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African Girl Names

Here is a list of African girl names along with their meanings.  For a list of African boy names click here.

Name Meaning
Aba Born on Thursday
Abba Born on Thursday
Abeba Flower
Abebi We asked and got her
Abena Females born on Tuesday
Abina Born on Tuesday
Abiona Born on a journey
Abrihet She has made it light – She emanates light
Acacia Thorny
Acanit Hard times
Achan Female child in the first pair of twins
Achen A twin
Ada First born females
Adama Beautiful child – Queenly
Adanech She has rescued them
Adanna Father's daughter
Adeola Crown of honor
Adesina The way is opened for more
Adetoun Princess
Adhiambo Females born after sunset
Adina She has saved
Adjoa Females born on Monday – Peace
Adowa Noble
Adwoa Females born on Monday – Peace
Afafa Firstborn child of a second husband
Afia Females born on Friday
Afiya Health – Good health
Afra Peaceful ruler
Afua Born on Friday
Afya Health – Good health
Agbenyaga Life is precious
Aina Difficult birth
Aisha Woman – Life – Alive
Aissa Grateful
Aja High Priestess of Mecca.
Akanke To know her is to love her
Akilah Intelligent one who reasons
Akili Wisdom
Akim Nigeria folktale – Akim was a gorgeous – fat – young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labor.
Akosua Females born on Sunday
Akpena Thanks to God
Akpenamawu Thanks to God
Akua Females born on Wednesday
Alake One petted
Alike Girl who drives out beautiful women
Alitash May I not lose you – May I find you always my precious
Ama Females born on Saturday – Happy
Amachi Who knows what God has brought us through this child
Amadi General rejoicing
Amani Peace
Amanishakhete Peace
Amara Paradise
Amber Brownish-yellow – Precious jewel
Aminia Trustful – Honest – Referring to Prophet Muhammed's mother
Amma Females born on Saturday – Happy
Amoke To pet her
Anaya Look up to God
Andromeda Ruler of men – African princess
Annakiya Sweet face
Anulka Happiness is the best
Anyango Friend
Apara One who comes and goes
Aret Female children born on market day
Armani Faith
Artemis Source of water
Arusi Wedding – Girls born at the time of a wedding
Arziki Prosperity (Hausa)
Asa Grateful
Asabi One of select birth
Asha Woman – Life – Alive
Ashaki Beautiful
Ashia The prophet Muhammad's wife
Assaggi Strong
Asura Female children born during the Muslim month of Ashur
Atsukpi Female twin
Aurora Dawn
Ayan Bright
Ayana Beautiful flower
Ayisha Woman – Life – Alive
Ayo Joyful
Aza Powerful
Azalyn Powerful
Azinza Mermaid
Aziza Precious
Azize Precious
Azland Powerful
Azmera Harvest
Azy Precious
Baako First born
Bacia Family deaths ruined the home
Bahati Luck – Fortune
Balinda Patience – Endurance – Fortitude
Barika Bloom
Bathsheba Daughter of the Queen of Sheba – the legendary ruler of Abyssinia – Daughter of the oath
Batsheva Daughter of the Queen of Sheba – the legendary ruler of Abyssinia – Daughter of the oath
Bayo To find joy
Bela To Perch
Bella Slave – Freed slave
Berhane My light
Bibi Daughter of a king – Lady – Grandmother
Binta With God
Binty Daughter
Bupe Hospitality
Caimile Name from a proverb
Catava Name from a proverb
Chane Dependability
Chicha Grated coconut
Chiku Chatterer
China Thursday
Chinaka God decides
Chinara May God receive
Chip Gift
Chipo Gift
Circe Greek mythology – this African witch transformed the Greek troops of Odysseus into swine
Cleopatra Queen of Egypt
Crispina Curly haired
Dada Children with curly hair
Dalila Gentle
Deka One who pleases
Dela eden Saviour
Dela o kande Girls born after many males
Dembe Peace
Desta Happiness
Ebere Mercy
Edet Female children born on market day
Efia Born on Tuesday
Eshe Life
Esi Born on Sunday
Esiankiki Young maiden
Esinam God has heard
Faizah Victorious
Fana Light
Fanta Beautiful day
Fatuma Weaned
Fayola Luck
Femi Love me
Finn Dark skinned
Fola Honour
Gogo Grandmother
Gzifa One is at peace
Habiba Beloved – Sweetheart
Habika Sweetheart
Hadiya Gift
Hadiyah Gift
Halima Gentle – Humane – Kind
Halimah Gentle – Humane – Kind
Hasana First born of twins
Hasina Good
Hawa Longing
Hola Saviour
Ice Supreme Goddess
Ifeoma It's a good thing – Beautiful
Ili Blessed
Ilisa Blessed
Ilisapesi Blessed
Iman Faith
Isa Grateful
Isis Supreme Goddess
Ismitta Daughter of the Mountains of the Moon
Isoke Satisfying gift
Issa Grateful
Iverem Blessing – Favor
Iyangura To arbitrate – To perform ceremonies for the birth of twins
Izza Grateful
Jaha Dignity
Japera Offer thanks
Jendayi Give thanks
Jendyose Have done good to produce a child
Jifunza Teach oneself
Juba Born on Monday
Jumoke Everyone loves the baby
Jwahir Golden lady
Kadee The prophet Muhammad's wife
Kadija The prophet Muhammad's wife
Kakra Younger of twins
Kamaria Like the moon
Kambiri Allow me to join this family
Kambo Must work for everything
Kanene A little thing in the eye is big
Kanika Black cloth
Kapera This child will die too
Karimah Generous
Kasinda Born to a family with twins
Katura Take a burden off my mind
Kaya Stay and don't go back
Keash Pretty
Keasha Pretty
Kehinde Second of tiwns
Keisha Favourite
Kengi Whose child? – Taken from the subject of a Loma folktale
Kenya Artist
Kenyangi White egret
Kesi Born when father was in trouble
Kesia Favourite
Kessie Born fat
Khadija Born prematurely
Khatiti Tiny – Little
Kibibi Little lady
Kifle My class
Kisha Pretty
Kissa Born after twins
Kisser Born after twins
Koko Born second
Kwesi Born on Sunday
Laila Born at night
Lakeisha Favourite one
Latasha Favourite one
Lateefa Gentle – Pleasant
Lateefah Gentle – Pleasant
Latifa Gentle – Pleasant
Latiffa Gentle – Pleasant
Latonya Favourite one
Latoya Favourite one
Lawanna Favourite one
Layla Born at night
Leila Born at night
Leta Bring
Leyla Born at night
Leza One who besets
Limber Joyful
Linda Wait
Lindiwe Have waited
Lishan Award – Medal
Lulu Pearl – Precious
Maizah Discerning
Makda Woman from Magdala – One who is elevated – A high tower
Makeda Beautiful armrest
Makemba A Congolese Goddess.
Makena The happy one
Malika Queen – Princess
Mandisa Sweet
Mapenzi Beloved
Mariama Gift of God
Marjani Coral
Massassi Makoni of Zimbabwe legend name for first woman on earth
Mawunyaga God is great
Miremba Peace
Misrak East
Monifa I am lucky
Mpenzi Beloved
Nabelung Beautiful one
Nadifa Born between two seasons
Nadira Unusual
Nadra Unusual
Nagesa Born in the harvest season
Nailah Success
Najja Second born
Naki First born girl
Naliaka Wedding
Namazzi Water
Nana Mother of the Earth
Nangila Born while the parents were traveling
Nantale Clan totem is a lion
Nar Pretty
Narkeasha Pretty
Nashwa Wonderful feeling
Nashy Wonderful feeling
Nasiche Born during locust season
Nazi Coconut
Ndila Billy goat
Neema Born at a prosperous time
Nehanda The beautiful one has arrived
Nia Purpose
Nigesa Born in the harvest season
Nini Stone
Nishan Award – Medal
Njemile Upstanding
Nkechi Loyal
Nuru Light – Born during the day
Nyaga Life is precious
Obax Flower
Ola Precious – Worth
Olayinka Honors surround me
Onaedo Gold
Oni Desired – Born in a sacred location
Pangi Sweet
Panya Mouse – Small child (Swahili)
Panyin Older of twins
Pemba The force of present existence
Penda Love
Phin Dark skinned
Phineas Dark skinned
Phinny Dark skinned
Pinchas Dark skinned
Pinchos Dark skinned
Pincus Dark skinned
Raashida Righteous
Rachida Righteous
Radhiya Agreeable
Ramla Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Rasheeda Righteous
Rashida Righteous
Raziya Sweet – Agreeable
Rehema Compassion
Rhaxma Sweet
Saada Help
Sade Honor confers a crown
Sadio Pure
Safia Pure – Wise – Lion's share
Safiya Pure – Wise – Lion's share
Safiyeh Pure – Wise – Lion's share
Safiyyah Pure – Wise – Lion's share
Saida Helper
Saidah Happy – Lucky
Salama Peace – Safety
Salihah Correct
Salma Peace – Safety
Sanura Kitten-like
Saran Joyful
Sauda Black skinned
Seble wengel Harvest of the New Testament
Sekai Laughter
Sela Saviour
Selam Peace
Selamawit She is peaceful
Shani Marvelous
Sharufa Distinguished – Outstanding
Shas Princess
Shasmecka Princess
Sibongile Thanks
Simba Lion
Sisay Omen of good things – A blessing
Sisi Born on Sunday
Sitembile Trust
Siti A lady
Sroda Respect
Sukutai Hug
Suma To ask
Tabia Make incantations
Tafui To appreciate God – Glory to God
Takiyah Pious – Righteous
Tale Green
Tandra Mole – Beaty marks
Tani Born on Monday
Tanisha Born on Monday
Tapanga Sweet
Tarana Born during the day
Tash May I not lose you – May I find you always my precious
Tata Sweet
Tatu Third born
Tawia First child born after twins
Teru Good
Tisa Ninth born
Titi Flower
Toa Woman of the Sea
Toakase Woman of the Sea
Uchenna God's will
Ulu Second born
Urenna Father's pride
Wagaye My sense of value – My price
Wamboi Singer
Wambui Singer
Wanyika Of the bush
Winda Hunt
Wub Gorgeous – Beautiful
Xetsa Twin
Yejide Image of her mother
Yeshi For a thousand
Yumoke Everyone loves the baby
Zahara Flower
Zahra Flower
Zainabu Beautiful
Zakiya Smart – Intelligent
Zalika Well born
Zauditu She is the crown
Zawadi A gift – A present
Zawditu She is the crown
Zeinab Good
Zena News – Fame
Zina Name
Zinsa Twin
Zola Productive
Zuwena Good
Zwena Good