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Hawaiian Girl Baby Names

Here is a list of  Hawaiian baby names for girls along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Akela Noble
Alaina Offering
Alana Offering
Alanna Offering
Alli Offering
Allyn Offering
Alona Offering
Alun Offering
Alyn Offering
Anani Orange tree
Aolani Cloud from Heaven
Haimi The seeker
Haleah House of the rising sun
Haleigha House of the rising sun
Iolana To soar like an eagle
Kai Sea
Kaili A deity
Kalama Flaming torch
Kalea Bright
Kekona Second born
Kiana Moon Goddess
Kiele Gardenia – Fragrant blossom
Laina Offering
Lani Sky – Heaven
Lanikai Heavenly sea
Leigha House of the rising sun
Lokelani Small red rose
Malu Peaceful
Mily Beautiful
Nalani Clamness of the skies
Noelani Beautiful girl from heaven
Okelani From heaven
Oliana Oleander
Peni Weaver



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