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Japanese Boy Names

Here is a list of Japanese boy names along with their meanings.

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Akira , Anchor
Botan , Peony
Fujita , Field
Haru , Born in the spring
Hiroshi , Generous
Hoshi , Star
Jiro , Second male
Kanaye , Zealous one
Kin , Golden
Kisho , One who knows his own mind
Kiyoshi , Quiet
Mamo , Earth
Mamoru , Earth
Masakazu , First son of Masa
Raidon , Thunder God
Ringo , Apple – Peace be with you
Ronin , Samurai without a master
Ryoichi , First son of Ryo
Ryozo , Third son of Ryo
Ryuichi , First son of Ryu
Seiichi , First son of Sei
Senichi , First son of Sen
Shigekazu , First son of Shige
Shinichi , First son of Shin
Shoichi , First son of Sho
Shuichi , First son of Shu
Shunichi , First son of Shun
Taro , First born male
Tomo , Twin
Toyo , Plentiful
Yasuo , Peaceful one
Yogi , One of the yoga practice
Yoshi , Better – Best
Yukio , Gets what he wants – God will nourish