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Celtic Girl Names

Here is a list of Celtic girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Affrica Pleasing – Pleasant
Afric Agreeable
Africa Pleasing – Pleasant – Agreeable
Aife A great warrior woman of myth
Aigneis Pure
Aileen Green meadow
Ailidh Kind
Ailis Noble
Aina Joy
Aine Joy
Aingeal Angel
Airic Agreeable
Aisling Dream – Vision – Inspiration
Aislinn Dream – Vision – Inspiration
Aithne Fire
Alane Fair
Alanna Fair
Alastrina Protector of mankind
Alastrine Protector of mankind
Alastriona Protector of mankind
Aleen Fair – Good-looking
Aleena Fair – Good-looking
Alena Fair – Good-looking
Alene Fair – Good-looking
Alice Noble
Alina Fair
Aline Fair – Good-looking
Allena Fair – Good-looking
Allene Fair – Good-looking
Alma Good
Alys Noble
Andraste Victory
Annwfn Mythical name of The Otherworld
Annwn Mythical name of The Otherworld
Aphria Agreeable
Arden Lofty – Eager
Ardena Lofty – Eager
Ardene Lofty – Eager
Ardra Noble
Arela An oath
Arienh An oath
Arlana An oath
Arleen An oath
Arleine Pledge – Vow
Arlen Pledge – Vow
Arlene An oath
Arleta An oath
Arlette An oath
Arlina An oath
Arline An oath
Arlyn Pledge – Vow
Arlynn Pledge – Vow
Avalina Lively – Pleasant
Avaline Lively – Pleasant
Aveline Lively – Pleasant
Bar Spear thrower – Marksman
Bari Spear thrower – Marksman
Beatha Life
Berit Splendid
Berta Splendid
Betha Life
Bevan Lady with a sweet song
Bevin Lady with a sweet song
Bevis Lady with a sweet song
Biddy Resolute – Strength – Saint
Birdie Resolute – Strength – Saint
Birgit Resolute – Strength – Saint
Birgitta Resolute – Strength – Saint
Birkita Strength
Birte Splendid
Blair From the plain lands
Brangaine Character from Isolde legend
Branwen Sister of Bendigeidfran
Bree Broth
Breeda Strong
Brenna Raven maid – Dark-haired
Bret A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Brett A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
Bretta From Britain
Brette From Britain
Briana Strong
Briann Strong
Brianna Strong
Briannah Strong
Brianne Strong
Briannon Strong
Bric Swift – Quick-moving
Brice Swift – Quick-moving
Brick Swift – Quick-moving
Brickand Swift – Quick-moving
Brid Strong
Bride Strong
Bridge Resolute – Strength – Saint
Bridget Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brie Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brienna Strong
Brienne Strong
Brietta Strong
Brigada Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigetta Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigette Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigg Swift – Quick-moving
Brighid Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigid Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigida Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigita Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brigitta Strong
Brigitte Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brina Protector
Brit Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brita Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brite From Britain
Brites Strength
Britta Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brittany From Britain
Britte Resolute – Strength – Saint
Bryana Strong
Bryann Strong
Bryanna Strong
Bryanne Strong
Bryce Swift – Quick-moving
Bryde Resolute – Strength – Saint
Brygid Strong
Caitlin Pure
Caitlyn Pure
Caitrin Pure
Candie Honest one – Shy
Candy Honest one – Shy
Caoilfhinnn Slender – Beautiful
Caoimhe Gentleness – Beauty – Grace
Cara Friend
Carey Honest one – Shy
Carmel From the vineyard
Carrington Place name
Cary Honest one – Shy
Casey Brave – Watchful
Catelyn Pure
Cerdwin The mother Goddess
Cinnia Beautiful
Cinnie Beautiful
Coleen Girl
Colene Girl
Colleen Girl
Cordelia Rope – Heart – A sea jewel
Cordy Rope – Heart – A sea jewel
Coventina Water Goddess
Cuyler Chapel
Dana From Denmark
Dechtire Mythical nursemaid
Dee Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Deedee Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Deedra Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Deheune Divine one
Deirdra Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Deirdre Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Delia Rope – Heart – A sea jewel
Deoch Mythical princess of Munster
Deva Divine one
Devnet Poet
Devona Divine one
Dierdra Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Dierdre Young girl – One who rages – Broken-hearted
Diva Divine one
Divone Divine one
Donella Dark haired
Donia Dark skinned
Doreen Moody
Doreena Moody
Edana Passionate
Edna Fire
Eileen Lively – Pleasant
Eilen Lively – Pleasant
Eilis God's oath
Elsha Noble
Ena Passionate
Engl Light
Enid Spirit
Erea From Ireland
Erie From Ireland
Erin Peace – Western island
Erina From Ireland
Erinna Peace – Western island
Erinne Peace – Western island
Erlina Girl from Ireland
Errin Peace – Western island
Eryn Peace – Western island
Erynn Peace – Western island
Erynna Peace – Western island
Etain Shining
Ethne Fire
Evalina Lively – Pleasant
Evalyn Lively – Pleasant
Evel Lively – Pleasant
Evelina Lively – Pleasant
Eveline Lively – Pleasant
Evelyn Lively – Pleasant
Evette Lively – Pleasant
Evilio Lively – Pleasant
Fainche Saint's name
Fallon Grandchild of the ruler – In charge
Fedelm Mythical wife of Loegaire
Fenella Of the white shoulders
Fianna Legendary tale
Findabair Mythical daughter of Medb
Fingula Mythical daughter of Lyr
Fiona White – Fair
Fione White – Fair
Fionn White – Fair
Fionnula White – Fair
Genevieve White wave
Germaine Loud of voice
Gidget Resolute – Strength – Saint
Gidgey Resolute – Strength – Saint
Gilda Serves God
Gildas Serves God
Ginebra White as foam
Ginerva White as foam
Ginessa White as foam
Gitta Strong
Grania Love
Guenevere White lady
Guennola White
Guinevere White lady
Gwendolen Of the white brow
Gwendolin Of the white brow
Gwendoline White brow
Gwendolyn White brow
Gwendolynne White brow
Gweneth Blessed
Gwenith Blessed
Gwenn Of the white brow
Gwenneth Blessed
Gwenyver White lady
Gwyndolin Of the white brow
Gwynith Blessed
Gwynn Of the white brow
Idelisa Bountiful
Idelle Bountiful
Ilene Lively – Pleasant
Iona From the king's island
Ione From the king's island
Isold The fair
Isolda The fair
Isolde The fair
Jennifer White wave
Jenny White wave
Jennyfer White wave
Jennyver White wave
Joyce Joy
Kaie Combat
Kait Little darling
Kaitlin Pure
Kaitlyn Pure
Kaitlynne Little darling
Katelyn Pure
Kathleen Little darling
Katie Little darling
Katlan Little darling
Kaydee Little darling
Keelia Slender – Fair
Keelin Slender – Fair
Keely Slender – Fair
Ken Ruler of the valley
Kendal Ruler of the valley
Kendalia Ruler of the valley
Kendaline Ruler of the valley
Kendall Ruler of the valley
Kendel Ruler of the valley
Kendell Ruler of the valley
Kendra Ruler of the valley
Kenna Ruler of the valley
Kenni Ruler of the valley
Kennocha Lovely
Kenny Ruler of the valley
Kindall Ruler of the valley
Kindell Ruler of the valley
Kordelia Rope – Heart – A sea jewel
Lavena Joy
Leen Green meadow
Leener Green meadow
Lesley From the gray fortress
Leslie From the gray fortress
Lindsay Linden island
Lindsey Linden island
Lindy Linden island
Lindzee Linden island
Linette Grace
Linnette Grace
Linsey Linden island
Lorna Of Lorne
Lyndsay Linden island
Lyndsey Linden island
Lyndsy Linden island
Lynet Grace
Lynette Grace
Lynsey Linden island
Lyonesse Little lion
Mabina Nimble
Maeve A mythical queen
Maeveen Nimble
Malvina Handmaiden
Marella Shining sea
Marilla Shining sea
Marvina Renowned friend
Maura Exceptional
Maureen Great
Mavelle Songbird
Mavie Songbird
Mavis Songbird
Meadghbh Nimble
Medb A mythical queen
Melva Handmaiden
Melvina Handmaiden
Meredith Protector of the sea
Merna Tender
Mirna Tender
Moina Mild – Tender
Moira Exceptional
Mor Exceptional
Moreen Great
Morgan Dweller of the sea
Morgana Dweller of the sea
Morgance Dweller of the sea
Morgandy Dweller of the sea
Morgane Dweller of the sea
Morna Dearly loved
Morrigan A war goddess
Moya Exceptional
Moyna Mild – Tender
Moyra Exceptional
Muriel Shining sea
Myrna Tender
Nara Contented
Nareen Contented
Nareena Contented
Nareene Contented
Neala Ruler
Nealie Ruler
Nola Famous
Oifa Mythical sister of Ove
Oilell A mythical queen
Olwen Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden
Olwyn Mythical daughter of Yspaddaden
Oriana Blond
Ove Mythical daughter of Dearg
Penarddun Mythical daughter of Beli
Piksi Small elf – Faery
Piksy Small elf – Faery
Pixi Small elf – Faery
Pixie Small elf – Faery
Pixy Small elf – Faery
Reaghan Nobility
Regan Nobility
Rhiannon Great queen – Witch
Rhonda Good spear
Ronat Seal
Rowena White
Saraid Excellent
Seanna God's grace
Selma Comely
Shauna God's grace
Shaune God's grace
Shawna God's grace
Shawnie God's grace
Shawnna God's grace
Shawny God's grace
Shay God's grace
Shayla Fairy palace
Shela Musical
Shy Loyal to God – Strong
Shyla Loyal to God – Strong
Shylah Loyal to God – Strong
Siana God's grace
Tara From the rocky hills – Watchtower
Taria From the rocky hills – Watchtower
Taryn From the rocky hills – Watchtower
Treasa Strong
Treva Prudent
Treve Prudent
Ula Sea jewel
Una White wave
Venetia Blessed
Winnie White – Fair
Wynne White – Fair
Wynnie White – Fair
Yseult Fair
Zenevieva Fair
Zinerva Fair



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