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Teutonic Girl Names

Here is a list of Teutonic girl names along with their meanings.

Name Meaning
Acelin Noble
Ada Happy
Adah Happy
Adela Of nobility
Adella Of nobility
Aldea Rich
Aloysia Famous in war
Billie Fierce protector
Billy Fierce protector
Blanda Dazzling
Blenda Dazzling
Carla Strong – Strong-woman
Carlen Woman
Carlota Strong – Strong-woman
Carlotta Strong – Strong-woman
Carol Strong – Strong-woman
Carola Strong – Strong-woman
Caroll Strong – Strong-woman
Dell Of nobility
Della Of nobility
Edda Rich gift – Happy
Edie Rich gift – Happy
Edita Rich gift – Happy
Edith Rich gift – Happy
Editha Rich gift – Happy
Edithe Rich gift – Happy
Edyth Rich gift – Happy
Edythe Rich gift – Happy
Geraldene Rules by the spear
Geraldina Rules by the spear
Geraldine Rules by the spear
Geraldyne Rules by the spear
Gerda Spear maiden
Gereldine Rules by the spear
Geri Rules by the spear
Gerrie Rules by the spear
Gerry Rules by the spear
Gert Spear maiden
Gerta Spear maiden
Gerte Spear maiden
Gertie Spear maiden
Gertrud Spear maiden
Gertrude Spear maiden
Gerty Spear maiden
Gery Rules by the spear
Gilen Industrious pledge
Guillelmine Fierce protector
Guillemette Fierce protector
Haldis Stone spirit – Reliable – Assistant
Helma Fierce protector
Henka Ruler of an estate
Ingrid Hero's daughter – A meadow
Ivon Archer
Ivona Archer
Jera Spear maiden
Jeri Rules by the spear
Jerica Spear maiden
Karla Strong – Strong-woman
Karol Strong – Strong-woman
Karola Strong – Strong-woman
Kel Church – Warrior – Wood – Holly – Farm by the spring
Kelly Church – Warrior – Wood – Holly – Farm by the spring
Magan Powerful
Mina Fierce protector
Minka Strong – Resolute
Minnie Fierce protector
Minny Fierce protector
Orinda Fire serpent
Trude Spear maiden
Trudi Spear maiden
Trudie Spear maiden
Trudy Spear maiden
True Spear maiden
Truta Spear maiden
Verena Defender – Guard
Vilhelmina Fierce protector
Vilma Fierce protector
Waltraud Rule strength
Wihelma Fierce protector
Wilhelmina Fierce protector
Wilhemine Fierce protector
Will Fierce protector
Willa Fierce protector
Willamina Fierce protector
Willette Fierce protector
Willie Fierce protector
Willy Fierce protector
Wilma Fierce protector
Wilmette Fierce protector
Wyla Fierce protector
Yvette Archer
Yvo Archer
Yvonne Archer



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