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Gaelic Girl Names

Here is a list of Gaelic girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Alaina Fair – Beautiful
Alana Fair – Beautiful
Alanna Fair – Beautiful
Alli Fair – Beautiful
Allie Fair – Beautiful
Ally Fair – Beautiful
Allyn Fair – Beautiful
Alona Fair – Beautiful
Alun Fair – Beautiful
Alyn Fair – Beautiful
Apirka Pleasant
Cain Warrior
Caine Warrior
Caley Slender
Cane Warrior
Casey Brave – Watchful
Cathan Warrior
Cay Party
Caylah Party
Cayleigh Party
Coleen Girl
Colene Girl
Colleen Girl
Cyna Wise
Cyne Wise
Dacey Southerner
Dara Small great one – Riches
Darby Free
Darcey Dark
Darci Dark
Darcie Dark
Darcy Dark
D'Arcy Dark
Darra Small great one – Riches
Delaina Descendant of the challenger
Delaine Descendant of the challenger
Delaney Descendant of the challenger
Derby Free
Devin Poet
Dymphna Suitable one – Virgin saint
Elaine Fair – Beautiful
Erin Peace – Western island
Erinna Peace – Western island
Erinne Peace – Western island
Errin Peace – Western island
Eryn Peace – Western island
Erynn Peace – Western island
Erynna Peace – Western island
Fennella White shouldered
Finola White shouldered
Glenna From the valley
Grainne Love
Grania Love
Kain Warrior
Kaine Warrior
Kainen Warrior
Kane Warrior
Kayne Warrior
Kealy Beautiful – Graceful
Keel Beautiful – Graceful
Keelan Beautiful – Graceful
Keeler Beautiful – Graceful
Keeley Beautiful – Graceful
Keely Beautiful – Graceful
Kel Church – Warrior – Wood – Holly – Farm by the spring
Kellan Warrior princess
Kelly Church – Warrior – Wood – Holly – Farm by the spring
Kennis Beautiful
Keri Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Kerri Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Kerrie Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Kerrin Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Kerry Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Kerwin Ciar's people – Dark eyes
Keyne Warrior
Ky Narrow – Narrow channel – Honor
Kyla Narrow – Narrow channel – Honor
Kylee Narrow – Narrow channel – Honor
Kylene Narrow – Narrow channel – Honor
Kyna Wise
Kyne Wise
Laina Fair – Beautiful
Lane Fair – Beautiful
Laney Fair – Beautiful
Lani Fair – Beautiful
Lanny Fair – Beautiful
Lea Poet
Leanne Poet
Lee Poet
Leeanne Poet
Leigh Poet
Leigh Anne Poet
Mab Joyous
Mabley Joyous
Mal Smooth snow
Mally Smooth snow
Malva Smooth snow
Malvie Smooth snow
Malvina Smooth snow
Maura Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maureen Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurin Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurine Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Maurizia Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Mave Joyous
Mavis Joyous
May Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Meagan Strong
Meckenzie Daughter of the Wise Leader
Meg Strong
Megan Strong
Megann Strong
Meggie Strong
Meggy Strong
Meghan Strong
Megless Strong
Megs Strong
Mel Smooth snow
Mellen Smooth snow
Melly Smooth snow
Melvina Smooth snow
Melvine Smooth snow
Merna Polite one – Gentle
Mevin Smooth snow
Mirna Polite one – Gentle
Mo Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moina Polite one – Gentle
Moira Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Mona Noble one
Mora Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moreen Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Morena Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Morgan White sea – Bright – Dweller by the sea
Morgana White sea – Bright – Dweller by the sea
Morganica White sea – Bright – Dweller by the sea
Morganne White sea – Bright – Dweller by the sea
Moria Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Moriah Great – Little Mary – Dark-haired
Morna Polite one – Gentle
Moyna Polite one – Gentle
Muirne Polite one – Gentle
Myrna Polite one – Gentle
Nara Joyous
Neala Champion
Nealah Champion
Neela Champion
Neila Champion
Neilla Champion
Nela Champion
Niela Champion
Nila Champion
Ona Unity
Oona Unity
Oonagh Unity
Oonaugh Unity
Quinn Wise – Queen
Reilly Valiant
Rhoswen White rose
Rian Little king
Riane Little king
Riley Valiant
Roan Red haired
Rogan Red haired
Rona Covenant – Oath
Rowana Red haired
Rowena Red haired
Ryan Little king
Ryanne Little king
Ryen Little king
Ryley Valiant
Shanley Child of the old hero
Sine God's gracious gift
Sorcha Bright
Tara Tower
Taria Tower
Taryn Tower
Tully Peaceful one
Vevila Woman with a melodious voice


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