Aubry Rules with elf-wisdom
Auda Old – Wealthy
Aude Old – Wealthy
Audra Noble strength
Audree Nobility – Strength
Aurore Dawn
Austina Exalted
Austine Exalted
Avelaine Nut
Aveline Nut
Avice Warlike
Azura Sky-blue
Azure Sky-blue
Azurine Sky-blue
Babette Stranger – Lovely
Bailee Courtyard within castle walls – Steward – Public official
Bailey Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Bar Spear thrower – Marksman
Bari Spear thrower – Marksman
Baylee Courtyard within castle walls – Steward – Public official
Bayley Bailiff – Fortification – Able
Baylie Courtyard within castle walls – Steward – Public official
Bebe Baby
Bedelia Strength
Bel Fair – Beautiful
Belda Fair maiden
Bella Beautiful
Belle Beautiful woman
Belva Beautiful
Berangaria Name of a princess
Berangèr Courage of a bear
Berdine Brave as a bear
Berenice One who brings victory
Bernadea Brave as a bear
Bernadette Brave as a bear
Bernadina Brave as a bear
Bernadine Brave as a bear
Bernarda Brave as a bear
Berneen Brave as a bear
Bernelle Brave as a bear
Bernetta Brave as a bear
Bernette Brave as a bear
Bernice One who brings victory
Berniss One who brings victory
Bernita Brave as a bear
Bernyce One who brings victory
Berthe Bright
Bette Stranger – Lovely
Bettine Stranger – Lovely
Blanch White
Blanche White – Shining
Blanchefleur White flower
Blondell Fair-haired – Blonde
Blondelle Fair-haired – Blonde
Blondene Fair-haired – Blonde
Bonamy Good friend
Bonnie Sweet – Good
Bonny Sweet – Good
Bret A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Brett A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Bretta Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England)
Brettany Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England)
Brette Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England)
Bridgett Strength – Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Bridgette Strength – Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Brie Region in France
Brier Heather
Brigette Strength – Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Brigitte Strength – Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Brucie Forest sprite
Brunella Brown haired
Cadence Rhythmic
Cadencia Rhythmic
Calandre Fun
Calantha Beautiful flower
Calanthe Beautiful flower
Camila Free-born – Noble
Camile Free-born – Noble
Camilla Free-born – Noble
Camillei Free-born – Noble
Cammi Free-born – Noble
Candide Bright – Shining – Clear
Capucina Cape
Capucine Cape
Caress Tender touch
Caressa Tender touch
Caresse Tender touch
Carina Pure
Carine Pure
Carlotta Petite – Feminine
Carnation Flesh – colored
Carol Joy – Song of happiness
Carola Joy – Song of happiness
Carole Joy – Song of happiness
Carolina Joy – Song of happiness
Caroline Joy – Song of happiness
Caron Pure
Carressa Tender touch
Cateline Pure
Cecile Blind
Cecille Blind
Celesse Heavenly
Celeste Heavenly
Celestia Heavenly
Celestiel Heavenly
Celestine Heavenly
Celestyna Heavenly
Celie Blind
Celine Blind
Cendrillon Of the ashes
Cerise Cherry – Cherry red
Chanel Canal
Chanell Canal
Chanelle Canal
Channel Channel
Channelle Canal
Chantae Singer
Chantal Singer
Chantalle Singer
Chantay Singer
Chante Singer
Chantel Singer
Chantell Singer
Chantelle Singer
Chantrell Singer
Chardae Strong – Strong-woman
Charee Beloved – Dear – Darling
Charlaine Strong – Strong-woman
Charlayne Petite – Feminine
Charleen Strong – Strong-woman
Charleena Strong – Strong-woman
Charlena Strong – Strong-woman
Charlene Petite – Feminine
Charlette Strong – Strong-woman
Charlie Petite – Feminine
Charline Strong – Strong-woman
Charlisa Strong – Strong-woman
Charlita Strong – Strong-woman
Charlotta Strong – Strong-woman
Charlotte Petite – Feminine
Charmain Petite – Feminine
Charmaine Petite – Feminine
Charmayne Petite – Feminine
Charmine Petite – Feminine
Chatzie Petite – Feminine
Chaunte Singer
Chauntel Singer
Chenelle Canal
Cher Beloved – Dear – Darling
Chere Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cheree Beloved – Dear – Darling
Chereen Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherell Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherelle Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cheri Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherie Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherina Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherine Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherise Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherish Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherita Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherree Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherrelle Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherrie Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cherry Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cheryl Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cheryle Beloved – Dear – Darling
Cheyanna Algonquian tribe – Place Name
Cheyanne Algonquian tribe – Place Name
Cheyenne Algonquian tribe – Place Name
Chiana Algonquian tribe – Place Name
Chianna Algonquian tribe – Place Name
Chiara Bright – Shining – Clear
Christiane Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christine Annointed – Follower of Christ
Cinderella Of the ashes
Clair Bright – Shining – Clear
Claire Bright – Shining – Clear
Clairese Bright – Shining – Clear
Clara Bright – Shining – Clear
Claral Bright – Shining – Clear
Clare Bright – Shining – Clear
Clareta Bright – Shining – Clear
Claretta Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarette Bright – Shining – Clear
Claribel Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarice Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarinda Bright – Shining – Clear
Claris Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarissa Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarisse Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarita Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarrie Bright – Shining – Clear
Claudette Lame
Claudine Lame
Clemence Clemency – Mercy – Roman Goddess of pity
Clementina Clemency – Mercy – Roman Goddess of pity
Clementine Merciful
Coco A pet name
Coletta Victorious
Colette Necklace – People's victory
Colletta Victorious
Collette Necklace – People's victory
Comfort Strength
Comforte Strength
Constance Faithful – Firmness
Constancia Constancy – Steadfastness
Coralie Coral
Coretta Little maiden
Corette Little maiden
Corey From the court
Corinne Maiden
Cortie From the court
Cortney From the court – Courteous
Cosette Victorious
Court From the court
Courtlyn Courteous
Courtney From the court
Creissant One who creates
Crescent One who creates
Cyprien Cypriot
Dacio From Arcy
Daisi Daisy
Damia Untamed
Damiana Untamed
Damiane Untamed
Damien Untamed
Darcel Dark
Darcell Dark
Darcelle Dark
Darcey Dark
Darchelle Dark
Darci Dark
Darcia Dark
Darcie Dark
Darcy From Arcy Dark.
D'Arcy From Arcy
Daveney Place name
Deja Before
Dejah Before
Delight Pleasure
Delit Pleasure
Delmare Of the sea
Delphine A thirteenth-century French saint
Demi Half – Small
Denice Of dionysus
Deniece Of dionysus
Denise Of dionysus
Denisha Of dionysus
Denissa Of dionysus
Denisse Of dionysus
Dennise Of dionysus
Denyse Of dionysus
Des Destiny
Desarae The one desired
Desaree The one desired
Desi So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desideria So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desirae So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desirat Desired
Desire Desired
Desiree So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Desiri So long hoped for – Crave – Desire
Destanee Certain fortune – Fate – The mythological Greek god of fate
Destine Certain fortune – Fate – The mythological Greek god of fate
Destinee Destiny
Destini Destiny
Destinie Certain fortune – Fate – The mythological Greek god of fate
Destiny Destiny
Destry War horse
Devan Divine
Devana Divine
Devanna Divine
Devin Divine
Devona Divine
Devondra Divine
Devonna Divine
Devonne Divine
Devyn Divine
Devynn Divine
Dezirae The one desired
Deziree The one desired
Di Divine
Diahann Divine
Diahna Divine
Diamanta Like a diamond
Dian Divine
Diana Goddess of the Moon
Diandra Divine
Diane Divine
Dianna Divine
Diannah Divine
Dianne Divine
Dior Golden
Dixie Born tenth
Domenique Of the Lord
Dominique Of the Lord
D'or Golden
Dore Blond
Doreen Golden
Dorene Golden
Dorine Golden
Dory Blond
Drew Sturdy – Vision
Dru Sturdy – Vision
Dyana Divine
Dyann Divine
Dyanna Divine
Edmee Prosperous guardian
Eglantina Wild rose
Eglantine Wild rose
El Intelligent – Smart
Elaina Shining light
Elaine Shining light
Elana Light
Elayna Shining light
Elayne Light
Eleanor Shining light
Eleonore Shining light
Eleta Chosen
Eliane Daughter of the sun
Elicia Devoted to God
Elienor Light
Elinore Light
Elisa Consecrated to God
Elisabeth Consecrated to God
Elisamarie Devoted to God
Elise Consecrated to God
Elisha Devoted to God
Elishia Devoted to God
Elita Chosen
Eliza Consecrated to God
Elizabeth Stranger – Lovely
Ella All
Ellaine Shining light
Ellayne Shining light
Elle Woman – Girl
Ellinor Light
Elo Intelligent – Smart
Eloisa Famous in war
Eloise Intelligent – Smart
Eloisee Famous in war
Elouise Intelligent – Smart
Emeline Hardworking
Emeraude Emerald – A bright green gem
Emily Hardworking
Emmaline Hardworking
Emmalyn Hardworking
Emmeline Hardworking
Emmy Hardworking
Esme Esteemed
Esmeraude Emerald – A bright green gem
Esperanza Hope
Estee Star
Estelle Star
Eugenia Noble
Eugenie Born lucky – Wellborn
Eulalie Well – spoken
Evelyn Life
Evon Archer
Evonna Archer
Evonne Archer
Evony Archer
Fabienne Bean grower
Fae Faithful
Fanchon Free
Fanchone Free
Fanetta Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Fanette Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Fanny Appearance of God
Fantina Childlike
Fantine Childlike
Faun Young deer
Fauna Young deer
Faunia Fawn
Favor Approval
Fawn Young deer
Fawna Young deer
Fawne Young deer
Fawnia Fawn
Fay Faithful
Fayanna Trust – Faith
Faye Faithful
Fayette Little fairy
Fayme Famed
Fealty Faithful
Felecia Happy
Felicia Great happiness
Felicienne Great happiness
Felicite Fortunate
Felicity Great happiness
Fey Fairy
Fifi God wiIl multiply
Fifine God wiIl multiply
Filicia Great happiness
Flan Sheet of metal – Flat land
Flann Sheet of metal – Flat land
Flannery Sheet of metal – Flat land
Fleur Flower
Fleurette Little flower
Floressa Flower
Floretta Flower
Flori Flower
Floria Flower
Floriana Flower
Florida Flower
Florinda Flower
Florrie Flower
Fontanne Fountain
Fran Free
France Free
Francena Free
Francene Free
Frances Free
Francesca Free
Franchesca Free
Francille Free
Francina Free
Francine Free
Francoise Free
Frannie Free
Franny Free
Gabrielle God's able-bodied one
Gaetana From Gaete
Gaetane From Gaete
Gala From Gaul
Galatee White
Galla From Gaul
Gallia From Gaul
Garland Crowned in victory
Garnet A dark-red gemstone
Gay Light hearted
Gemma Jewel
Geneva Of the race of women – White wave
Geneve Of the race of women
Genevia Juniper berry
Genevie Of the race of women
Genevieve Of the race of women – White wave
Genevre Juniper
Genivee Of the race of women
Genny Of the race of women – White wave
Georgette Farmer
Georgine Farmer
Georgitte Farmer
Germain From Germany
Germaine From Germany
Germana From Germany
Ghislaine Sweet pledge
Gisella Pledge – Vow
Giselle Pledge – Vow
Halette Little Hal
Hanrietta Rules the home
Hanriette Rules the home
Harriet Rules the home
Harriett Rules her household
Harrietta Rules the home
Harriette Rules her household
Hedvige Fighter
Helaine Bright one – Most beautiful woman
Helene Bright one – Most beautiful woman
Heloise Renowned warrior
Henrietta Rules her household
Henriette Keeper of the hearth
Hettie Rules her household
Hilaire Joy – Song of happiness
Holly Shrub
Honore Honor – Good name – Integrity
Huette Intelligent
Hugette Intelligent
Huguetta Intelligent
Ila From the island
Iolanthe Violet
Isabeau My God is bountiful – God of plenty
Iva From the yew tree
Ivonne Archer
Jacalyn Supplanter
Jacinthe Hyacinth flower
Jacqualine Supplanter
Jacqueleen Supplanter
Jacqueline Supplanter
Jacquelyn Supplanter
Jacquelyne Supplanter
Jacquelynne Supplanter
Jacquenetta Little Jacques
Jacquenette Little Jacques
Jaimie Love
Jamari Warrior
Janvier January – enlightened
Jaquelin Supplanter
Jasmeen Flower name
Jasmin Flower name
Jasmyne Flower name
Javier January – enlightened
Jazmine Flower name
Jazzmine Flower name
Jazzmyn Flower name
Jean God is merciful
Jeana God is merciful
Jeane God is merciful
Jeanee God is merciful
Jeanetta Little Jean
Jeanette Little Jean
Jeanice God is merciful
Jeanie God is merciful
Jeanina Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeanine Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeanna God is merciful
Jeanne God is gracious
Jeannette Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeannie God is merciful
Jeannine Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jeena God is merciful
Jehane Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jenai Name of a plant
Jenay Name of a plant
Jenette Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jenina Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jenine Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jennine Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Jessamina Jasmine
Jessamine Jasmine
Jessamyn Flower name
Jewel Jewel
Jewell Jewel
Jineen Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Joanna God's gift
Joanne God is gracious
Jocelina Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joceline Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Jocelyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Jocelyne Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Jocelynn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joeliyn Jehovah is God
Joell Jehovah is God
Joella Jehovah is God
Joelle Jehovah is God
Joellen Jehovah is God
Joi Rejoicing
Joia Rejoicing
Joie Rejoicing
Jolee Cheerful – Pretty
Joleigh Cheerful – Pretty
Joli Cheerful – Pretty
Jolie Beautiful
Jordane Down flowing
Josalyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Josalynn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joscelyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Josepha God wiIl multiply
Josephe God wiIl multiply
Josephina God wiIl multiply
Josephine God wiIl multiply
Josette God wiIl multiply
Josilyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joslin Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joslyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Joy Joy
Joya Rejoicing
Joyann Rejoicing
Joyanna Rejoicing
Joyanne Rejoicing
Joyelle Rejoicing
Jozlyn Happy – Full of joy – Supplanter
Jule Jewel
Julee Youthful
Juleen Youthful
Julia Youthful
Julie Youthful
Julienne Youthful
Juliet Youthful
Julietta Youthful
Juliette Youthful
Julita Youthful
Justeen Just – True – Upright
Justyne Just – True – Upright
Kamille Free-born – Noble
Karcsi Joy – Song of happiness
Kari Joy – Song of happiness
Karla Strong
Karlotta Petite – Feminine
Karolina Petite – Feminine
Karoline Petite – Feminine
Karoly Joy – Song of happiness
Katriane Pure – Innocent
Kort From the court
Kortney From the court
Kurt From the court
Kurtney From the court
La Row Red haired
La Vergne Born in the spring
La Verne Born in the spring
Lace Place name
Lacee Place name
Lacene Place name
Lacey Place name
Laci Place name
Laciann Place name
Lacie Place name
Lacina Place name
Lacy Place name
Lacyann Place name
Laine Light
Lally From the alder grove – Spring-like
Laney Light
Laurel Laurel
Lauren Laurel
Laurene Laurel
Laurette The laurel tree – Sweet bay tree – Honor – Victory
Lavern Woodland
Laverna Born in the spring
Laverne Woodland
Lavernia Born in the spring
Laycee Place name
Laycie Place name
Leala Loyal
Lealia Loyal
Leana Vine – To bind – Youthful
Lela Loyalty
Leola Loyal – Faithful
Leona Lion
Leonarda Lion
Leonda Lion
Leondra Lion
Leondrea Lion
Leone Lion
Leonela Lion
Leonelle Lion
Leonie Lion
Leonore Shining light
Leontina Lion
Letje Tiny – Womanly
Letya Tiny – Womanly
Liana Vine – To bind – Youthful
Liane Vine – To bind – Youthful
Lianna Vine – To bind – Youthful
Lianne Vine – To bind – Youthful
Liealia Loyal
Lili Flower – Innocence – Purity – Beauty
Liliane Innocence – Purity – Beauty
Linetta Linnet bird – Flaxen
Linette Little lion
Linn Linnet bird – Flaxen
Linnet Linnet bird – Flaxen
Linnette Linnet bird – Flaxen
Liriene Reads aloud
Lirienne Reads aloud
Lise My God is bountiful – God of plenty – Devoted to God
Lissette God's oath
Liv Olive tree
Livia Olive tree
Livvy Olive tree
Livy Olive tree
Logestilla Legend
Logistilla Legend
Loraina Place name
Loraine Place name
Lorayne Place name
Lorin Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Lorraina Place name
Lorraine Warrior maiden
Lotte Petite – Feminine
Lottie Petite – Feminine
Lotye Tiny – Womanly
Louella From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Louisa From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Louise From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Lucette Light – Illumination
Lucie Light – Illumination
Lucienne Light – Illumination
Lucile Light
Lucille Light
Lucrece Riches
Lundy Monday
Lynette Linnet bird – Flaxen
Lynnette Little lion
Lyonette Little lion
Lyra Of the Iyre or song
Lyric Of the Iyre or song
Mabel My fair maid – Lovely
Mabella My fair maid – Lovely
Mabelle Lovable
Mabry My fair maid – Lovely
Macee Gift of God
Macey Gift of God
Macy Gift of God
Madalene Woman from Magdala
Maddy Woman from Magdala
Madeleina Tower
Madeleine Tower
Madelina Woman from Magdala
Madeline Woman from Magdala
Madelon Woman from Magdala
Madie Tower
Madolen Tower
Mae May
Maelee May
Maelynn May
Magnolia Flower
Mai May
Maia May
Maibelle My fair maid – Lovely
Maiolaine Flower
Maire Little Mary
Maiya May
Majori Pearl
Mala Bad one – Meeting hall
Mallory Mailed
Manette Bitter
Manon Bitter
Manya Little Mary
Mara Little Mary
Marcail Pearl
Marcelin God of war
Marceline God of war
Marcella God of war
Marcelle God of war
Marcellia God of war
Marchelle Of Mars – The god of war
Marciana God of war
Marcie God of war
Marclyn God of war
Marcy God of war
Maree Bitter
Margaux Pearl
Marge Pearl
Margeaux Pearl
Margery Pearl
Margey Pearl
Margie Pearl
Margo Pearl
Margot Pearl
Marguerite Pearl
Maria Bitter
Mariah Bitter
Marian Bitter
Mariana Little Mary
Mariane Bitter
Mariann Little Mary
Marianna Little Mary
Marianne Bitter
Marie Bitter
Mariele Bitter
Marielle Bitter
Marietta Bitter
Mariette Bitter
Marilyn Little Mary
Marion Little Mary
Marisha Little Mary
Marjary Pearl
Marje Pearl
Marjolaina Flower
Marjorey Pearl
Marjorie Pearl
Marjory Pearl
Marjy Pearl
Marquisa Royalty – French royalty title
Marquise Royalty – French royalty title
Marquisha Royalty – French royalty title
Marrion Little Mary
Marteena Warring
Marva Miracle
Marveille Miracle
Marvel Miracle
Marvell Miracle
Marvella Miracle
Marvelle Miracle
Mary-Ann Little Mary
Maryanne Little Mary
Maryl Blackbird
Mathilda Strong in war
Mathilde Strong in war
Matilda Strong in war
Matilde Strength for battle
Mattie Strong in war
Matty Strong in war
Maud Strong in war
Maude Strong in war
Maura Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maureen Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurelle Dark and elfin
Maurin Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurina Dark skinned
Maurine Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurizia Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Mavis Joy – Song of happiness
Mavise Joy – Song of happiness
May Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maybelle My fair maid – Lovely
Maybelline My fair maid – Lovely
Melaina Dark
Melaine Dark
Melanee Dark
Melanie Dark
Melisande Strength – Determination
Melodie Melody
Melusina Dark skinned
Mercer Merchant
Merci Merciful
Mercy Merciful
Merla Blackbird
Merlyn Blackbird
Merryl Blackbird
Meryl Blackbird
Michela Gift from God
Michele Gift from God
Michella Gift from God
Michelle Gift from God
Mignon Delicate
Mignonette Delicate
Millicent Of a thousand saints
Millicente Of a thousand saints
Millie Strength – Determination
Mimi Resolute protector
Minetta Resolute protector
Minette Resolute protector
Minna Resolute protector
Minnie Resolute protector
Mirabella Of incredible beauty
Mirabelle Of incredible beauty
Mireille Miracle
Mirla Blackbird
Mistique Air of mystery
Mo Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moira Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moniqua Wise
Monique A lady
Montag Steep mountain
Montagu Steep mountain
Montague Steep mountain
Mora Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moreen Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Morena Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moria Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moriah Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Musa Song
Muse Song
Musetta Song
Musette Song
Mychele Gift from God
Mychelle Gift from God
Myra Quiet song
Myrla Blackbird
Mystique Air of mystery
Nadeen Hope
Nadia Hope
Nadine From Nada
Nan Favor – Grace
Nancey Grace
Nanci Grace
Nancie Grace
Nancy Grace
Nanette Grace
Nanine Grace
Nann Grace
Nannette Grace
Nanon Grace
Natalee Born at Christmas
Natalie Born at Christmas
Natalii Born at Christmas
Nathalee Born at Christmas
Nathalia Born at Christmas
Nathalie Born at Christmas
Nathaly Born at Christmas
Natuche Born at Christmas
Nichol People's victory
Nichole People's victory
Nicola People's victory
Nicolette People's victory
Ninette Grace
Ninon Grace
Noel Christmas
Noele Christmas
Noell Christmas
Noella Christmas
Noelle Christmas
Noemie Pleasant
Nola Olive tree
Nollie Olive tree
Nynette Favor – Grace
Odeletta Little spring
Odelette Little spring
Odetta Melody
Odette Happy home
Odila Wealthy
Odile Wealthy
Olive Olive tree
Olivette Olive tree
Olivia Olive tree
Olivya Olive tree
Ollie Olive tree
Olly Olive tree
Olva Olive tree
Olympe From Olympus
Olympia From Olympus
Ophelia Serpentine
Ophelie Serpentine
Orane Rising
Oriel Golden – Angel of destiny
Orielle Golden – Angel of destiny
Orlena Gold
Orlene Gold
Orlina Gold
Orva Worth gold
Page Attendant
Paige Attendant
Pansee Thoughtful
Pansie Thoughtful
Pansy Flower
Papillon Butterfly
Parnella Rock
Pascala Born at Easter
Pascale Born at Easter
Pascaline Born at Easter
Pasclina Born at Easter
Patience Enduring
Patrice Noble
Pense Thoughtful
Pensee Thoughtful
Phillipa Loves horses
Pierretta Rock – Stone
Pierrette Rock – Stone
Prunella Color of plum
Prunellie Color of plum
Purvis Provide
Quiterie Tranquil
Rachelle Lamb
Raina Queen
Raisa Thinker
Raison Thinker
Raissa Thinker
Reeva River
Reina Queen
Reine Queen
Remy From Rheims
Rene Reborn
Renee Reborn
Reva River
Ria River
Riva River
Rive River
Rivi River
Rivy River
Robinetta Small robin
Robinette Small robin
Rochella From the little rock
Rochelle From the little rock
Rochette From the little rock
Roesia Rose
Rohais Rose
Roial Regal
Romaine From Rome
Romana From Rome
Rosalind Little red-haired one
Rosalinda Little red-haired one
Rosalinde Little red-haired one
Rosalyn Little red-haired one
Rosalynda Little red-haired one
Rosamonde Rose
Rose Rose
Rose-Lynn Little red-haired one
Rosemaria Bitter
Rosemarie Bitter
Roslin Little red-haired one
Roslyn Little red-haired one
Rosselin Little red-haired one
Roux Red
Roxane Dawn
Roxanne Dawn
Royale Noble one
Rubee Jewel – Red gem
Rubia Jewel – Red gem
Rubie Jewel – Red gem
Rubina Jewel – Red gem
Ruby Jewel – Red gem
Saleena Solemn
Salina Solemn
Schannel Channel
Searlait Petite
Senet Wise one
Sennett Wise one
Senta Wise one
Shanel Channel
Shanelly Channel
Shannel Channel
Shannelle Channel
Shantay Enchanted
Sheri Beloved – Dear
Sherrill Beloved – Dear
Sherry Beloved – Dear
Sherryl Beloved – Dear
Sherryll Beloved – Dear
Sheryl Beloved – Dear
Sheryle Beloved – Dear
Sibyla Prophetess
Sid From the city of St. Denis
Siddie From the city of St. Denis
Sidell From the city of St. Denis
Sidne From the city of St. Denis
Sidney From the city of St. Denis
Sidoney From the city of St. Denis
Sidonia Follower of Saint Denys
Sidonie Follower of Saint Denys
Sigourney Daring king
Silana Dignified
Simone One who listens
Slainie Health
Slania Health
Slanie Health
Solaina Dignified
Solaine Dignified
Solange Rare jewel
Soleil Sun
Stefania Crowned in victory
Stephanie Crowned in victory
Susanne Lily
Suzanne Lily
Suzette Lily
Syd From the city of St. Denis
Sydel From the city of St. Denis
Sydell From the city of St. Denis
Sydnee From the city of St. Denis
Sydney Follower of Saint Denys
Sydny From the city of St. Denis
Tallis Woodland
Tayce Silence
Tayla Tailor
Taylar Tailor
Tempest Storm
Tempeste Stormy
Tempestt Storm
Therese Saint's name
Tifanee Appearance of God
Tifany Appearance of God
Tiff Appearance of God
Tiffanie Appearance of God
Tiffany Appearance of God
Tiffie Appearance of God
Tiffney Appearance of God
Tiffy Appearance of God
Tilda Mighty in war
Tilly Mighty in war
Tiphany Appearance of God
Tracey Path – Roadway
Tracy Path – Roadway
Trinetta Little innocent
Trinette Little innocent
Troy Place name
Vafara Brave
Vail From the valley
Val Brave
Valarie Brave
Vale From the valley
Valeraine Brave
Valere Brave
Valeria Brave
Valerian Brave
Valerie Brave
Valery Brave
Valle From the valley
Vallerie Brave
Vallie Brave
Vally Brave
Vayle From the valley
Vedetta From the guard tower
Vedette From the guard tower
Verna From the alder grove – Spring-like
Verne From the alder grove – Spring-like
Veronique Honest
Victorina Victory
Victorine Victory
Vignetta Little vine
Vignette Little vine
Villetta From the countly estate
Villette From the countly estate
Violetta Little violet
Viollette Little violet
Viviane The Lady of the Lake
Vivien The Lady of the Lake
Vivienne Lively
Voleta Veiled
Voletta Veiled
Williamina Resolute protector
Xavier January – enlightened
Xavierra Owner of a new home
Xavierre Owner of a new home
Ynes Pure
Ynez Pure
Yolanda Violet flower – Modest
Yolande Strong
Yolanthe Strong
Yolonda Violet flower – Modest
Ysabel Devoted to God
Yseult Fair
Yvette Archer
Yvonna Archer
Yvonne Archer
Zara Light
Zuri White and lovely
Zuria White and lovely
Zurie White and lovely



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