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Greek Girl Names

Here is a list of Greek girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Acacia Thorny – Naive
Acantha Thorny
Acatia Thorny – Naive
Acazia Thorny – Naive
Achlys Mist – Darknesss
Ademia Without husband
Adonia Beautiful
Adrea Rich – Wealthy
Adreena Rich – Wealthy
Adri Rich – Wealthy
Adria Rich – Wealthy
Adriana Rich – Wealthy
Adrianna Rich – Wealthy
Adrianne Rich – Wealthy
Adrienne Rich – Wealthy
Afrodite Goddess of Love
Agace Good – Kind
Agape Love of the next
Agapio Love of the next
Agata Good – Kind
Agatha Good – Kind
Agathe Good – Kind
Age Rich – Wealthy
Agenta Pure
Aggie Good – Kind
Aggy Good – Kind
Aglai Wisdom – Glory
Aglaia Wisdom – Glory
Aglaian Wisdom – Glory
Agnes Pure
Agnesa Pure
Agnese Pure
Ahimsa Rich – Wealthy
Aileen Light
Airlia Ethereal
Al Noble – Truth
Alala War Goddess
Alcina Strongminded
Aleda Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Alejanda Protector of mankind
Aleka Protector of mankind
Aleksey Protector of mankind
Alena Pretty
Alesandra Protector of mankind
Alessa Noble – Truth
Alessandra Protector of mankind
Alesti Protector of mankind
Alethea Truthful one
Aletta Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Alette Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Alex Protector of mankind
Alexa Protector of mankind
Alexandra Protector of mankind
Alexandria Protector of mankind
Alexandrina Protector of mankind
Alexavia Protector of mankind
Alexina Protector of mankind
Alexine Protector of mankind
Alexis Protector of mankind
Ali Noble – Truth
Alice Noble – Truth
Alicia Noble – Truth
Alida Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Alidia Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Alika Noble – Truth
Aliki Protector of mankind
Alisa Noble – Truth
Alise Noble – Truth
Alisha Noble – Truth
Alishea Noble – Truth
Alison Noble – Truth
Alissa Noble – Truth
Alithea Healer – Wholesome
Alix Noble – Truth
Allesandra Protector of mankind
Alley Protector of mankind
Allida Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Allidia Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Allie Noble – Truth
Allison Noble – Truth
Ally Noble – Truth
Allyssa Noble – Truth
Alseia Noble – Truth
Altair Bird – Star
Althea Healer – Wholesome
Alya Protector of mankind
Alyce Noble – Truth
Alysa Princess
Alyse Noble – Truth
Alysha Noble – Truth
Alyshia Noble – Truth
Alyson Noble – Truth
Alyssa Noble – Truth
Ambrose Immortal
Ambrosia Immortal
Amethyst A precious stone
Anastace Resurrection
Anastasia Resurrection
Anastasio Resurrection
Anastasius Resurrection
Anastice Resurrection
Andra Protector of mankind
Andria Protector of mankind
Andromeda Beautiful maiden rescued by Perseus
Anemone Breath – Windflower
Ange Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angel Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angela Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angelic Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angelica Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angelina Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angell Angel – Heavenly messenger
Angie Angel – Heavenly messenger
Anjelica Angel – Heavenly messenger
Annice Pure
Annis Pure
Anstasie Resurrection
Anteia Wife of sea-God Proteus
Anthea Lady of flowers
Aphrodesia Goddess of Love
Aphrodite Goddess of Love
Apolline Sunshine – Warmth – Strength
Araminta Mint
Aretha Nymph
Aretina Virtous
Ari Melody
Aria Melody
Ariadne Melody
Ariana Melody
Arianna Melody
Arianne Melody
Aricia Princess of the royal blood of Athens
Ariyaunna Melody
Artemisia Belonging to artemis
Asia East
Aspasia Welcome
Asta Star
Astera Star
Astra Like a star
Astred Star
Astrid Star
Astyr Star
Atena Goddess of wisdom
Athena Goddess of wisdom
Athene Goddess of wisdom
Aure Breeze – Soft-air
Axelia Protector of mankind
Babette Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Babs Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Bararella Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barb Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barbara Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Bärbel Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barbie Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barbra Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barbs Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Barby Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Basha Daughter of God
Bedelia Visible from delos
Bellanca Stronghold
Bernice One who brings victory
Berry One who brings victory
Bobbie Foreign – Strange – Exotic – Mysterious
Brontë Thunder
Bunny One who brings victory
Caddie Pure – Innocent
Cadie Pure – Innocent
Cal Fun
Calandra Fun
Calantha Beautiful blossoms
Calista Most beautiful
Call Beautiful
Callee Beautiful
Callia Beautiful
Callidora Gift of beauty
Callie Fun
Calliope Beautiful voice
Cally Fun
Calypso Concealor
Canace Child of the wind
Candace Glowing – Glittering
Candi Glowing – Glittering
Candice Glowing – Glittering
Candie Glowing – Glittering
Candis Glowing – Glittering
Candy Glowing – Glittering
Candys Glowing – Glittering
Cara Pure – Innocent
Caren Pure – Innocent
Cari Pure – Innocent
Carin Pure – Innocent
Carissa Love – Grace
Carrie Pure – Innocent
Carry Pure – Innocent
Caryn Pure – Innocent
Cascadia Protector of mankind
Cass Protector of mankind
Cassandra Protector of mankind
Cassee Protector of mankind
Cassi Protector of mankind
Cassia Champion
Cassie Protector of mankind
Casta Purity
Castalia Wife of king Delphus
Cat Pure – Innocent
Catalin Pure – Innocent
Cate Pure – Innocent
Caterina Pure – Innocent
Catherine Pure – Innocent
Cathleen Pure – Innocent
Cathryne Pure – Innocent
Cathy Pure – Innocent
Catie Pure – Innocent
Catlina Pure – Innocent
Catriana Pure – Innocent
Catrina Pure – Innocent
Catriona Pure – Innocent
Cayla Pure – Innocent
Celandia The swallow
Celena Moon
Celene Moon
Celia Moon
Celie Moon
Celina Moon
Chara Rose
Charis Charity
Charisma Grace
Charissa Grace
Charmian A little joy
Charo Rose
Cherise Grace
Chiara Bright – Shining – Clear
Chloe Blooming
Chris Annointed – Follower of Christ
Chrissy Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christa Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christeena Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christiana Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christie Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christina Annointed – Follower of Christ
Christine Annointed – Follower of Christ
Chruse Golden – The golden one
Cibil Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Cindie Moon – Greek God
Cindy Moon – Greek God
Cinta Moon – Greek God
Cintia Moon – Greek God
Cinzia Moon – Greek God
Circe Witch-Goddess – Seductive
Claire Bright – Shining – Clear
Clairese Bright – Shining – Clear
Clara Bright – Shining – Clear
Claral Bright – Shining – Clear
Clare Bright – Shining – Clear
Clareta Bright – Shining – Clear
Claretta Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarette Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarice Bright – Shining – Clear
Claris Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarissa Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarisse Bright – Shining – Clear
Clarrie Bright – Shining – Clear
Clea Praise – Muse of history
Cleo Praise – Muse of history
Cleon Praise – Muse of history
Cleopatra Praise – Muse of history
Cliantha Flower of glory
Clio Praise – Muse of history
Cloe Blooming
Colette People's victory
Collette People's victory
Cora Maiden
Coralee Maiden
Coralie Maiden
Corene Maiden
Coretta Maiden
Cori Maiden
Corin Maiden
Corina Maiden
Corinda Maiden
Corinna Maiden
Corinne Maiden
Corissa Maiden
Corisse Maiden
Corita Maiden
Cosette People's victory
Cressida Gold
Cybil Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Cybill Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Cynara Thistle
Cyndi Moon – Greek God
Cynthia Moon – Greek God
Cyrene Name of a mythological nymph
Cyrilla Lordly – Proud
Damalis One who gentles
Damara Gentle girl
Damaris Heifer
Daphne The laurel tree – Sweet bay tree – Honor – Victory
Daphnis The laurel tree – Sweet bay tree – Honor – Victory
Dasha Gift of God
Deianira Wife of Heracles
Delbin Dolphin – Flower name
Delia Visible from delos
Delphine Calmness
Deneise Of dionysus
Denice Of dionysus
Deniece Of dionysus
Deniese Of dionysus
Denise Of dionysus
Dennice Of dionysus
Denyce Of dionysus
Denyse Of dionysus
Desdemona Ill-fated one – Misery
Dianthe Divine flower
Dion Divine queen
Dione Divine queen
Dionne Divine queen
Dolley Gift of God
Dolly Gift of God
Dora A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dore A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dori A dorian woman – Of the sea
Doria Place name
Dorian Place name
Dorice A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dorie Place name
Dorien Place name
Dorinda Gift of God – Beautiful one
Doris A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dorota God's gift
Dorothea Talented one
Dorothy Talented one
Dorrian Place name
Dorrien Place name
Dorris A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dory A dorian woman – Of the sea
Dot Gift of God
Dotson Gift of God
Dottie Gift of God
Dotty Gift of God
Dreama Joyous song
Drew Sturdy – Vision
Dru Sturdy – Vision
Dyna Powerful
Dynean Powerful
Dysis Sunset
Ebonee Dark beauty – A hard wood
Ebonie Dark beauty – A hard wood
Ebony Dark beauty – A hard wood
Echo A nymph – Repeated voice
Effie Pretty in face
Efterpi Pretty in face
Eirene Peace
Ekaterina Pure – Innocent
Eleanor Light – Mercy
Eleanora Light – Mercy
Eleanore Light – Mercy
Electra Bright – The shining one
Eleni Light – Torch
Eliana Light – Mercy
Elie Light – Mercy
Elin Bright one – Torchlight
Elina Pure
Elinor Light – Mercy
Elinore Light – Mercy
Elissa Queen of carthage
Elke Protector of mankind
Ella Light – Mercy
Elliana Light – Mercy
Ellie Light – Mercy
Elodie Marshy – White blossom
Endora Talented one
Eolande Violet flower – Modest
Eranthe Spring flower
Erasma Friendly
Erianthe Sweet as many flowers
Eudocia Esteemed
Eulalia Fair of speech
Eunice Victorious
Eunyce Victorious
Euphrosyne Joy
Evadine From greek mythology
Evadne A water-nymph
Evangaline Like an angel
Evangalyne Like an angel
Evangelia One who brings good news
Evangeline Like an angel
Evangelyn Like an angel
Evanthe Flower
Falana Adoring
Fannie Crown
Fanny Goddess of the underworld
Fedora Gift of God
Felipa Loves horses
Felipe Loves horses
Feodora Gift of God
Filida Leafy branch – Dear
Filomena Song lover – Friend – Lover of the moon
Finn Oracle
Gaea Goddess of the Earth
Gaia Goddess of the Earth
Galatea Milk-white
Gelasia Predisposed to laughter
Georgea Farmer – To work the earth
Georgeanne Farmer – To work the earth
Georgeen Farmer – To work the earth
Georgeena Farmer – To work the earth
Georgette Farmer – To work the earth
Georgia Farmer – To work the earth
Georgianna Farmer – To work the earth
Georgie Farmer – To work the earth
Georgienne Farmer – To work the earth
Georgina Farmer – To work the earth
Georgine Farmer – To work the earth
Georgy Farmer – To work the earth
Gerda Farmer – To work the earth
Gina Farmer – To work the earth
Giorgia Farmer – To work the earth
Golda Flower
Goldie Flower
Graeae Gray ones
Gruzia Farmer – To work the earth
Haidee Modest
Hali Sea – Necklace – Place name
Hallie Thinking of the sea
Hatria Rich – Wealthy
Helaine Bright one – Torchlight
Helen Shining light
Helena Bright one – Torchlight
Helene Bright one – Torchlight
Hesper Evening star
Hyacinth Hyacinth flower
Hypatia Highest
Ianthe Violet-colored flower
Idola Idolized
Ines Pure
Inez Pure
Iolande Violet flower – Modest
Iolanthe Violet flower – Modest
Iona Flower name – Purple jewel
Irene Peace
Iria Rainbow – A play of colours
Iris Rainbow – A play of colours
Isadora Gift of the moon
Isaura Soft air
Ivie Ivy plant – A wine
Ivy Ivy plant – A wine
Jacinda Beautiful
Jacinthe Hyacinth flower
Jeno Heaven – Well-born
Jirca Farmer – To work the earth
Jirina Farmer – To work the earth
Jirka Farmer – To work the earth
Jo Violet flower – Modest
Jolanda Violet flower – Modest
Jolaunda Violet flower – Modest
Jorgina Farmer – To work the earth
Kaethe Pure
Kaia Earth
Kairos Goddess from Jupiter
Kal Most beautiful
Kalika Rosebud
Kalista Most beautiful
Kalonice Beauty's victory
Kalyca Rosebud
Kan Glowing – Glittering
Kandice Glowing – Glittering
Kandis Glowing – Glittering
Kandy Glowing – Glittering
Kara Pure – Innocent
Karan Pure – Innocent
Karen Pure – Innocent
Kari Pure – Innocent
Karin Pure – Innocent
Karina Pure – Innocent
Karissa Love – Grace
Karon Pure – Innocent
Karrie Pure – Innocent
Karry Pure – Innocent
Karyn Pure – Innocent
Kasen Pure
Kasia Pure
Kassia Pure
Kat Pure – Innocent
Katarina Pure – Innocent
Kate Pure – Innocent
Katharine Pure – Innocent
Katherine Pure – Innocent
Kathie Pure – Innocent
Kathreen Pure – Innocent
Kathryn Pure – Innocent
Kathy Pure – Innocent
Katie Pure – Innocent
Katina Pure – Innocent
Katja Pure
Katoka Pure
Katrien Pure
Katrin Pure – Innocent
Katrina Pure – Innocent
Katryn Pure – Innocent
Kaysa Pure
Kier Christian – Stone church
Kiersten Christian – Stone church
Kineta Active one
Kirsten Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kirsti Christian – Stone church
Kirstie Christian – Stone church
Kirstin Christian – Stone church
Kirsty Christian – Stone church
Kitty Pure – Innocent
Kolina Pure
Koren Maiden
Kori Maiden
Korrie Maiden
Korry Maiden
Kris Annointed – Follower of Christ
Krissie Annointed – Follower of Christ
Krissy Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristeena Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristen Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristi Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristin Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristina Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristine Annointed – Follower of Christ
Kristy Annointed – Follower of Christ
Ky Pure – Innocent
Kynthia Born under the sign of cancer
Lacole People's victory
Landa Violet flower – Modest
Laria The sars are mine
Larissa Name of a city – Mythical woman
Layna Light – Truth
Laynie Light – Truth
Lea Woman
Leah Woman
Leandra Lion woman
Leatrice Woman
Leda Forgetful – Oblivion
Lee Woman
Leen Light
Leener Light
Leitha Forgetful – Oblivion
Leithia Forgetful – Oblivion
Lena Light
Lenore Light
Leonne Light
Leonora Light
Leonore Light
Leta Forgetful – Oblivion
Letha Forgetful – Oblivion
Lethia Forgetful – Oblivion
Lexa Protector of mankind
Lexie Protector of mankind
Lexy Protector of mankind
Lia Woman
Liah Woman
Lida Beautiful dressed – Small winged one
Lidia Woman from Persia – Beauty
Lina Light
Linda Gentle one
Lindy Gentle one
Lis Bee – Honey
Lisa Bee – Honey
Lissa Bee – Honey
Litsa One who brings good news
Livana Goddess
Livania Goddess
Livanna Goddess
Livanya Goddess
Lotus Freamlike – Lotus flower
Lydia Woman from Persia – Beauty
Lydie Woman from Persia – Beauty
Lykaios Wolf-like
Lyris Player of the lyre
Lyssa Noble – Truth
Macaria Daughter of Hercules and Deianara
Madora Ruling – Middle child
Maeve Goddess
Maia Nurse – Mother – Goddess of spring – Great
Malena Gentle one
Malina Gentle one
Malinda Gentle one
Malinde Gentle one
Mallie Gentle one
Mally Gentle one
Malva Slender – Soft – Mallow flower
Mari Flower
Mariam Wife of Herod
Mariamne Wife of Herod
Marigold Flower
Marilee Bitterness
Maris Heifer
Marlee Bitterness
Marmara Radiant
Meagan Strong
Medea Ruling – Middle child
Media Ruling – Middle child
Medora Ruling – Middle child
Meg Strong
Megan Strong
Megann Strong
Megara Wife of Heracles
Meggie Strong
Meggy Strong
Meghan Strong
Megless Strong
Megs Strong
Mel Bee – Honey
Mela Dressed in black – Dark
Melanctha Black flower
Melane Dressed in black – Dark
Melani Dressed in black – Dark
Melania Dressed in black – Dark
Melanie Dressed in black – Dark
Melantha Black flower
Melany Dressed in black – Dark
Melanya Dressed in black – Dark
Melba Slender – Soft – Mallow flower
Meli Bee – Honey
Melia Nymph daugher of Oceanus
Melicent Bee – Honey
Melina Gentle one
Melinda Gentle one
Melisent Bee – Honey
Melissa Bee – Honey
Melisse Bee – Honey
Melita Bee – Honey
Mellie Song
Mellissa Bee – Honey
Melloney Dressed in black – Dark
Melly Song
Melodie Song
Melody Song
Melonie Dressed in black – Dark
Melony Dressed in black – Dark
Melva Slender – Soft – Mallow flower
Meriel Myrrh – Sea-bright – Angel of June
Mert Flower – Symbol of victory
Mertice Flower – Symbol of victory
Mertle Flower – Symbol of victory
Mery-Lee Bitterness
Milena Dressed in black – Dark
Millicent Bee – Honey
Millie Bee – Honey
Milly Bee – Honey
Minda Gentle one
Mindy Gentle one
Mint Mint
Minta Mint
Mintha Mint
Mirtle Flower – Symbol of victory
Missy Bee – Honey
Mona Individual
Muireall Myrrh – Sea-bright – Angel of June
Murial Myrrh – Sea-bright – Angel of June
Muriel Myrrh – Sea-bright – Angel of June
Myrta Flower – Symbol of victory
Myrtia Flower – Symbol of victory
Myrtice Flower – Symbol of victory
Myrtilla Flower – Symbol of victory
Myrtis Flower – Symbol of victory
Myrtle Flower – Symbol of victory
Naia Flowing
Naiad Water nymph
Naida Water nymph
Naiia Water nymph
Narcissa Self-love
Narcisse Self-love
Narella Bright one
Narelle Bright one
Natasha Resurrection
Nayad Water nymph
Nela The bright one
Nelda The bright one
Nelia The bright one
Nelina The bright one
Nelita The bright one
Nell The bright one
Nella The bright one
Nelle The bright one
Nellie The bright one
Nellis The bright one
Nellwyn The bright one
Nelly The bright one
Neola Youthful
Neoma New moon
Neona New moon
Nerin A nereid – One from the sea
Nessa Pure
Nessie Butterfly
Nessy Butterfly
Neysa Pure
Neza Pure
Nicanor Victorious army
Nicci People's victory
Nichelle People's victory
Nichola People's victory
Nichole People's victory
Nicia Victorious army
Nickie People's victory
Nicky People's victory
Nicola People's victory
Nicole People's victory
Nicolette People's victory
Nicoline People's victory
Nika People's victory
Nike Victory
Nikki People's victory
Nikole People's victory
Nikolia People's victory
Niobe Fern
Nora Honor – Light
Norah Honor – Light
Noreen Honor – Light
Norina Honor – Light
Norine Honor – Light
Nyad Water nymph
Nyki People's victory
Nykki People's victory
Nykky People's victory
Nykole People's victory
Nyky People's victory
Nyx Night
Obelia Pillar of strength
Odessa Odyssey – Journey – Voyage
Ofelia Useful – Wise
Ofilia Useful – Wise
Olena Pretty
Olimpie Of Mount Olympus – Heavenly
Olympe Of Mount Olympus – Heavenly
Olympia Of Mount Olympus – Heavenly
Omega Great
Ophelia Useful – Wise
Ophelie Useful – Wise
Ophira Gold
Oprah Gold
Oralia East
Orelle East
Oria East
Oriana East
Orlanna East
Pam Honeyed
Pamela Honeyed
Pamelia Honeyed
Pamelina Honeyed
Pamella Honeyed
Pamelyn Honeyed
Pamilla Honeyed
Pammie Honeyed
Pammy Honeyed
Pamyla Honeyed
Pan Talented one
Pandora Talented one
Pegeen Pearl
Pelagia From the sea
Pelagie From the sea
Pelga From the sea
Pelgia From the sea
Pen Weaver
Penelope Weaver
Penney Weaver
Penny Weaver
Penthea Fifth – Moruner
Peony Flower name
Percy Goddess of the underworld
Persa Goddess of the underworld
Perse Goddess of the underworld
Persephone Goddess of the underworld
Phae Shining one
Phaedra Shining one
Phaidra Shining one
Phebe Bright one
Phedra Shining one
Phelia Useful – Wise
Phil Leafy branch – Dear
Philadelphia Brotherly love
Philana Adoring
Philander Adoring
Philantha Adoring
Philene Adoring
Philia Loves horses
Philicia Leafy branch – Dear
Philida Leafy branch – Dear
Philina Adoring
Philippa Loves horses
Philippine Loves horses
Phillis Leafy branch – Dear
Philly Leafy branch – Dear
Philomen Song lover – Friend – Lover of the moon
Philomena Song lover – Friend – Lover of the moon
Phin Oracle
Phineas Oracle
Phinny Oracle
Phoebe Bright one
Phoebus Bright one
Phoena Mystical bird – Purple
Phyl Leafy branch – Dear
Phyllis Leafy branch – Dear
Phylys Leafy branch – Dear
Pinchas Oracle
Pinchos Oracle
Pincus Oracle
Pippa Loves horses
Psyche The soul
Pyrena Fiery
Pythia Prophet
Quinn Fifth-born child
Raisa Rose
Raissa Rose
Rasia Rose
Rea Stream
Rell Bright one
Relle Bright one
Relly Bright one
Rena Peace – Joy
Rhea Stream
Rhoda Rose
Rhodanthe Rose
Rhodia Rose
Rhodie Rose
Ria Stream
Rianna Melody
Rita Pearl – Precious
Ritzpa Hope
Rizpah Hope
Roanee Rose
Roanna Rose
Rodie Rose
Roe Rose
Rois Rose
Rosa Rose
Rosabell Rose
Rosalee Rose
Rosaleen Rose
Rosalia Rose
Rosalie Rose
Rosamund Rose
Rose Rose
Rosebud Rose
Rosella Rose
Roselle Rose
Rosellen Rose
Rosemarie Rose
Rosemary Rose
Rosemonde Rose
Rosena Rose
Rosetta Rose
Rosette Rose
Rosey Rose
Rosie Rose
Rosina Rose
Rosita Rose
Roslin Rose
Rosly Rose
Rosmund Rose
Roz Rose
Rozamund Rose
Rozsi Rose
Rue Regret
Saba Woman of Sheba
Sadhbh Wisdom
Sandra Protector of mankind
Sandrine Protector of mankind
Sandy Protector of mankind
Sanie Protector of mankind
Saphira Blue jewel
Sapphira Blue jewel
Sapphire Blue jewel
Seema Symbol
Sela Moon
Selena Moon
Selene Moon
Selia Moon
Selina Moon
Selinda Moon
Sellie Moon
Selly Moon
Sena Moon
Sib Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibbi Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibby Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibeal Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibille Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibley Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibyl Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sibylle Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sirena Siren
Sissa Love – Grace
Sofi Wisdom
Sofia Wisdom
Sofie Wisdom
Sophia Wisdom
Sophie Wisdom
Sophronia Wisdom
Sophy Wisdom
Stacey Resurrection
Stacia Resurrection
Stacy Resurrection
Star Star
Starla Star
Starling Star
Starr Star
Stasa Resurrection
Stef Crown
Stefa Crown
Stefania Crown
Stefanie Crown
Steffi Crown
Steffie Crown
Stefka Crown
Stela Star
Stella Star
Stellar Star
Stepania Crown
Stepha Crown
Stephana Crown
Stephania Crown
Stephanie Crown
Stephannie Crown
Stephanya Crown
Stesha Crowned
Sybil Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sybille Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sybilline Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Sybyl Prophetess – Fortune-teller
Syna Two together
Tabatha Beauty – Grace – Gazelle
Tabbi Beauty – Grace – Gazelle
Tabbie Beauty – Grace – Gazelle
Tabby Beauty – Grace – Gazelle
Tabitha Beauty – Grace – Gazelle
Tai Blooming
Talia Blooming
Talitha Blooming
Tally Blooming
Talya Blooming
Tammy Twin
Tamsen Twin
Tamsin Twin
Tamson Twin
Tansy Immortality
Taryn Queen
Tasha Resurrection
Tasia Resurrection
Taylee Blooming – Plentiful
Taylie Blooming – Plentiful
Teara Turban
Tedra Gift of God
Tekla Divine fame
Telma Nursing
Teodora Gift of God
Teppi Pretty in face
Terentia Guardian
Teresa Reaper
Teressa Reaper
Teri Reaper
Terri Reaper
Terry Reaper
Tess Fourth born
Tessa Reaper
Tessica Reaper
Tessie Fourth born
Tessy Fourth born
Thais The bond
Thalassa From the sea
Thalia Blooming – Plentiful
Thalius Blooming – Plentiful
Than Death
Thea Healer – Wholesome
Theda Gift of God
Thedora Gift of God
Thekla Divine fame
Thelma Nursing
Theodora Gift of God
Theodore Talented one
Theodosia Gift of God
Theone Gift of God
Theophania Gift of God
Theophilia Gift of God
Theora Gift of God
Thera Wild
Theresa Reaper
Therese Reaper
Thisbe Where the doves live
Thomasa Twin
Thomasina Twin
Thomasine Twin
Thomasssa Twin
Thyra Shieldbearer
Tia Princess
Tiana Princess
Tianna Princess
Tiara Turban
Tien Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Tiena Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Tienette Laurel crown – The crown of victory
Timandra Daughter of hero tyndareus
Timora One who honors God
Timothea One who honors God
Titania Giant
Titian Red-gold
Toireasa Reaper
Tomasina Twin
Tommie Twin
Tommy Twin
Tracey Reaper
Tracie Reaper
Tracy Reaper
Tressa Reaper
Trina Pure – Innocent
Unice Victorious
Urania Heavenly – Muse of astronomy
Uriana The unknown
Vanessa Butterfly
Vanna Butterfly
Vannia Butterfly
Vannie Butterfly
Vanora Butterfly
Vasiliki Basil
Venissa Butterfly
Vesna Goddess of spring
Voleta Veiled one
Xandy Protector of mankind
Xanthe Yellow – Fair hair
Xavia Protector of mankind
Xena Hospitable
Xenia Hospitable
Xylia Wood dweller
Xylina From the forest
Xylona From the forest
Ynes Pure
Ynez Pure
Yo Violet flower – Modest
Yolanda Violet flower – Modest
Yolande Violet flower – Modest
Yolantha Violet flower – Modest
Zandra Protector of mankind
Zandria Protector of mankind
Zanita Long teeth
Zarya Golden dawn
Zebina One who is gifted
Zelia Zealous one
Zena Born of Zeus
Zenaide One who has devoted his life to God
Zenais Of Zeus
Zenia Hospitable
Zenina Born of Zeus
Zenna Born of Zeus
Zenobia Born of Zeus
Zenobie Born of Zeus
Zera Seed
Zeva Sword
Zina Of Zeus
Zinaida Of Zeus
Zinovia Born of Zeus
Zoe Life
Zoé Life
Zoë Life
Zoey Life
Zofka Wisdom
Zohra Golden dawn
Zora Golden dawn
Zoradah Golden dawn
Zorah Golden dawn
Zoranna Golden dawn
Zori Golden dawn
Zoriana Golden dawn
Zorie Golden dawn
Zorina Golden dawn
Zorry Golden dawn
Zosima Lively
Zylina From the forest
Bane Long-awaited child
Kahoku Star
Kai Sea
Kale Strong – Manly
Keona God's gracious gift
Keowynn God's gracious gift
Leilani Heavenly flower – Heavenly child
Meka Eyes
Akela Noble
Alaina Offering
Alana Offering
Alanna Offering
Alli Offering
Allyn Offering
Alona Offering
Alun Offering
Alyn Offering
Anani Orange tree
Aolani Cloud from Heaven
Haimi The seeker
Haleah House of the rising sun
Haleigha House of the rising sun
Iolana To soar like an eagle
Kai Sea
Kaili A deity
Kalama Flaming torch
Kalea Bright
Kekona Second born
Kiana Moon Goddess
Kiele Gardenia – Fragrant blossom
Laina Offering
Lani Sky – Heaven
Lanikai Heavenly sea
Leigha House of the rising sun
Lokelani Small red rose
Malu Peaceful
Mily Beautiful
Nalani Clamness of the skies
Noelani Beautiful girl from heaven
Okelani From heaven
Oliana Oleander
Peni Weaver


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