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German Boy Names

Here is a list of German boy names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Abbey Firm
Abby Firm
Abe Firm
Abel Firm
Abelard Resolute – Keeper of the abbey larder
Abelardo Resolute – Keeper of the abbey larder
Abelerd Firm
Adalbert Famous for nobility
Adalberto Famous for nobility
Adalfredo Who protects the descendants
Adalfrid Who protects the descendants
Adalgiso Noble hostage
Adalhelm Noble protector
Adalrico Noble – Powerful and rich
Adalricus Noble – Powerful and rich
Adaulfo Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adelbert Famous for nobility
Adelberto Famous for nobility
Adelchi Noble hostage
Adelfrid Who protects the descendants
Adelfried Who protects the descendants
Adelhelm Noble protector
Adelino Noble
Adelmo Noble protector
Ademaro Glorious in battle
Adi Famous for nobility
Adimaro Glorious in battle
Adler Eagle
Adolf Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolfo Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolfus Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolph Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolphe Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolpho Noble wolf – Noble hero
Adolphus Noble wolf – Noble hero
Ahren Eagle
Alaric Noble ruler
Albert Noble – Bright
Alberto Noble – Bright
Albertus Noble – Bright
Albie Noble – Bright
Albrecht Noble – Bright
Alby Noble – Bright
Aldo Wise – Elder
Aldous Wise – Elder
Aldus Old – Wealthy
Alfons Noble estate – Eager
Alfonse Noble estate – Eager
Alfonso Noble estate – Eager
Alger Noble warrior
Alonso Noble estate – Eager
Alonza Noble estate – Eager
Alonzo Noble estate – Eager
Alphonse Noble estate – Eager
Alphonso Noble estate – Eager
Ancel Knight's attendant – Land
Ancell Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Ancelot Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Ansel Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Anselm Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Anselme Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Anselmo Diety – Servent – Divine Helmt
Arnald Eagle – Powerful
Arnaldo Eagle – Powerful
Arnaud Eagle – Powerful
Arnault Eagle – Powerful
Arne Eagle – Powerful
Arnel Eagle – Powerful
Arnell Eagle – Powerful
Arness Eagle – Powerful
Arnie Eagle – Powerful
Arno Eagle – Powerful
Arnold Eagle – Powerful
Arnot Eagle – Powerful
Aubert Noble – Bright
Baldemar Princely
Baldovino Brave friend
Baldric Brave
Baldrik Brave
Balduin Brave friend
Baldwin Brave friend
Baldwyn Brave friend
Baltasar Protected by God
Balwin Brave friend
Bamard Brave as a bear
Bamey Brave as a bear
Bannan Commander
Bannruod Famous commander
Barend Bear
Barnard Brave as a bear
Barney Brave as a bear
Barnie Brave as a bear
Barret Mighty as a bear
Barrett Brave as a bear
Bartram Glorious raven
Bem Bear
Bemelle Strong as a bear
Bemot Brave as a bear
Benat Brave as a bear
Ber Bear
Berchtwald Bright ruler
Berdy Intelligent
Berend Brave as a bear
Berg Mountain
Bergan Mountain dweller
Bergen Mountain dweller
Bergin Mountain dweller
Berinhard Brave as a bear
Berlyn Son of Berl
Bern Brave as a bear
Bernard Brave as a bear
Bernardo Brave as a bear
Bernardyn Brave as a bear
Bernd Brave as a bear
Berndt Brave as a bear
Berne Brave as a bear
Bernhard Brave as a bear
Bernhardt Brave as a bear
Bernie Brave as a bear
Bernon Brave as a bear
Berowalt Mighty as a bear
Berrin Bear
Bert Famous for nobility
Bertel Noble – Bright
Berthold Bright ruler
Bertie Noble – Bright
Bertl Famous for nobility
Bertram Glorious raven
Berty Noble – Bright
Bin Kettle-shaped hollow
Bing Kettle-shaped hollow
Binge From the kettle shaped hollow
Bingham Kettle-shaped hollow
Binghampton Kettle-shaped hollow
Binghamton Kettle-shaped hollow
Birk Birch tree
Birke Birch tree
Bittan Desire
Bitten Desire
Blaz Resolute protector
Blaze Resolute protector
Boell Hill dweller
Bogart Bowstring
Bogohardt Bowstring
Bourke Birch tree
Brand Fiery torch – Beacon
Brandeis Dweller on a burned clearing
Bren Flame
Brendan Flame
Brendis Flame
Brock Badger
Broderick Famous ruler
Bronson Brown's son
Bruno Brown
Brunon Brown
Bud Herald – To puff up – Friend
Budd Herald – To puff up – Friend
Buddie Herald – To puff up – Friend
Buddy Herald – To puff up – Friend
Burhardt Strong as a castle
Burk Birch tree
Burke Birch tree
Burkhart Strong as a castle
Burlin Son of Berl
Burnard Strong as a bear
Burnell Strong as a bear
Carl Strong – Manly
Carlin A man
Charles Strong – Manly
Chlodwig Famous warrior
Christofer With Christ inside
Christoffer With Christ inside
Clovis Famous warrior
Con Brave counsel – Wise
Connie Brave counsel – Wise
Conrad Brave counsel – Wise
Conradin Honest advisor
Conrado Honest advisor
Conroy Brave counsel – Wise
Cord Honest advisor
Corrado Brave counsel – Wise
Cort Brave counsel – Wise
Curt Brave counsel – Wise
Curtis Brave counsel – Wise
Dagobert Shining sun
Dagoberto Glorious day
Darek Gifted ruler – From Theodoric
Dearg Red haired
Dedric Gifted ruler
Dedrick People's ruler
Dedrik People's ruler
Der Ruler
Dereck Gifted ruler – From Theodoric
Derek Ruler
Derex Ruler
Derick Ruler
Derik Ruler
Derrek Gifted ruler – From Theodoric
Derrick Ruler
Derrik Ruler
Derry Ruler
Derych Ruler
Deryck Gifted ruler – From Theodoric
Deryk Gifted ruler – From Theodoric
Deutsch A German
Dick Powerful ruler
Dickie Powerful ruler
Dicky Powerful ruler
Diederich People's ruler
Diederick Gifted ruler
Diedrick Gifted ruler
Dierck People's ruler
Dieter People's ruler
Dietrich People's ruler
Dietz People's ruler
Dirk Ruler
Dolph Wolf
Dolphus Noble wolf – Noble hero
Drud Strong
Drugi Strong
Dunston Valiant fighter – Dark stone
Dustan Valiant fighter – Dark stone
Dustin Valiant fighter – Dark stone
Dusty Valiant fighter – Dark stone
Dutch A German
Earnest Earnest – Vigorous
Eberardo strong wild boar
Eberhard Strong as a boar
Eberhardt Strong as a boar
Eberhart strong wild boar
Eburhardt Strong as a boar
Eckerd Sacred
Edel Brave
Edingu Famous ruler
Edlin Abbreviation of names beginning with Ed-
Edsel Noble
Eduard Strong as a boar
Edward Strong as a boar
Edwin Prosperous friend – Heir's axe
Edwyn Prosperous friend – Heir's axe
Egbert Sword – Famous – Shiny
Eginhard Strong with a sword
Eginhardt Strong with a sword
Egmont Weapon – Defender
Egon Strong with a sword
Ehren Honorable
Einhard Strong with a sword
Einhardt Strong with a sword
Ekerd Sacred
Ekhard Sacred
Elary Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Elbert Bright – Famous
Eldwin Old friend
Elery Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Elgar Noble warrior
Elger Noble warrior
Ellary Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Ellery Lives by the alder tree
Ellory Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Elory Lives near the elder tree – Cheerful
Eloy Famous warrior
Ely Famous warrior
Emerson Brave – Powerful
Emery Brave – Powerful
Emest Serious
Emil Industrious
Emmery Ruler of work – Powerful home
Emmory Ruler of work – Powerful home
Emo Serious
Emory Ruler of work – Powerful home
Emst Serious
Enando Bold venture
Engel Angel
Englbehrt Bright angel
Englebert Bright angel
Enno Strong with a sword
Eno Strong with a sword
Erchanbold Sacred – Bold
Erchanhardt Sacred
Erhard Honor
Erhardt Honor
Erich Ever-powerful
Erkerd Sacred
Ernest Earnest – Vigorous
Ernesto Earnest – Vigorous
Erni Earnest – Vigorous
Ernie Earnest – Vigorous
Ernst Earnest – Vigorous
Erny Earnest – Vigorous
Errol Earl – Nobleman
Erroll Earl – Nobleman
Eugen Noble
Everard Strong as a boar
Everet strong wild boar
Everett strong wild boar
Evert Hardy – Brave
Evrard Strong as a boar
Eward Strong as a boar
Ewart Hardy – Brave
Falk Falconry
Falke Falconry
Falken Falconry
Ferd Courageous traveler
Ferde Courageous traveler
Ferdie Courageous traveler
Ferdinand Adventurer
Ferdy Courageous traveler
Fernandas Courageous traveler
Fernando Courageous traveler
Fonsie Noble estate – Eager
Fonso Noble estate – Eager
Fonzell Noble estate – Eager
Fonzie Noble estate – Eager
Fonzo Noble estate – Eager
Frantz Free – A free man
Franz From France – Free
Fred Peaceful ruler
Freddie Peaceful ruler
Freddy Peaceful ruler
Frederic Peaceful ruler
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Fremont Noble protector
Friedrich Peaceful ruler
Friedrick Peaceful ruler
Frimunt Noble protector
Fritz Peaceful ruler
Fritzi Peaceful ruler
Fritzie Peaceful ruler
Garan Guards – Guardian
Garen Guards – Guardian
Garey Spear
Garin Warrior
Garion Guards – Guardian
Garon Guards – Guardian
Garren Guards – Guardian
Garrey Spear
Garrick Rules by the spear
Garrin Guards – Guardian
Garrison Spear-fortified town
Garron Guards – Guardian
Garry Spear
Garson Spear-fortified town
Garvyn Spear friend
Gary Spear
Gauthier Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Gautier Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Geert Brave strength
Geomar Famous in battle
Georg Farmer
Gerald Rules by the spear
Gerard Spear strong
Gere Rules by the spear
Gerhard Spear strong
Gerlach Spear thrower – Marksman
Gerold Rules by the spear
Geron Guards – Guardian
Gerrald Rules by the spear
Gerrard Spear strong
Gerrell Rules by the spear
Ghislain Oath
Gilbert Bright lad
Gilleasbuig Brave
Giomar Famous in battle
Goddard Hard spear
Godfrey Peaceful god
Gofried Peaceful god
Gottfried Peaceful god
Gregor On the watch
Gretel Pearl
Griswald From the gray forest
Griswold From the gray forest
Gunther Warrior
Gustav Royal staff
Gustave Royal staff
Hacket Little hacker
Hackett Little woodsman
Hadumar Glorious in battle
Hahn Rooster
Hamlet From the little home
Hamlett From the little home
Hamlin Loves the little home
Hamoelet From the little home
Han Gift from God
Hank Ruler of an estate
Hann Gift from God
Hanno Gift from God
Hans Gift from God
Hanz Gift from God
Hardtman Strong
Hardy Daring
Hariman Protective
Harimann Protective
Harman Man of the army
Harti Daring
Hartman Strong
Hartmann Strong
Harvey Soldier
Hastings Swift one
Heinrich Rules her household
Heli Helmet – Protector – Courage
Heller The sun
Helmut Brave
Helmuth Helmet – Protector – Courage
Helmutt Brave
Henri Rules the home
Henrik Rules the home
Henry Rules the home
Herbert Famous warrior
Herman Soldier
Hernando Adventurous
Herrick Army commander
Hewett Little Hugh
Hewitt Little Hugh
Hewlett Little Hugh
Hewlitt Little Hugh
Hildbrand War sword
Hildehrand War sword
Hobard High – Bright
Hobart High – Bright
Hobbard High – Bright
Hoh High
Hohberht High – Bright
How High
Howe High
Hubbard Graceful
Hubert Brilliant
Hugo Intelligent
Hulbard Graceful
Hulbart Graceful
Hulbert Graceful
Huldiberaht Graceful
Humberto Big – Bright
Humphrey Peaceful Hun
Hunfrid Peaceful Hun
Hunfried Peaceful Hun
Immanuel God is with us
Imre Great king
Ingall Angel
Ingalls Angel
Ingel Angel
Ingelbert Bright angel
Inglebert Divinely brilliant
Izaak Laughter
Jaecar Hunter
Jakob Supplanter
Jakoh Supplanter
Janez God's gracious gift
Jansen God is merciful
Jantis Sharp spear
Jarman A German
Jarmann A German
Jay Swift
Jaye Swift
Johan Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Johann God's gracious gift
Johannes Gracious – Merciful – God is gracious
Josef God wiIl multiply
Jurgen Farmer
Kai Fort
Kaiser Emperor
Karl Strong – Manly
Karlee Strong
Karlyn Strong
Kasch Blackbird
Katrina Pure – Innocent
Kay Fort
Keefer Barrel maker
Keegan Intelligent
Keifer Barrel maker
Kelby Dark haired
Kellen Swamp
Kiefer Barrel maker
Klaus People's victory
Koby Dark haired
Koen Honest advisor
Koenraad Honest advisor
Kolby Dark haired
Kolt Coal town
Kolten Coal town
Koltin Coal town
Kolton Coal town
Kon Brave counsel – Wise
Konni Honest advisor
Konrad Brave counsel – Wise
Kord Honest advisor
Kort Brave counsel – Wise
Kuhlbert Calm – Bright
Kulbart Calm – Bright
Kulbert Calm – Bright
Kuno Honest advisor
Kunz Honest advisor
Kurt Brave counsel – Wise
Kurtis Brave counsel – Wise
Lajos Famous warrior
Lamar Land
Lamarr Famous land
Lambart Light of land
Lambert Light of land
Lambrecht Light of land
Lambret Light of land
Lambrett Light of land
Lance Knight's attendant – Land
Lancelot Knight's attendant – Land
Landmari Famous land
Larenzo From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Launcelot Knight's attendant – Land
Laurence From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Laurenz From the place of laurel trees – Honor – Victory
Lear Of the meadow
Len Lion-hearted
Lenard Lion-hearted
Lénárd Lion-hearted
Lennard Lion-hearted
Lennart Lion-hearted
Lennie Lion-hearted
Lenny Lion-hearted
Leo Lion-hearted
Leó Lion-hearted
Leon Lion-hearted
Leonard Lion-hearted
Leonárd Lion-hearted
Leonardo Lion-hearted
Leonhard Lion-hearted
Leopold Bold leader
Leopoldo Bold leader
Leupold Bold leader
Lew Famous warrior
Lewes Famous warrior
Lewie Famous warrior
Lewis Famous warrior
Lewy Famous warrior
Lindberg From the linden tree hill
Lindeberg From the linden tree hill
Llewellyn Famous warrior
Lodovico Famous warrior
Lorah The laurel tree – Sweet bay tree – Honor – Victory
Lorenz Laurel
Loring Famous in battle
Loritz Laurel
Lotario Warrior
Lothair Famous in battle
Lothaire Warrior
Lothar Renowned warrior
Lotharing Famous in battle
Lou Famous warrior
Louie Famous warrior
Louis Famous warrior
Lu Famous warrior
Luduvico Famous warrior
Ludvig Famous warrior
Ludwig Famous warrior
Ludwik Famous warrior
Lughaidh Famous warrior
Luigi Famous warrior
Luiginw Famous warrior
Luis Famous warrior
Luitpold Bold leader
Luki Famous warrior
Lutera Warrior
Luther Famous warrior
Luthias Famous warrior
Lutz Famous warrior
Maddison Son of a mighty warrior
Maddy Son of a mighty warrior
Madelhari War counselor
Madison Son of a mighty warrior
Maldwyn Brave friend
Mallory War counselor
Mandel Almond
Manfred Peaceful
Manfried Peaceful
Manfrit Peaceful
Manny Man of peace
Margit Pearl
Markel Of Mars – The god of war
Markell Of Mars – The god of war
Markos Of Mars – The god of war
Markus Of Mars – The god of war
Martel Warrior of Mars
Martell Warrior of Mars
Marx Of Mars – The god of war
Maximilian The greatest
Maximillian The greatest
Mayer Farmer
Maynard Firm
Mayne Powerful
Maynor Powerful
Mayor Farmer
Mayr Farmer
Meier Farmer
Meinhard Firm
Meinke Firm
Meino Firm
Meinrad Strong advisor
Meinyard Firm
Meir Farmer
Meril Famous – Of the sea
Merle Famous – Of the sea
Merral Famous – Of the sea
Merrel Famous – Of the sea
Merrick Famous – Of the sea
Merrill Famous – Of the sea
Merton Famous – Of the sea
Meryl Famous – Of the sea
Meyer Farmer
Mila Merciful
Milah Merciful
Milan Merciful
Miles Merciful
Milo Merciful
Milos Merciful
Myer Farmer
Myerson Farmer
Myles Merciful
Myril Famous – Of the sea
Myrl Famous – Of the sea
Nardo Strong
Nef Nephew
Nefen Nephew
Neff Nephew
Neffe Nephew
Nefin Nephew
Neven Nephew
Nevin Nephew
Nevins Nephew
Nickolaus People's victory
Nikolaus People's victory
Norbert Shining from the North
Norberto Shining from the North
Norman From the north
Normand From the north
Odbart Wealthy
Ode Little wealthy one
Odell Little wealthy one
Odhert Wealthy
Odie Little wealthy one
Odis Little wealthy one
Odo Wealthy
Omar Famous
Omer Famous
Orbart Wealthy
Orbert Wealthy
Orlan Famous soldier
Orland Famous soldier
Orlando Famous soldier
Orlin Famous soldier
Orlondo Famous soldier
Oswald Power of God
Otello Wealthy
Othello Wealthy
Othman Wealthy
Othmann Wealthy
Otho Wealthy
Othomann Wealthy
Otilio Wealthy
Otis Wealthy
Otto Wealthy
Ottokar Happy fighter
Peer Rock
Penn Esteemed commander
Penrod Esteemed commander
Pepin Petitioner
Peppi Petitioner
Per Rock
Rad Brave counsel – Wise
Raimond Guards wisely
Raimund Worthy protector
Raimundo Worthy protector
Rainart Strong judgment
Rainer Strong counselor
Rainhard Strong judgment
Rainor Strong counselor
Rald Famous leader
Rambert Mighty – Intelligent
Ramhart Mighty – Intelligent
Ramon Worthy protector
Ramond Wise protector
Raoul Wolf
Raymond Worthy protector
Raymund Worthy protector
Raymundo Worthy protector
Raynard Brave one
Rayner Worthy protector
Raynor Brave one
Reamonn Worthy protector
Redmond Adviser
Reggie Powerful ruler
Reginald Powerful ruler
Reginhard Brave – Powerful – Mighty
Reginheraht Mighty – Intelligent
Reiner Counsel
Reinhard Brave one
Reinhart Brave one
Renard Brave one
Renaud Brave one
Renke Strong judgment
Rey Brave one
Reymond Guards wisely
Reymundo Guards wisely
Reynald Counselor-ruler
Reynard Strong – Brave
Reynart Brave one
Reynaud Brave one
Reyner Brave one
Reynold Counselor-ruler
Ricard Powerful ruler
Ricardo Powerful ruler
Riccardo Powerful ruler
Rich Powerful ruler
Richard Powerful ruler
Richardson Powerful ruler
Richart Powerful ruler
Richerd Powerful ruler
Richman Powerful ruler
Richmond Powerful ruler
Rick Powerful ruler
Rickard Powerful ruler
Ricker Powerful ruler
Rickert Powerful ruler
Rickie Powerful ruler
Rickward Powerful ruler
Ricky Powerful ruler
Rico Powerful ruler
Rikard Powerful ruler
Rikkert Powerful ruler
Rinehart Brave one
Ring A ring
Ringling A ring
Ringo A ring
Riocard Powerful ruler
Risteard Powerful ruler
Ritchie Powerful ruler
Ritt Horseman – Knight
Ritter Horseman – Knight
Roald Famous leader
Rob Bright – Famous
Robb Bright – Famous
Robbie Bright – Famous
Robby Bright – Famous
Robert Bright – Famous
Rocco Powerful ruler
Roch Glory
Rod Famous ruler
Rodd Famous ruler
Roddric Famous ruler
Roddrick Famous ruler
Roddy Famous ruler
Roderic Famous ruler
Roderich Famous ruler
Roderick Famous ruler
Roderik Famous ruler
Rodger Famous spearman
Rodgers Famous spearman
Rodhlann Famous soldier
Rodiger Famous spearman
Rodman Famous ruler
Rodmond Famous ruler
Rodney Famous ruler
Rodolf Wolf
Rodolfo Wolf
Rodolphe Wolf
Rodrick Famous ruler
Rodrigo Famous ruler
Rodrigue Famous ruler
Rodrik Famous ruler
Rog Famous spearman
Roger Famous spearman
Rogerio Famous spearman
Rogers Famous spearman
Roland Famous soldier
Rolando Famous soldier
Rolf Wolf
Rollan Famous soldier
Rolland Famous soldier
Rollie Famous soldier
Rollin Famous soldier
Rollins Famous soldier
Rollo Famous soldier
Rolly Famous soldier
Rolph Wolf
Rolt Famous soldier
Rory Famous ruler
Ross Red
Rossiter Red
Rosston Red
Rosswald Mighty Horseman
Roswald Mighty Horseman
Roswalt Mighty Horseman
Roswell Mighty Horseman
Roth Red haired
Rowe Famous soldier
Rowland Famous soldier
Royce Famous
Rudi Wolf
Rudie Wolf
Rudiger Famous spearman
Rüdiger Famous spearman
Rudolf Wolf
Rudolph Wolf
Rudy Wolf
Ruggiero Famous spearman
Rune Secret
Ruodrik Famous ruler
Rupert Bright – Famous
Ruprecht Bright – Famous
Rutger Famous spearman
Ryszard Powerful ruler
Saelac Blessed
Schaeffer Steward
Schaffer Steward
Selig Blessed
Selik Blessed
Sherman Wool cutter
Shermon Wool cutter
Siegfried Victorious
Sigfrid Victorious
Sigifrid Victorious
Sigifrith Victorious
Sigiwald Victorious ruler
Sigmund Victory shield – Victory protector
Sigwald Victorious ruler
Sigwalt Victorious ruler
Silvester Trees – Sylvan
Spangler Tinsmith
Spengler Tinsmith
Steen Stone
Stefan Crown – Wreath
Stein Stone
Steinbeck Stone
Steinberg Stone
Steiner Stone
Steinmetz Stone
Steinway Stone
Sterling Pure – Genuine – Valued
Sterlyn Pure – Genuine – Valued
Steyn Stone
Stine Stone
Stirling Pure – Genuine – Valued
Strom Stream
Styne Stone
Tab Brilliant
Tabbart Brilliant
Tabbert Brilliant
Tabby Brilliant
Taber Brilliant
Tabor Brilliant
Taburer Brilliant
Tahbert Brilliant
Tavin A nickname for Gustav royal staff
Tedrick People's ruler
Teoboldo The boldest
Terell Powerful
Terrall Powerful
Terrel Powerful
Terrell Powerful
Terrelle Powerful
Terrill Powerful
Thebault The boldest
Theo The boldest
Theobold The boldest
Thibaud The boldest
Thibaut The boldest
Tibalt The boldest
Tihalt People's prince
Treffen Meets
Trennen Divides
Tretan Walks
Tybalt The boldest
Ualtar Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Ubel Evil
Udolf Wolf ruler
Ulger Wolf ruler
Uli Noble leader
Ull Wolf ruler
Ulric Wolf ruler
Ulrich Noble leader
Ulrick Wolf ruler
Ulu Wolf ruler
Ulz Noble leader
Valdemar Famous ruler
Valdemarr Famous ruler
Vemados Brave as a bear
Vid Sylvan man
Vida Sylvan man
Vidos Sylvan man
VolIny People's spirit
Volker People's guard
Volney People's spirit
Von The prefex Von is equivalent of Van in Dutch names and of de in French names.
Wagner Wagon maker
Waldemar Famous ruler
Waldemarr Famous ruler
Walden Divinely powerful
Waldhramm Ruling raven
Waldifrid Peaceful ruler
Waldmunt Mighty protector
Waldo Divinely powerful
Waldrom Ruling raven
Waldron Divinely powerful
Walfred Peaceful ruler
Walfrid Peaceful ruler
Wallace A Welshman
Wallache A Welshman
Waller Army ruler
Wally Powerful ruler
Walmond Mighty protector
Walt Powerful ruler
Walten Ruler
Walter Powerful ruler
Walthari Powerful ruler
Walther Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Walton Powerful ruler
Wareine Guardian
Waren Loyal
Warenhari Defending warrior
Warin Guardian
Warner Defender – Guard
Warren Guardian
Warrener Guardian
Watkins Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Watson Powerful warrior – Rule amry
Webber Weaver
Weber Weaver
Wendale Traveler – Wanderer
Wendall Traveler – Wanderer
Wendel Wanders
Wendell Wanders
Werner Defender – Guard
Wilbart Resolute – Brilliant
Wilber Willful – Bright
Wilbert Resolute – Brilliant
Wilbur Resolute – Brilliant
Wilburn Willful – Bright
Wilburt Resolute – Brilliant
Wilford Desires peace
Wilfred Resolute – Peaceful
Wilfredo Desires peace
Wilfrid Resolute – Peaceful
Wilhelm Resolute protector
Willamar Resolute – Famous
Willaperht Resolute – Brilliant
Willard Bold – Resolute
William Resolute protector
Williamon Resolute protector
Williams Resolute protector
Willifrid Resolute – Peaceful
Willimod Resolute spirit
Willis Resolute protector
Willmar Resolute – Famous
Willmarr Resolute – Famous
Wilmar Resolute – Famous
Wilmer Resolute – Famous
Wilmod Resolute spirit
Wilmot Resolute spirit
Wilpert Resolute – Brilliant
Windell Traveler – Wanderer
Wolfgang Advancing wolf
Wolfric Wolf ruler
Wolfrick Wolf ruler
Wolfrik Wolf ruler
Wray Worthy protector
Xiomar Famous in battle
Yael One who produces
Yale One who produces
Zacharia Remembered by God
Zelig The blessed one



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