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Take The Stress Out Of Vacationing With Your Baby

Taking a vacation before you had your baby was a breeze. Now you have a lot to think about before taking an adventure. However, taking your baby on a vacation doesn’t have to be a chore, you just need to choose a destination that is catered towards your family’s needs. You want to include your baby, so take the time to find the perfect vacation getaway that will accommodate you and them.

Here are some vacations that you can safely take your baby along on.


Yes, you may be thinking why would I want to take my baby on a cruise ship. There are tons of family cruises available. These types of cruises cater to children, and will be loaded with fun activities for all ages. Plus, being on a cruise ship makes it super easy to return to your room so that your baby can rest.

Although, there are hundreds of cruise lines available, you want to check out everything that they offer on a family excursion. The ship will be equipped to help make your vacation fun and successful no matter what age your baby is. Family cruise offerings will include live shows, babysitting services and lots of family oriented activities.

Beach House

Renting a beach house is a great family vacation, especially if it is not too far from where you live. This will allow you to travel there by car, and not have to worry about getting through airport security with your baby. When staying at a beach house, you will be able to take your own groceries, which will save you money.

Plus, you can bring everything you need to make you and your baby comfortable without worrying about baggage limitations. Renting a beach house is a terrific way to enjoy your immediate and extended family. You will have lots of opportunities to spend quality time together.

All-Inclusive Resort

When choosing to vacation at an all-inclusive resort, everything will be included in your stay, and you don’t have to worry about venturing outside the resort to find something to do. You will be able to concentrate on having a good time, rather than traveling to an activity that is outside of where you are staying.

Also, most all-inclusive resorts will cater to your baby’s needs. This includes baby proofing your room, in-room nannies that you can resource when wanting to have some adult time, and day care or kid’s camps that will be loaded with kid friendly activities.

While there are lots of places you can take your baby on a vacation with you, there are some destinations that you will want to avoid taking them along on.

Here are some vacation destinations that you will want to avoid taking your baby on.

  • Exotic Destinations – It’s just not a great idea to fly with your baby to an exotic destination such as Southeast Asia or Africa. These types of destinations will require that you and your baby have special immunizations or a malaria pill. It’s just not worth the risk and headache that can be associated with the preparation in traveling to these locations.
  • Camping – Camping is a great family activity, but when you have an infant it could become a lot of work. Plus, you will not have the amenities you need to make your baby comfortable, and that could cause them to be very fussy. You will have to become super creative to keep your little one entertained when deciding to take them along on a camping trip. Vacation is a time to relax, so maybe hold off on a camping trip until your baby is older.