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Norse Boy Names

Here is a list of Norse boy names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Dal Valley
Dale Valley
Dallan Valley
Dallen Valley
Dallin Valley
Dalton Valley
Floke Guardian of the people
Gamble Old
Gar Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Gareth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garit Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garret Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garreth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garrett Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garry Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Garth Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Gary Gentle – Enclosure – Watchful
Geir Spear
Hakan Noble
Hale Hero – Army ruler
Igor Hero
Ingvarr Of Ing's army
Keir Marshland
Kelby From the farm by the spring
Kerr Marshland
Kirby From the church
Kirk From the church
Kirkley From the church
Kirkus From the church
Kirkwood From the church
Kurk From the church
Lamont Lawyer
Lang Long – Tall
Langdon Long – Tall
Langford Long – Tall
Langhorne Long – Tall
Langley Long – Tall
Langston Long – Tall
Langtry Long – Tall
Leif Beloved
Magne Mighty warrior
Naldo Powerful – Rules with counsel
Noll Kind one
Nolly Kind one
Oddvar The spear's point
Odin Head God in Norse mythology
Olaf Talisman – Ancestor
Olav Talisman – Ancestor
Olen Talisman – Ancestor
Olie Talisman – Ancestor
Olin Talisman – Ancestor
Oliver Kind one
Olivero Kind one
Olivier Kind one
Olley Kind one
Ollie Kind one
Olly Kind one
Olof Talisman – Ancestor
Oscar Divine spear
Osgood Divine spear
Oskar Divine spear
Oszkár Divine spear
Ove Awe – The spear's point
Ragnar Wise leader
Raynard Brave one
Raynor Brave one
Reinhard Brave one
Reinhart Brave one
Renaldo Powerful – Rules with counsel
Renard Brave one
Renaud Brave one
Rey Brave one
Reynart Brave one
Reynaud Brave one
Reyner Brave one
Rinehart Brave one
Ron Powerful – Rules with counsel
Ronald Powerful – Rules with counsel
Ronan Powerful – Rules with counsel
Ronnie Powerful – Rules with counsel
Ronny Powerful – Rules with counsel
Roscoe From the deer forest
Skip Captain
Skipp Captain
Skipper Captain
Skippy Captain
Soren Thunder
Sören Thunder
Søren Thunder
Suffield From the southern land
Sundy From the southern land
Sutcliff From the southern land
Sutherland From the southern land
Sutton From the southern land
Terje Of Thor's spear
Thor Thunder
Thorbert Thunder
Thordis Thunder
Thurstin Thor's stone
Thurston Thor's stone
Tor Thunder
Torsten Thor's stone
Turpin Thunder-Finn
Turstan Thor's stone
Unni Modest
Yngvar Of Ing's army



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