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African Boy Names

Name Meaning
Adeben Twelfth-born son
Aitan Fights of possession
Ajayi Born face-down
Akello I have bought
Amadi General rejoicing
Ammon The hidden
Amon The hidden
Aren Eagle
Ashon Seventh-born son
Baingana People are equal
Bakari Promise
Bale Home of the Mutima clan
Bandele Born away from home
Bem Peace
Bitalo Finger-licking
Chane Dependability
Chata An ending
Chiamaka God is splendid
Chike Power of God
Dakarai Happiness
Daren Born at night
Eammon The hidden
Eamon The hidden
Edmund The hidden
Essien Sixth-born son
Faraji Consolation
Gamba Warrior
Harith Cultivator
Ibeamaka The agnates are splendid
Jabari Brave – Fearless
Jayvyn Light spirit
Jelani Mighty
Juma Born on Friday
Kaikara Traditional name of God
Kayin Celebrated child
Khairi Kingly
Kontar Only child
Mablevi Do not deceive
Mukasa God's chief administrator
Nabulung Do not receive
Naeem Benevolent
Obiajulu The heart is consoled
Ochen One of the twins
Odion First of twins
Paki A witness
Panyin Older of twins
Rasheed Wise adviser
Rashid Wise adviser
Razi Secret
Runako Handsome
Salim Peace
Sulaiman Peaceful
Tabansi One who endures
Tabari After famous muslim historian
Tano Name of river
Uba Wealthy
Yobachi Pray to God
Zahur Flower
Zaid Increase Growth



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